Safer® Brand Organic Pest Control Solutions for Lawn and Garden

When you take so much time to keep your
flowers and garden plants healthy, it’s heartbreaking to see them ravaged
by unwanted bugs and destructive insects. Safer Brand products are your fast and
effective solutions for insect free flowers, house plants, and garden
vegetables. Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap uses
a unique patented formula that’s tough on insects, but gentle on plants. In addition to the Insect Killing Soap,
Safer Brand has over sixty products approved for use in organic gardens. Safer’s soap-based product brands patented
technologies are the perfect choice for pest control needs in and around your
home and garden. As the nuisance insects are sprayed, the
Insect Killing Soap instantly begins working to break down there outer
waxy layer. As the soap dissolves this layer, the
soft outer shell of the pest breaks down, causing rapid dehydration. Without the outer protection, the bugs’
internal moisture evaporates almost instantly, killing it in seconds. And not only is Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap
highly effective, our special formula contains natural nutrients and
plant hormones derived from seaweed extract, helping protect your plants, keeping them
looking their healthy-best. Save your flowers and plants with Safer Brand. Outdoor gardens, of course, can be home to
a much wider variety of visiting insect pests. To protect your plants and precious
vegetables, Safer Brand offers the one-two punch of tomato and vegetable
insect killer. Hard shelled insects, like beetles and ants, need a stronger solution. Safer Brand tomato and vegetable insect
killer is formulated with both insecticidal soap and organic pyrethrin
to quickly and effectively kill pests on contact. Safer Brand has the only OMRI-listed,
organic, pyrethrin on the market. Our patented formula uses a vegetable
derivative, rather than the toxic petroleum often used in other natural
brands. Pyrethrin, an extract from
chrysanthemums, neutralizes hard shelled insects on contact. Our soap weakens the
shell and allows the organic phyrethrin to penetrate the nervous system, causing
immediate paralysis. With Safer Brand technologies, you not
only get results, you get the peace of mind that comes from using natural, OMRI-
listed products. Safer Brand’s organic gardening
formulations break down into their natural elements within days, so there
are no chemical residue story about. Safer Brand products carry the OMRI-listed
seal so you can trust that they are produced for organic gardening. Solve
your insect problems organically. Don’t let garden pests win. Arm yourself with Safer Brand products.

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