Samoyed Shedding Tips – How To Deal With A Shedding Samoyed

So how in the world do you deal with your dog shedding everywhere? Yeti and I are going to talk about that on today’s Yeti’s Place. To find the best tips and tricks for owning a Samoyed, be sure to subscribe. Click that bell notification. Check out our links down below. Welcome to Yeti’s Place. Yeti right now, just discovered right before hitting record, that his head is seriously shedding, everywhere and it’s getting into my eyelashes. It’s getting on my navy and black. It is just everywhere, which I understand navy and black is not an appropriate color to wear, if you own a Samoyed. Especially one who is shedding epically right now. His head is nice and soft and poofy and so there’s a lot of fur that’s coming out. I just grabbed a huge, giant chunk of fur off of him. If you guys could see all that fur that just came off. It’s just crazy. So, how do you deal with it? Well, if you own a Samoyed, I don’t even have to mention…. how to deal with shedding, because it’s everywhere and you guys know this. You know that they shed epically, year-round, all the time. Some months, are worse than other months. Their fur gets everywhere, in your eyelashes, in your mouth, on your clothes. It gets in your food. It gets in your heating and cooling vents. It gets in your… Goodness, Yeti, it’s like everywhere on my face. It’s everywhere! It shows up in the laundry, after I’ve washed a load of clothes. It’s in boxes of cereal. I open up new box and it’s in there! It’s on our plates, which are stored up in our cupboard It’s in my tube of toothpaste! His head is shedding. Only his head is shedding and it’s shedding epically. The rest of his body hasn’t started shedding yet, but the head…. Oh my goodness! It’s just… it’s crazy. Epic shed! First of all, Yeti has not been brushed in about a week, which is bad. Bad Dog Mom. I should be brushing him every day, but sometimes life gets away from us. So, daily brushing, should be made a must do. The brushes that are my favorites to use for Yeti… a de-matting rake, with the swivel heads, work so wonderfully. I run that through Yeti a few times, taking about a half hour 45 minutes, to run through his whole body. Gets off a ton of fur. The swivel heads are on there to help prevent the fur from getting tangled up in the brush and from you pulling on their fur. Shedding off a ton of fur. Ton of fur. So, every day, to every other day, normally, most weeks, I’ll go through him using that de-matting rake, with the swivel heads. About three times a week, you’ll want to use multiple brushes when you comb through your dog. And then he’ll go through and I’m seeing pieces of dog fur floating around in front of me… So then you’ll use the slicker brush. Oh my goodness. Yeti, you’re shedding like crazy. This color was not a good color to wear. Followed lastly by a shedding blade. That normally turns Yeti into this big, giant, huge poof of fur. Come here…No, come here. Come here, come here. A few times every year I bring Yeti in to be professionally groomed. They’ll bathe him and they’ll brush him really thoroughly, and they’ll get out all those mats. And when he comes home., oh he is beautiful. Yeah, you don’t like going to the professional groomer? You don’t like going to Camp Bandy? You like Camp Bandy. So about three or four times a year, I bring Yeti in to be professionally groomed, because the professionals are able to get way down deep into Yeti’s coat. And they’re able to comb all that excess, loose, dead fur. and it’s crazy, the amount of fur that they get off of him. So when he’s finished at the professional groomer, he is beautiful, soft and poofy and he smells so nice, and he looks so pretty. The professional groomers get rid of all that excess loose fur, that’s just hanging on for dear life. Like, around his head, for example. Yeti hasn’t been to the professionals in a while. So that’s why his head is shedding everywhere right now and the rest of his body is gonna follow. The professionals get rid of all that loose, excess fur that’s just hanging on for dear life. And they make him so soft, pretty and beautiful and they shed much, much less. You cannot stop a Samoyed from shedding, but you can certainly help minimize their shedding. If you want more great ideas, tips and tricks for owning a Samoyed, dealing with their epic shedding, be sure to watch this video up here. Oh! Yeti! If you’re new to our channel, please consider subscribing. Click that bell notification, so you’ll be notified of any new releases. When you do that, you’ll help me get more treats for Yeti! We’ll see you next time.

10 thoughts on “Samoyed Shedding Tips – How To Deal With A Shedding Samoyed

  1. Samoyed owners know about their epic shedding and they know that sometimes, there are only small areas that are going through that epic shedding. Yeti's Mom discovered, while filming this episode, his head only, was going through crazy shedding.

  2. Just found your channel yesterday. I was searching for some more stuff about Samoyeds because I wanted one and I totally fell in love with Yeti and you and now I don't want samoyed. I need it. (My mom said one day I can have one and I am Soo happy) I am really glad I found this channel because it's amazing and helpful .
    Love you❤️

  3. I’ve been binge watching all your videos for the past 2 weeks and I can’t get over how cute and loving Samoyeds are? granted they take so much work, I’d love to have one someday, anyways thanks for another amazing video ?

  4. One thing I'd add is to only bring your Samoyed to a groomer who is familiar with Sammies. I took my boy to one with no experience with the breed and they ended up shaving him.:(
    Also remind Yeti that today is Monday and that means belly rubs!

  5. You are correct, Sammy's are very high maintenance. But the joy they bring to their families is well worth the effort. LOVE Yeti!!!

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