S2 Episode 4: Dog Mom Decomp

[Police Sirens] Do you ever wonder what happens when the
police leave crime scene cleaners are private companies that handle to clean
up after the police are gone [Music starts and plays under] Spaulding decon is one of the nation’s largest
cleanup companies handling the aftermath of homicides, suicides, decompositions,
hoarding and much more [Music continues] these are our stories alright guys we are in new port
richey and just getting some little booty so I can go in and take some
photos I’ve already got my safe zone set up both the owner and the dog had passed
away it’s kind of sad when I- when I got here
the owner’s sister was kind of- kind of distraught she just doesn’t under- she just doesn’t know. she’s thrown important paperwork away she’s been trying to work around
where her sister was this is one of those heartbreaking stories because both
the owner and the dog had passed away and let’s go take a look and the deceased’s sister was just hugging me and kissing me and thanking me called me an angel
and I can’t believe that I’m doing stuff like this so kind of hits here
on a level when I have to deal with family like that I love it that’s why
that’s why I’m here this is why I do my job so I’m here my energy levels are not
here like they normally are they’re down here I’m dealing with a chest cold
probably from smoking that was a joke cuz I’m not gonna quit I’m just tired
and I don’t feel good I’m sick I should have stayed in bed all day but when a
job like this comes in and I speak to the family and I can hear how grateful
and how thankful they are that I could come to their rescue it kind of- kind of
changes things and it takes me out of the bed- out of my bag with my dog
snuggling and I come out here and change lives it’s what
I do so she passed away in the bedroom you can see it’s right there at the
base of the dresser I’m taking photos this is an insurance job so everything
of course has to be documented [Sound of Carpet Ripping] So I need to FaceTime Laura because now we have to remove the walls [Phone ringing] Laura: Hey
Kyle: I figured it’s easier to videochat
them to call you……..oh yeah
Laura: Ok…..Oh man…. that’s maggots Kyle: No,this is so much more.I’m so sick I don’t feel good Laura: I know don’t. Make Juan do everything and you can sashay your way around the apartment Kyle: Juan, you’re doing everything today. I quit
Juan:I’m sick too. I’m so sick.
[Laura Laughing] Kyle: Juan said, “I’m sick too fuck this.” Yeah we’ve we both got it I think Juan got me sick Juan: Yeah I think so.
Kyle: And Juan just verified he goes yeah I think so
Laura: Well, I told you guys not to make out Kyle: Juan was kissing me I couldn’t help it. [laughs]
Laura: I know I know [Sound of spray bottle] Kyle: the human body is an amazing thing like chicken grease right yeah I just I’m
just spraying the degreaser on the floor that way we’ll let it sit for a few
minutes kind of cut through the grease so we have a safer spot to work it’s so hard to
breathe today Kyle: Absolutely unreal. The amount of bio that in here
[Scrubbing floor] [Spray bottle]
Kyle: Oh yeah… FUCK…Oh man that’s a lot so the second part that we’re going to
clean up today which really breaks my heart is where the dog was found we
don’t normally do that but after almost two full weeks of no food no water the
a/c being broken the dog had passed away as well so right here we’re going to
we’re going to steam clean up…steam cleanup the tile Hey guys we are here still in New Port Richey we are nearing the end so a bid for four hours has taken us by the end 8 if you look I
have a square cut out Juan and I had to remove an entire square of these tiles with no a/c the grease was unreal the
fat had actually just separated the tile and it pretty much just eaten the glue
so over here we had to completely remove the kick plate on this wall here because
it had gone in and underneath into the exterior wall so what we had done is we
extracted it and we’re getting ready to seal it just for extra precaution over
here we had removed the first part of the base plate and we’re going to do the
same thing we’re going to seal that there [Shaking paint and Juan laughing]
Kyle: That would be so bad [laughs] you just shaking and it goes [mock explosion] all over the place since we’re coming in here to remove all
of the carpeting anyway next week once the Ozone machine is done and the family
has found the belongings and things that they need we actually removed for a
safety net for the family just our walking path of carpet there wasn’t any
biohazard on it but just for the family members sake and since we’ve already got- got the job coming back and removing the apartment everything in here we just did
it safely for their safety excuse me so in here you can see I have my ozone
machine it’s not on or I would be suffocating when we sealed the flooring here up about three inches on the wall and we sealed the studs so
we extracted everything out of here just as a safety precaution again always
better to cover our asses and then not cover our asses we sealed up three
inches you sealed the floor and we removed all of the carpeting in here to help
with the odor hope you guys enjoyed I’m going to go home and drink a nice big
cup of theraflu after our second job because we just got a water job so it is
almost five o’clock and our day still continuing on have a good day guys thanks for watching season 2 we hope
you’re enjoying it don’t forget to like share and comment what you want to see
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100 thoughts on “S2 Episode 4: Dog Mom Decomp

  1. Is there anyway to show the dead bodies at all? I'd love to see how you actually remove the body, I've never seen anyone do it before.

  2. I love Kyle! In my fantasy he’s my best friend lmao! As sad as these videos are I’m so intrigued!! Thank you

  3. In judaism cleaning a dead body is considered one of the greatest good deads, id put this kind of work on the same level as that. Your really doing something amazing for people. Best of luck.

  4. That’s a lot of work, and to do it when you’re not feeling well is insane. So much respect for you guys and to all others who do this type of work! The world thanks you.

  5. I want to work with you all so badly! You can tell you all like your job. You’re literally doing such labor intensive work, emotional work, and you’re all so positive. Such a wonderful team! ❤️

  6. I have my daughter now watching you guys.We love you Kyle and Laura.Love that you are in our area.

    What a sad frigging story but having a sister an RN here and her husband an EMT, now ? investigator, this is not uncommon.

    Kyle feel better and I have been smoking for years but just started Medical Mary Jane and Vape , I have not wanted cigs only vape the Marijauna.Have you tried vaping tobacco?

  7. Omg I cried when I heard about what the dog went through.The houses get like ovens.Its too bad the dog couldn't get into the toilet , probably a small dog.Even eating the rawhide, damn this whole video fu€king bummer.

  8. A sad story….why so long before she was found?? No one cared, the dog died a miserable death…breaks my heart all around…you guys are wonderful, peace.

  9. Not to sound gruesome, but I'm kinda surprised the dog didn't eat/try to eat his owner; that usually happens when the owner dies or becomes incapacitated. But I cant imagine what the dog went through, 2 weeks with no food or water or AC… 🙁

  10. I honestly wish I could work for your company. I really appreciate how you all handle these very 'real life' topics, that hardly anyone else would ever touch; either conversationally or physically. The in-depth look into the world of post mortem aftermath is very interesting. But more importantly, you have the best personalities, and the care with which you handle these delicate situations, shows you all have hearts. I love the work that you do. Much respect to you all.

  11. I was going to say some negative shit about the crying about him having to do what he didn't want to do….but you know what….my guy sucked it up and actually worked….did manual labor, something this generation can can take notes from….not every one is going to work at a desk ya know…kudos man..no shit

  12. You make me laugh. “Probably from smoking….”
    I know you know the ramifications of smoking but what you do cannot be compared ❣️

  13. I literally feel pain in my heart just from seeing where the dog died and the conditions that caused it to slowly die. Animals are so innocent I can’t help but to care more.

  14. Awwww hope they feel better. Not only are they showing up to work but to show up feeling like shit to deal with this! Must be exhausting. Good guys.

  15. I can't help but feel bad for the dog. Not only did it lose its best friend, but then to starve to death on top of that. Dogs have feelings, and the poor pooch couldn't possibly comprehend what was going on.

  16. As a retired Forensic Pathology Technician, it is amazing to me that you do what you do. Doing an autopsy on a decomposed body was always my most uncomfortable autopsy to do. This case is especially sad…firstly that the woman was all alone for so long, and secondly that her poor fur-baby died as well. I know all to well what you meant when you pointed to your heart and said "it gets me right here".
    It always made me feel better to know that we could provide answers for the loved ones left behind…made it all worth it…but you all go above and beyond that. God bless you all and keep you safe, and keep your spirits up.

  17. Your respect for the deceased woman and dog touched me. The work you both do is necessary…but it takes a very special person to do it. Bless you both.

  18. Omg I love you guys so much. I could and would do these jobs and the thought of you guys as team members is over the top exactly my perfect job. You’re not employees, you’re family and that’s what I love about small business. (I don’t know if you guys are small but the lot of you is what I mean, that it’s always you guys together)

  19. i didnt watch the whole video yet but a couple of things, I smoked for nearly 15 years the only thing that helped me stop was vaping, I still get my nic intake and hand to mouth action but not inhaling something combustible has lead from getting a chest infection every season change to once every couple of years. Also, a pump spray from the garden section is a god send if you do a lot of spraying. You can get ones ranging from a couple of liters to back pack sized ones. check reviews for ones with bad seal designs

  20. No work ethic and the way they personally protected themselves was horrible. A respirator does not have a proper seal unless clean shaven! Another thing at least the mexican guy knows to wear coveralls for this type of work the other jack ass was walking around in shorts?? Shitty demo work no detail was involved. Looks like they did shitty work all because they wanted to leave rather than help that family the proper, safe, and efficient way. Thats a fucking bio-hazard and that fruit cake was parading around like some kind of diva and complaining about everything. What horrible work ethic I would not use these guys to clean up anything.

  21. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this from dog “parents” but honestly all you heartless sacks of shit who say “fuck the person, the dog only matters” make me question why I even have any faith in humanity anymore. Y’all are wondering why humans are so horrible to each other, yet you treat a dead human like this and continue to disrespect her while she’s dead. It’s not her fault the dog died, was she supposed to call the kennel while she was fucking on her last breaths? You dog people are disgusting. It’s one thing to be sad about both but some of you I question your sanity.

  22. Love you guys! I’ve been in the restoration field for 16 years with a specialty in crime and bio… you guys do it by the book I wasn’t cringing at your processes and work!!! It’s such a physically and mentally challenging field and I’ve seen so many come and go that either can’t handle the hours/schedule or the mental aspect. I personally love it and find it so satisfying!! I have degree in CJ with specialty training in forensics. Began as long term intern for five years with Medical Exmainer so I learned it from so many angles and aspects. Keep it up love your work

  23. It puzzles me. That this person was gone for almost 2weeks. And no body checked on her ? After a couple days. I feel like someone should have checked on her. And then hopefully would have saved her dog at least.

  24. Kyle you actually are an earth angel to these people & their loved ones. I worked in health care for 25 years both in facilities and in private homes. It takes a certain type of person to not only do these jobs but to also allow the families to go through the early stages of grief with the level of compassion you do.
    And that poor pup. The love and loyalty they have for their people & to go through what they did all alone for a week breaks my heart even more.

  25. Kyle spirit is amazing. I can feel it through my screen. It's so calming and reassuring that everything will be alright. God bless you for your work

  26. Did the dog die from starvation? My dogs wouldn’t go hungry if I died. They’d get in the food. I’d want Kyle to clean my house. It’d be so clean you could eat off the floor.

  27. "I change lives, that's just what I do"?? No sir, you cleanup after someone elses life has ended. He has a hard job but seems way too into himself, jfc.

  28. It was heroes like you that did the clean up when my brother died. He died by himself, from liver failure, and no one knew for a few days. It was horrifying for our whole family. He left three young daughters who were spared so much, thanks to people like you. God bless you. There's a special place in heaven….

  29. Sad that no one regularly checked on this lady. It would have saved the dog. That was horrible and a slow painful death for the dog. ?

  30. This was posted a week ago, so I hope you both are feeling better!

    Kyle is my fave! Love his explanations and descriptions. Thank ALL of you for doing the amazing things you do.

  31. this is so close to home it’s crazy (i’m from the NPR area)! strange to think that these things happen every day and you hear nothing about them…

  32. I want all the supplies to disinfect my house. That shit works wonders. Also kyle is my bff in my head. Luv luv luv his attitude and work ethic.

  33. its so sad to think that the dog got dehidrated and starved to death and no one was there to check on the owner and the dog. its just so sad to think that really no one cared to check on them in 2 WEEKS.

  34. Gosh… How awful.. nobody visited this poor lady in two weeks.. no family. Dog died a horrible death.. Maybe the owner did too.. not sure what happened here, only that the owner and doggie died. I don't know if the cleaners said how the owner passed.. regardless… Terrible thing.

  35. Wow!! Such respect for you and your team. You guys are amazing. You are so compassionate with the job for the family. Bless you guys.

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