Sandra Bullock And Trevante Rhodes On New Movie ‘Bird Box’ | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock And Trevante Rhodes On New Movie ‘Bird Box’ | TODAY

  1. I'm expecting her to win an award in the next Oscars (best actress in a leading role) she gets nomination in this very movie.

  2. I knew he was younger but I never suspected he was that much younger till Google showed the age difference +_- (he looks in his mid 30s & she looks maybe mid 40s)
    how would viewers react if the ages were reversed?

  3. cell phones are the real bird box, social media is the real bird box, this movie is prophecy of whats to come

  4. I haven’t seen it yet, but he’s certainly easy on the eyes! ?? Obviously, that’s why Sandra jokes with him, but she’s definitely attracted to him! And he’s absolutely attracted to her ? She’s always been beautiful!

  5. Is Sandra truly honestly taken ?! …. her beauty and gorgeousness got me intimidated to silence and was hoping when she turns 70 i can approach and let her know she's the most beautiful woman in the world directly after my mother…well gudluck to both , they obviously insanely in love

  6. This Sandra Bullock's first on screen interracial relationship with a black man.

  7. Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress and however she chooses to live her life is her business so you have half the people who love her and the other half that are just jealous af. Stop hating on the woman. She is a good mother that loves her children and shows it and talks about them all the time. She is down to earth and loved by many. So i could careless about what you say about my opinion so don't bother wasting your time. It's her life and who she chooses to be with, and what she's done with her life is her business not yours. Don't stick your nose were it doenst belong, haters gonna hate because she makes so much more money than you could ever think about making. Even though it's not all about the money she is an amazing person and you don't have the right to judge anyone. She will answer to the same God we all will so leave her alone if you don't have anything nice to say. Go Sandra. Kudos to you, i love all your movies.

  8. "An evil invisible force that has a deadly effect on anyone that sees it"……. 2 things wrong here

    1: Its not invisible, WE (The audience) cant see it

    2: If it WAS invisible, then there would be no "deadly effects", because they wouldnt see it either

  9. okay so uh- Sandra Bullock is 55, but looks 23. AND TREVANTE RHODES WAS 29 WHEN THE MOVIE WAS MADE HEH SOMEONE GON' GET ARRESTED

  10. Dayuuuummmm ??? His fiiiiiine self ?????!!! Love Trevante Rhodes since his part on Tyler Perry"s show on OWN "If Loving You Is Wrong" .. Looking great on screen as a couple, you and Sandra… Nice connection, great chemistry ?? BirdBox is an Awesome film , kept me at the edge of my seat!!!! Excellent story line, especially with ending with the school of the blind..was very unexpected ??

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