Salmonella In Reptiles And Amphibians | Is It A Big Risk?

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
we’re talking about Salmonella so lately I have been getting so many questions
about what the risks are from owning a reptile or amphibian and getting
Salmonella is it dangerous to keep these animals in your home if you have
children so reptiles and amphibians tend to somehow get the brunt of this that
you can contract Salmonella from them and while it is true that they can carry
and spread Salmonella they are not alone several different types of animals can
actually bring this disease into your home and some of them might really
surprise you not only can reptiles and amphibians bring this into your home but
according to the CDC also poultries such as chickens ducks geese and turkeys
other birds such as parakeets parrots and wild birds rodents such as mice rats
hamsters and guinea pigs and other small mammals like hedgehogs farm animals such
as goats cows sheeps and pigs and horses and cats and dogs
so unfortunately reptiles and amphibians do tend to have the worst rap when it
comes to salmonella and it probably doesn’t help that there is a lot of
fear-mongering about this which is strange because so many different
species actually carry it not just reptiles and amphibians now it
doesn’t help when there are stories like the one about the african dwarf frog
that are circulating around the internet where there was a large outbreak of
salmonella amongst african dwarf frog owners back between january 1st of 2008
and December 31st of 2011 376 people were diagnosed with Salmonella children
of course were the main victims of this and it kind of caused an uproar in the
pet care community about the african dwarf frogs unfortunately with all the
people that got sick everyone that they interviewed only 17% of the people that
owned the african dwarf frogs actually were aware that they had a potential
risk of salmonella now one of the big fears about this outbreak was no one
actually touched the animal but what they found was that many of the tanks
were kept in bathrooms near toothbrushes and that people were cleaning the tanks
in their sinks in their kitchen near food prep areas and in the bathroom
again near their toothbrushes and they weren’t taking proper precautions to
make sure that there was no cross-contamination I mean a little
Clorox wipe can go a long way and making sure that you’re not emptying and
scrubbing out the tank right next to your child’s toothbrush is always a good
idea now children under five tend to be more
susceptible as well as adults over the age of 65 also are more susceptible to
getting salmonella now with children under five especially I personally would
not let them handle any of the pets without adult supervision because
children under five have a terrible tendency to stick fingers in their
mouths or touch their face or their eyes or pick their nose let’s be honest and
if they’re handling one of their pets and you’re not around they might stick
their fingers in their mouths and get feces particles in their mouths and just
you know make sure that you’re watching your children especially if they’re
young and have a bad tendency to skip hand-washing and stick their fingers in
their mouths so you just want to take extra caution with them being around
children adults over the age of 65 tend to have a little bit more compromised
immune systems a little bit weaker immune system so they are more
susceptible to catching something if there is something to catch so the
biggest thing about salmonella is that you want to make sure that you’re being
mindful of it being a possibility and that you are
proper precautions such as wearing gloves when you’re cleaning out your
animals habitat or having to pick up any feces then I would make sure that I was
wearing gloves making sure that you’re washing your hands after handling your
pet if you’re cleaning out their tank make sure that you disinfect the area
around the tank and not just in the tank after you’re done cleaning if you are
using the kitchen sink to do water changes on an aquatic frogs tank then I
would definitely go ahead and use some disinfectant on that sink and the area
around that sink just basically proper hygiene and keeping the areas around the
tanks clean as well as always always always washing your hands after handling
your pets I personally have kept a lot of different species of animals over the
years and I personally have never had any types of issues with Salmonella I
clean all my tanks on a weekly basis so I always disinfect the areas around the
tanks after I’m done cleaning them out as well as I always try and wear gloves
when I’m cleaning out my terrariums and when I used to own rats I used to wear
gloves when I would clean out their tanks as well so I hope I haven’t scared
anybody away from pets I just want everybody to be informed because the
best way to prevent it is good practice good hygiene and that can go a long way
there is always always a potential risk but I have had pets many different types
of pets for well over 30 years and I personally have not experienced any kind
of issues with Salmonella and neither have any of my family members I worked
at a pet store I was constantly handling pets and cleaning out cages I also
worked at a vet’s office and there I was handling mostly sick pets and I have
never contracted salmonella personally so I hope this better explains
how risky salmonella really is and what you can do to avoid it unfortunately a
lot of pet stores when they are selling animals don’t really go over Salmonella
so really simple just keep everything clean and wash your hands don’t eat or
drink or touch your face while you’re handling your pets wait until after
you’ve washed your hands thoroughly before eating or drinking or anything
like that and more than likely you’ll be okay
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13 thoughts on “Salmonella In Reptiles And Amphibians | Is It A Big Risk?

  1. Thanks for covering such an important aspect of keeping reptiles and amphibs! this was a constant worry for me and my family when I kept a bearded dragon. I also contracted salmonella before, and it is NOT A FUN TIME!!!

  2. I never knew about the other types of animals that can carry salmonella so thank you for that. I'm sooooo glad I had fish in a dog

  3. Fun fact! You can get a wide array of nasty diseases from pets! Salmonella is actually one of the more TREATABLE illnesses you can contract from a pet. Birds such as parakeets and canaries can transmit Chlamydia. That's right, folks. THE CLAP. Hamsters and gerbils can transmit Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis which is a viral infection of the BRAIN. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it'll happen. Purchasing pets from reputable breeders or from large chains that vaccinate pets at an early age are certainly a great way to start, but the best way to stay safe and keep your pets healthy is you maintain proper diet and hygiene for your pet and their habitat, not to mention proper hygiene for yourself and surrounding areas.

  4. I know this probably has nothing to do with what you're talking about but I need some help. I was able to save a few tadpoles from an area that was drying up and atm I got 3 froglets. I am experienced in raising frogs that are full grown, but not froglets. By any chance, could I get some advice on caring for the young ones. Pretty soon I'll have six but I fear that some may not make it. My goal is for this to not happen. Please help!

  5. The only thing I am nervous about salmonella is say I held a snake and it climbed my arm as well as on my shirt. Would I have to change my shirt or wash my arms before say eating or just washing my hands would be enough. I am not really worried about myself but mostly my young nephews and niece. Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.

  6. Awesome channel… I’m a new subscriber and will tell my friend who loves fish about you… he would really dig your videos as well. Cool videos! Cheers and I will not pick my nose when handling a reptile lol ?

  7. I eat snake poop sushi all the time… you guys are all overly worried. People wouldn't get so sick so easily if they weren't so paranoid and overly clean… Your immune system becomes stronger with more exposure for a reason… let your body naturally do its damn job. Stop wrapping kids and yourself in bubble wrap soaked in bleach.

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