Sam’s Club Secrets Everybody Wishes They’d Known Sooner

These hacks make shopping at Sam’s Club a
no-brainer. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the store
so you can always find the best deals, whether that means decoding the price tag or using
the technology at your disposal to make shopping a breeze. No one likes to dilly dally, but even after
you’ve spent an hour combing through the aisles for your bulk mac & cheese and flats of granola,
you face a challenge: waiting in line. Sometimes it feels like you spend more time
waiting in line than you do shopping! Sam’s Club knows this, and they now just how
annoying it can be. That’s why they created an app called Scan
& Go that helps shoppers purchase everything they need without having to bother with those
pesky long lines. All you have to do to use the app is download
it to you phone then head to the store. Scan items you want to purchase with the app,
then pay right on your phone. An employee at the exit will check your e-receipt
as you head out the door to confirm you’ve paid, and then you’re free to go on your way,
all without having to bother with the waiting, unloading and loading your cart at the check-out
line. It turns out that while you shop, you can
get your car worked on, too. You can get tires installed for $15 each,
but the benefits you get after they’re installed are what make the deal worth it. You’ll benefit from complimentary tire balancing,
rotation, tire pressure monitoring, and flat repair for the life of the tire. You’ll also be a beneficiary of three years
of emergency roadside tire service, and will gain an extended warranty on your tires that
covers road hazards like punctures, cuts, and impact breaks, which usually aren’t covered
under the original manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll drive out of Sam’s Club with a car
full of groceries and peace of mind, knowing that your tires are taken care of for a few
more years. Sometimes, looking for low ticket prices on
the shelf isn’t enough when you’re searching for the best deals in town. Even marked down items can be reduced further,
so how do you know you’re getting the best deal now, and that you shouldn’t wait? At Sam’s Club, there’s a code on each price
tag that can give you a clue. You’ll see the letters N, A, or C. “N” stands
for “never out,” and these items are the least likely to go on sale, since they’re always
in stock. “A” stands for “active,” which means they
still have plenty in stock, but the price is likely to be reduced in the future. For the best deals, look for tags labeled
with a “C”. The C stands for “canceled,” meaning the item
isn’t going to be re-stocked, and they’re trying to get it all to free up shelf space. Don’t wait, as if you miss it, it’s not coming
back. Another clue that you’re getting the best
deal? Check for items that are priced ending in
one penny, like $1.91. This means the item isn’t just on sale, but
that it’s a clearance item. We love shopping warehouse clubs for the huge
savings, but the actual experience of being in the store can be a nightmare. Thankfully, at Sam’s Club you can avoid the
madness with a benefit that comes with basic membership. They’ve initiated an in-store pickup program
that allows you to place your order online, and then pick it up in the store, ready to
go, the next day. Not only is it easier to find what you need
using the internet search tool instead of just winging it in the store, but it’s also
easier to spot great deals. You’ll end up saving big both cash-wise and
time-wise — something that’s honestly priceless when you’re busy and on a budget. Depending on your location, Sam’s Club pharmacy
offers health screenings to check for high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, vision,
and hearing. They also sell glasses, hearing equipment,
and have a full pharmacy, so if there is anything you need after your screening you’re able
to get it right in store. Here’s where you might want to start looking
into a Sam’s Club Plus membership. Some medications are outright free, although
this varies by state. If you take several medications each month,
you’ll get 200 different prescriptions for just $4 and 400 others for $10, and some other
generic drugs for free. You can also get many of your pets’ medications
there, too, for a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere. They have around 200 different medications
for our furry friends, and that makes it easier to keep everyone healthy. Waking up at the crack of dawn to get your
shopping done is usually a futile exercise. After all, what’s to stop literally everyone
else from joining you in your attempt to shop crowd-free? Well, Sam’s Club has a solution in the form
of an additional perk for its Plus Members. For just $55 dollars a year more than a basic
$45 membership, Plus members have exclusive early access to the store. From 7 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday,
Plus card holders can get their shopping done without having to worry about being hassled
by the crowds, a benefit that’s almost worth the price of admission all by itself. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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81 thoughts on “Sam’s Club Secrets Everybody Wishes They’d Known Sooner

  1. I know damn well no samsclub looks that stocked. Every sams club I’ve been to is a sad excuse for “bulk” groceries.

  2. Their "free" flat tire repair when you purchase their tires is a joke. Every time we have a flat they give a lame excuse as to why they can't fix it. Like the hole is a cm too far in either direction.

  3. I don't find it worth it, why would I pay to shop there ?? NOT worth my time or money !! Heck I don't even care for Walmart !!

  4. they use to let business card member in early too, but they changed it to where a business member needed to pay 50$ more a year to get the "plus" membership, so i stopped going there for my business supplies, they are missing out on at least 1K$ a month cause they want 50$ a year more…

    i wonder how much they are losing cause small business owners CAN go to other places at 7am for their needs…

  5. No thanks getting your tires service at Sams Club. The last time i got some tires and installed, they were not evem balance correctly. They hired joe schmo just like Walmart.

  6. They want us to pay $55 to be able to shop for 3 extra hours when the normal price for membership is $45, yeah that's stupid.

  7. Their tires sit on the shelf and get dry rot, so they really aren’t new and they don’t last. My parents brought me pasta from Sams more than once and it turned into brown goo with bugs, it was disgusting. I will not shop there.

  8. I get a $100 member plus and use it for delivery free to a ranch 100 miles out and then cancel the membership after a year to get my $100 back……! Sams is generally 30% less than Walmart pricing.

  9. Im gonna let you know now….A dont mean plenty in stock ??? A just means that its active and it is going to be continued in the store.

  10. No thanks. I used to be a member but always hated the long lines at the cashier's and SPECIALLY hated when I have to do another line to get out of the store. I always felt like I was treated as a thief. I felt that I shouldn't be treated like that specially when I'm a member and they already asked me to show them proof when I entered the store. So why treat people like that when they already have proven that they are members. If your answer is….to make sure that you paid for all the items then why is it that ghe person at the door DOESN'T do that?
    Instead they grab the receipt and pretend to do a quick look into your kart and put a mark on your receipt.
    Honestly I just don't see how they can treat people like that and people pay for it.
    That's why I walked away from Sam's Club and also Walmart. The money you save it's not worth the treatment and it's not worth it at Walmart when having to deal with some ghetto people.

  11. If you are a Sam's Club member and you didn't know about these, then you just aren't reading your membership stuff and signage literally all over the store.

    And, no, you cannot usually get your car serviced while you shop. You make an appointment and then shop while you car is being serviced.

  12. Even when your use the app you wait at the door to leave. Club pickup is along wait as well if you want any refrigerated items or freezer items. They call over the radio for a floor partner to bring stuff up from the cooler and it can take up to 30 minutes for someone to get free to do it. Then you wait in the long line to leave again any way.

  13. Scan and Go, is off the chain. I love not waiting in a long line. I get my ish, and bounce!! Do you hear me? ?? P.S.: I am a plus member, so I be in there at the crack of dawn with 6 other people. Yasss God! ??? #Petty

  14. I use sams club a lot. Never know what you will find. Easy returns. Pharmacy not so much. Never ever easily go in and pick up. Your already sick then wait is long and half the time they don’t have it at all or only partial which means 2 trips. I wish I hadn’t chose sams club pharmacy with my drs

  15. I think it’s kinda stupid that you Need a club card Just to even get in this Fhucking place! I Mean it’s Not Like everyone knows this, considering that sam’s club is the only one oF it’s kind.

  16. Their Auto service is always slow and understaffed at the clubs by me. I'm Never buying a set of tires there again. I even wrote to them several times explaining the problems I had and never heard back from them. Im back to buying from and having a neighborhood guy install them. Still get free insurance too.

  17. "7 to 10 Monday through Friday" at the club that I work at early shopping hours are 7-10 Monday through Saturday. Sunday is the only day that doesn't do early shopping hours.

  18. Amazing used this scan and go yesterday while everyone were on those long lines I walked right by them and straight to the door lol epic faces

  19. Here’s why I won’t be using scan and go app. I just installed it after watching this video. Everything looked fine until I want to read the Terms of Service and an introductory email I got. It was all in Swedish language. Until they have a 100% English version, count me out.

  20. On tires make sure you keep your receipt. Any problems they claim they cant find your purchase especially if you go to another store. Also, you forgot about Sam's club auction. You can find a lot of good deal there. Just make sure you price compare before buying.

  21. They put their workers through hell! They change the schedule without even telling the employee so they get written up. Horrible place to work!

  22. Wish they have an app to deal with shitty ass managers they usually have.. come to sams in baton rouge louisiana adn you will see..

  23. Well if you go on week day there are less likely to hassle with the crown. Shop at sam’s on the weekend is a nightmare!

  24. Several things this does! First it take jobs away from Americans when they say it’s for are ease I say bullshit it’s all for them and less employees!
    Scanning products on your phone and paying on your phone again takes jobs away and paying on your phone eliminates money and Debit Credit Cards also everything you buy is being tracked by the Government, which is being done now with your Grocery Bonus Cards! The Government wants to completely eliminate currency! And we all enabling every step for them because there selling (Convenance and easy and fast) we are all being cattle shouted to the direction they want us to go! I could go on but most will just laugh at my comments! Good Luck went the shit gets real!

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