1. Another well presented video. Production quality is excellent . I especially like the choice of music which complements the tone of the presentation along with the slow motion footage.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Beautifully done. I learned a lot, enjoyed seeing the dogs out in a natural environment and the quality of the video was excellent. Rescue is both hard and heart-warming work; bless those like K-9 Heroes who do it well.

  3. God bless those lady's !!! Is there a chance you can make Dorset bulldogges video ? I have seen a male from the breed,and i liked what i have seen,but overall the info about the breed is not that much …

  4. Zeke, thank you so much for putting a spotlight on the work these people do, and for featuring rescue dogs. As much as we love to celebrate and focus on specific breeds – it's a huge reason why many of us are fans of your channel! – I really appreciate that you're showing the consequences of what happens to the dogs we love so much, purebred or not, when falling under irresponsible ownership or unfortunate circumstances. I hope that you continue to integrate more documentaries on breed-specific rescues into your channel.

  5. You can tell these women are doing what they love. They also emphasize on training at an early age and regular exercise these two things will make a happy pet home. The lady with the German accent made a very important point about breeders and breeding in general, she is against back yard breeding or puppy mills type but pro breeding dogs for a purpose ie work, any kind of work. Love the fact this video draws attention to adoption without putting down breeding for a purpose and purebreds in general. Thank you ladies!!! I say both adopt and buy your dog of choice, you can do both as long as your a good dog parent. Love, love, love the two St. Bernard???

  6. Totally agree. All my dogs have been come from shelters. All have issues, but I consult a behaviourist and sort the problem out and then they have a great life with me.

  7. Zeke does more for breed awareness and rescues than any platform. His footage is second to none. Sir you are literally a visionary. Amazing!!!

  8. Excellent, beautifully done video. I love these women and all they are doing. Great insight into the Saint Bernard breed. The only thing I would change is lowering the volume of the background music…wee bit too loud for me.

  9. This is an amazing video. Cinematography is on point. The information given is on point. These ladies are wonderful. Unlike anyone you've had on the channel. Thank you for shedding light on their program. Great work, Zeek! (Sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly)

  10. What neat ladies! Thanks for sharing their story with us! Gorgeous dogs! They really know what they are talking about too. Most dogs are not for everyone one and any time a breed is featured in a film it means bad news for that breed. Saint Bernards had the unfortunate circumstance of being featured in a series and I can only imagine the turmoil that resulted for responsible breeders and enthusiasts that followed.

  11. St. Bernards are amazing breed when you see them in person, I know your channel likes Cane Corsos or the typical breed we think of working dogs, but these breeds stand the test of time. They were used to keep the giant breeds alive and are very formidable

  12. This was a great video! I have a St. Bernard mix puppy and already see that I need to stay on top of her. But she will be a lovely member of our family in the end. I wish this video could have been a bit longer with more stories of what happened to your rescued dogs once they left your ranch.

  13. Very honest assessment of this breed , I thought. Good video for those who are considering this for their home. I love this breed, one of my faves as I am a big dog person, but I know that my life just does not fit this breed, so I would not get one. I will stick w/my Staffie, who fits my life much better.

  14. Finally! I’ve been waiting on this one! Yasss!!!
    Edit: we’ll need another video that focuses on the st Bernard’s more. Great video though!

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