Sacrifice Of A Dying Dog Brings Light To Blind Dogs’ World (Part 3) | Animal in Crisis EP99

Sandy has cancer spread all over her body Her condition is getting worse.. Vet : Don’t think she can make it anymore The damage on her organs has begun Owner : I thought an angel came to us when we first saw her She was so calm and pretty Her eyes are clear as a crystal.. The family has to prepare a heart-wrenching parting with Sandy who they’ve lived together for 10 years Vet : Sandy.. Rest in peace.. I won’t forget our times together.. Owner : It’s true that our Sandy wouldn’t be able to survive for long So we hope to donate her organs if any of hers would be helpful to others Hope they’re used for an organ transplant The couple decided to donate Sandy’s cornea By the couple’s courageous decision, A recipient dog will get to see the light of the world After several discussions to find the appropriate dog for surgery Vet : This one would be possible The applicant to receive Sandy’s cornea has shown up The production crew meets the dog in person Anyone there? Welcome~ Shih tzu Chorong has his left eye damaged Applicant : A few months ago, the dog had boogers on his eyes and they turned red The doctor said that he has eyeworms in his eye It’s like a think worm.. Fortunately, the dog didn’t lose the sight completely But.. Chorong passed the water bowl in front of him He blinks when I put my hand close to him like this Looks like he reacts to things in front of his eyes Bur for the one from below.. Chorong doesn’t react Chorong might have to completely remove his eyeball It became pretty serious 3 complications were developed on his eyes in 2-3 days His left eye used to be clear But after surger removing eye worms, It became opaque Vet : To describe Chorong’s condiiton, He has a whitish, thick film over the center of her eye She can only see things by opening her eyes blearily His visual range is only limited to the upper part of what she can see Anything below or front in her sight isn’t seen at all He’s blinded by the whitish film But the problem is that his sight is getting worse at a fast pace Since he can only rely on a sense of hearing and smell Even a small sound gets on his nerves Both Chorong and his family have gone through a tough time.. Will Chorong be able to get his clear and pretty eyes back? A vet checks the condition of his eyes His left eye is completely blind Fortunately, however The transplantation of the cornea is possible with his condition Chorong will be able to see the world with the eye of Sandy At that time The family prepares for the last moments with Sandy While waiting for a long parting with Sandy The elderly couple can’t stop tears falling from their eyes.. Sandy has gone through long, painful times Though he knows he has to let Sandy go.. the grandpa can’t let go of her Sandy has been protecting the grandpa on his side like his child But now, he has to let Sandy go.. Sandy.. Goodbye Goodbye, Sandy.. Sandy’s heartbeat slowly slows down.. Sandy passes away in peace next to the elderly couple The surgery must be done within 6 hours after one’s death Without any damage as possible, carefully remove the cornea from her eyes To prevent it from being folded The vet soaks it in the fluid preserve Sandy’s cornea which will present a new world to other dogs Vet : The removal of the corneas was done safely and the corneas is in good condition They’ll be transferred in a fluid preserve Chorong is waiting for surgery You’ll have a pretty and healthy eye again! Prepares for a transplant operation After waking up from a deep sleep Like a miracle Chorong will face a new world The cornea Sandy had left for the dog Vet : The cornea’s preserved in good condition First off, remove Chorong’s cornea Vet : It’s important from now on Needs to be stitched 32 times in the length of 7mm, which is less than 1 cm 3 hours later The operation comes to the end After amniotic fluid is covered over the cornea to provide nutrients The long operation has come to the end.. The nation’s first cornea transplant operation A beautiful miracle presented by Sandy and her family And Chorong who’s gone through such a huge operation well After going into his owner’s arms Chorong slowly stabilizes.. Vet : The result isn’t too bad for now He might suffer unexpected aftermaths of the operation But there won’t be any problems as the cornea is maintained well Vet : To avoid damages Chorong has to wear glasses for a while to protect his eyes Chorong will get to see the world through Sandy’s eye Another dog who will receive a transplant operation Vet : One living near the hospital rescued this dog The rescuer’s neighbor abandoned the dog when moving out The dog got her new name ‘Unzzang’ Unzzang is also losing her sight.. Vet : She can see through her right eye But her left eye is messed up Her vision through the left one would be blurry Unzzang was abandoned due to her damaged eye Hope the wound on her mind could be healed as well Chorong visits the hospital Chorong’s eye is going back to normal The cornea is getting clear She’s recovered at a fast pace Never imagined she would see through her left eye again A bright future is waiting for him Vet : If he’s medicated regularly for the time being from now on His eyesight will get back to normal For the two lives in pain Sandy presented a beautiful miracle Letter from Sandy’s owner “To our dear Sandy with a warm heart” “Thank you for donating your clear and beautiful eyes for friends on your last moments” “Hope you’re well until we meet next time”

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  1. I've been waiting for part 3 and it was worth the wait. I feel so bad for owners, losing Sandy so quickly, but the 2 dogs that got her corneas now can see clearly because of her and her owners. A sad and beautiful 3 part story. Merry Christmas ?

  2. Sandy your the sweetest dog to everyone and other dogs god bless you sweet heart let your spirit shine to everyone and other dogs Rest In Peace you sweet angel??????????????????

  3. Jesus i just woke up and got notife from this channel n now im crying so hard i dont care eventho i hv to go to college wt this red eyes i just cant handle it ..Sandy thx u for everything grandma,grandpa thx u so much also stay healty n long life RIP sandy now chorong can see ths world again cuz of u..?‍♀?‍♀

  4. The little Shih Tzu reminded me or our first dog Benji. So touching that one dog was able to help two dogs after her death. Thank you all for your hard work with these animals in need

  5. I’ll tell ya it’s really hard to lose an animal family member…I’m sure most of us know that….I loved the story so much. It was really sad. I so love to see people who love there animals so much.

  6. Thank you for this update. I knew she wouldn't survive but I never knew tht animals could donate. Thank you for this happy ending.

  7. Me hubiera gustado ver los subtítulos para entender mejor …pero muchas felicidades a todo el equipo de veterinarios que pudieron ayudar a este perrito.

  8. I always watch your videos but i didn't know what my cat will die yesterday… I feel their sadness…

  9. I know how awful it feels to lose such a loved family member like a dog. It's truly heartbreaking seeing how they say goodbye to Sandy.

  10. Sandy now has quite a legacy as being the donor for the first canine corneal transplant in Korea. Well done, Sandy old girl ? PS: ?


  12. ?? Sandy tuvo momentos muy hermosos con sus abuelos, ellos fueron muy bondadosos al donar las córneas para ayudar a otros perros, y así honrrar la memoria de su querida Sandy. ??

  13. Very nice and very good life story of a dog (sandy) and her owners very good couple..and the life of Sandy her eyes became so useful to other recepient dog..thank you to the Vet and all the staff you are all very nice for saving all kinds of animals..i admire all of you and all the crew of Kritter Club..i salute your kind of hard work…God bless everyone..

  14. A beautiful way to see the other side of the death. Sandy who eye would never see her owners again are now the light for other to clearly see their owner. Rest in Peace Sandy, I have learned a lot from both the dog and their owner. Thanks for such beautiful story.

  15. It's so hard to say goodbye to a friend and companion. I'm sorry for your loss. That's heartbreaking to see a grown man cry, you could tell that he really loves that animal

  16. May you rest in peace, SANDY
    Thanks to you and you're owner for being another pet owners inspiration
    Love from Indonesia

  17. Poor beautiful Sandy cancer is just as horrible for the animal kingdom. Cute little Chorong and Uzzang are lucky cornea recipients. I know what it is like to have disabled pets I've had cats and dogs with vision disabilities. I have had pets with cancer dogs and cats and at least my pets didn't suffer long with cancer. Great Work with the Cornea transplants. Sandy beautiful inside and out.

  18. Only only only Blesings to all inclu dear Sandy..humans think twice to donate any organ. And Sandy has done grtest job. God bles

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  20. Ó meu Deus nunca imaginei que um cão pudesse doar seus olhos lindo gesto dos tutores, sandy foi amada e feliz ao lado deles

  21. Weeeeee, no puedo con esto
    Me recordó a mi perro :'(
    El estuvo desde que nací, literalmente
    El tenía 3 años cuando yo nací
    Y murió cuando yo tenía 11 el tenía 14 años
    Enserio… Fue el perro más fiel que nunca tuve :')

    Todos estaban dormidos en mi casa, era comos las 3 de la tarde..
    Solo yo estaba despierta viendo como el estaba, ya que el ya estaba en malas condiciones, el tenía Sintomas de tumor entre las patas
    Asique no podía caminar
    Yo sentía que algo iba pasar ese día

    Entonces lo iba a visitar, el estaba en el patio de atras
    Porque estaba más fresco que adentro
    Obviamente en el porch, y le pusimos una mesa encima, una mesa de patas largas obviamente, con una manta para que los rayos del Sol no llegaran, si tenemos techo pero para que el descaransara un poco sin que la luz le llegue

    Bueno y unos ratos después ya me pegaba sueño(ese día en la mañana toda mi familia había salido y estábamos cansados)
    Entonces lo fui a ver y le Hable (el se llamaba ten): ten? Como estas?
    Le acaricie el pecho pero ví qe no respiraba
    Y lo moví para ver si hacia algo pero nada
    Me puse llorando llamándolo
    Y no quise levantar la cortina porque no lo quería ver porque me solería más
    Solo le teníamos tapada la cara
    Entonces salí corriendo y le dije a mi hna y ella corrió y levantó la cortina y se puso a llorar y me miro llorando y yo supe que si se había ido

    Entonces mi mamá escucho los llantos y lo vio y se puso a llorar también

    Pero me siento culpable de que no estuve ahí para el, no estuve en sus últimos minutos…


  23. My condolences to family ?️. This was the most Amazing video I have ever seen.. May Sandy rest in peace. Amazing job doctors.. Absolutely Amazing! ?

  24. Con lo de sandy, Llore como si fuera mía.
    Se lo que de siente y me pongo mal… Pero ella ahora no sufre, Esta en otro lugar feliz.

  25. As soon as I will know my pets have cancer I will put them to sleep. I rather suffer myself than my pets. I hate seeing animals in pain ~

  26. Por dios quién no llora con ésta historia tan triste la de Sandy . Es una historia agria y dulce a la vez pero después de su partida Sandy ayudó a dos amiguitos . Ésos dos ancianos están devastado pero tuviera una determinación increíble.
    Eres porque para mí no fuiste eres hermosa Sandy

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