Samuel J. Comroe: Comedian Tells Hilarious Puppy Adoption Story – America's Got Talent 2018

[Applause] but uh yo I've been working for this moment for over 10 years and I gotta tell you it's a dream come true to follow two dolphins doing whatever it is they were doing that's why I do this my wife and I we just got a puppy recently got it from the shelter lady the shelters told me that she was a German Shepherd puppy I was like dope I got a police dog I've had her for six years she's still this big which means either that lady lied to me or my dog has Benjamin buttons disease she's slowly turning into a pug which of the worst of the ugliest some of you look like you haven't I'm sorry they're not cute they don't have noses they look like they smoke pugs look like they smoke a pack a day they look stressed I got a dog so when stressful things happen in the real world I know when I go home and open my door my dogs gonna be right there like hey and I'll be like hey you can't do that with a pug you walk in you're like hey your pugs like where you been I love my dog I just walk around the block all day that's my life and I was walking her a few weeks ago in this dude and a truck pulled up next to me slammed on his brakes he was like hey you with the dog what kind of dog is that and I was like I don't know she was supposed to be a German Shepherd I've never seen anything like that and she said oh and I said why and he said because I have one and then he reached in his passenger seat and he pulled up a dog that looked exactly like my dog and I had a moment where time froze and I thought I was gonna look down and just be holding a leash I was like damn you drive by magician with your puppy magic when I got her though she was really sick this is no joke hundred percent true she was really sick I took an event $3,000 the vet was like give a 30-day period you could take her back switch her out for a new one I was like yo I'm not renting a movie I loved her and I paid the money and I bring it up cuz I'm from Los Angeles I grew up here but I've seen all over the country a lot of homeless people and every homeless person I've seen always says a dog and it's a little kid I was always like where are all these homeless people finding all these dogs and now that I got a dog my theory has completely changed I don't think you're a homeless person and you just find a dog I think what happens is you go to the shelter you try to do something nice you adopt a dog that dog gets sick you invest your hard-earned money into that dog's health you become homeless and then you keep that dog because you deserve [Applause] hey YouTube thanks for watching click below and subscribe

33 thoughts on “Samuel J. Comroe: Comedian Tells Hilarious Puppy Adoption Story – America's Got Talent 2018

  1. i think it’s so crazy that sam is did agt and made it so far and nearly no one knows he’s the one that started drew’s career!

  2. OMG Samuel I love you so much on agt your like one of my top three favorites keep up the amazing stuff your freaking amazing

  3. I don’t know if anyone noticed or not but in his audition he twitched a bit but after that I’ve never seen his Tourette’s or him twitching ever like how he showed in the audition….. looks strange like he did it on purpose to get sympathy. Didn’t look genuine to me

  4. All right Sam, I’m sorry. You are hilarious and everything, but PUGS ARE THE CUTEST THINGS ALIVE so you are wrong. Still love you though you’re so funny.

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