Samoyed Dad Doesn’t Care That His Puppies Ran Away From Home (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Mom ‘Mandu’ is done with dat single parenting lyfe All bc of her husband aka neglectful dad ‘Moong’ When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time With the stress of single parenting In the end, Mom ‘Mandu’ explodes Dad ‘Moong’/ Honey, but Are you sure dem puppies look like me? Mandu/ How dare you!! Say that!!!! Owner/ Mandu, stop! Stop! What’s wrong!!!! Mandu/ Too legit to quit Owner/ Take a break, Mandu Owner/ Mandu is having a hard time! Watch over the puppies so they don’t get into trouble~ Moong gets a taste of parenting When you have to be the life of the party, but you’re dead inside But you can’t fake it, so you stay dead on the outside too lol Still hasn’t come to his senses Due to their dad’s neglect Group escape Dad, we’re really going..? Checks dad’s reaction Dad doesn’t give af Somebody help me~~!!! It’s a hard-knock life.. Looking for our biological father Father..? Luke, I am (not) your father.. The cute fluffballs go astray Owner/ How did you get out! Come here! Come here~! Ahh! Omg! Come here~~ Life on the streets was tuff, ruff ruff. Nvr running away from home again. Are you a stone? Or a father?! Mommy’s back~! What we do without you, mom! None of my business, says the worst parent ever Vet/ Since the dad didn’t experience the birth He can’t accept them as family There needs to be a situation to foster a good relationship To instill a father-child bond Finding Moong’s lost paternal love Vet: Dogs hate low-pitched sounds Anxious when alone (Feat. low-pitched sound) Dog music ON When with family Gives emotional stability To develop a bond with his puppies Alone again I miss you guys.. Little by little, Moong approaches the puppies Moong even plays with the puppies Owner: It’s getting better so they’ll live happily! Agreed? Learning how to be a family Rookie dad, Moong Moong, honey~ It takes two to tango Yes, dear~ My wife is always right.

100 thoughts on “Samoyed Dad Doesn’t Care That His Puppies Ran Away From Home (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

  1. This is not even logic because the father dog doesn't really care about the puppies so ima like this so I can help them! So like if you wanna help!????????But now the puppies like Moong lil by lil! I love that!

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  3. tiap episode pasti ada yg bahas tentang english subtitle nya. ?? ternyata yg bahasa indonesia pun kadang harus mikir dikit, lucu sih tp. ??

  4. So wut? The dad doesn't feel like he should parent. SO DO NOT FORCE IT! And the parents weren't fighting, it's called play fighting.

  5. THANKS FOR WATCHING AND DON'T FORGET TO LIKE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE!Now I'm totally believe that the translator is able to speak dog's language ??

  6. Aiutate il cagnolino con la mandibola fratturata in Spagna vi preghiamo .come avete fatto con un cagnolino che siete stati meravigliosi il dito è
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  8. Why must they keep putting human morality to animals?? They are k 9
    Not primate nor ape!!! Seriously cute but not anywhere near being human!! Please stop putting humans religious morality to animals!!

  9. La historia es muy graciosa y divertida, espero que la mamá le haga entrar en responsabilidad al papá, para criar juntos a LOS LINDOS Y PELUDOS CACHORROS, ???

  10. Some videos get a part 2 immediately

    Others get a part 2 like a year later

    And others never got it up to this day

    Kritter Klub logic!

  11. they keep scolding the mom of the pups without even paying attention to the LACK of care the dad of the pups ISN'T giving.

    "Must be mom's fault the puppies are wreckless, can't be the dad who does nothing let's scold mom"
    glad they finally forced the dad to watch the pups.

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