Sanitary Clipping – Dog Grooming Tips

hi my name is Gina Ward and I am the owner of Gina's dirty dog salon in Cambridge Massachusetts so whenever you go to approach your dog to lift his tail you want to run your hand right down your dog's back and bring the tail up confidently and take your clippers and you go side to side you never go up side to side with a number ten blade very important that you use a number ten blade you can go a little bit higher up there just to catch that little bit of hair there you just want to do a small area immediately around your dog's vent the next area of concern with get it giving a dog a proper sanitary with females it's very important that you remove the hair around their genital areas if you don't remove it then what happens and is it stays wet every time they pass water which can promote infections and great discomfort for your dog so basically once again side to side never never front back to front or front to back so keep it side to side and you won't hurt your dog the next place is we're going to do the belly probably the easiest way to do this is to pick up your dog's front legs you want to go right up the belly now with male dogs you want to make sure you clean the head of the penis so it too does not acquire infection from staying wet from passing water and that's how you do a sanitary you

17 thoughts on “Sanitary Clipping – Dog Grooming Tips

  1. All well and good.. but it took two people to do the sanitary, if you were doing a 100 pound poodle there's no way you could stand him up alone AND do sanitary

  2. Seems like going side to side would make it more likely that you would cause injury. I would just be careful to not get too close no matter what direction you go. And I must say, looking at the table does us no good.

  3. For over 10 years, I've used scissors on my dog, thinking they were safer then sheers.  One time I did snip her butt and drew blood.  And the other day, I somehow  cut the tip off my poodles tail.  What a bloody mess.  3 days latter, and I need to keep a collar on her, because when she licks the wound, it begins to bleed again.   I always thought I knew where the end of her tail was.  She never let me know I had snipped it.   
    So maybe if just one person reads this and avoids my bone head blunder, it will be worth admitting to it.

  4. Not helpful!  They focused on the hair that dropped on the table the whole time they were doing the sanitary clipping on the female.

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