Sarah B and Nacho

My name is Sarah, I’m married to an American gentleman called Greg. We moved to Colorado five years ago for his work, and we are a very small family of three here. I believe Invisible Fence is safe for Nacho because I see every day that it works and I know that this fence keeps him in my backyard I’ve seen that every day for seven months. I know it works for us, the cat has never left the yard since we installed the fence. I think Invisible Fence® is the best investment we made after Nacho who is also an investment but you know that is two fantastic investments and they needed to go together. I recommend Invisible Fence to friends, family, coworkers anyone I meet with a pet who has the kind of concerns we had or is not currently letting their animal enjoy the outside because of these safety worries. We highly recommend it. I mean if we’re not talking about Nacho we’re talking about the fence.

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