Never in the cam but we put this sh*t together n*gga Its time just wanna have a good time man, you know me studio time Record label meetings. Meet with these White Folks Eat good food. Put good sh*t together Meals from Shay bro Shawn. Just hoping to get cigars I don’t know what the fuck is going on all the time. You get cigars or champagne is where you celebrate some bitch Time to get up and be somebody get up It’s time to get up and be somebody Ten o’clock on the dot Be doing man, uh niggas he doing we’re doing man, I think I’m sitting on whiskey on fucking time. Oh Yeah, man, we in New York getting or getting work done man. Get work done. We ain’t talking no shit Go back go back Maybe you already know we have movie in New York getting work done a lot of videos out of record a lot of label meeting You know I’m saying but he’s about to be 2020 man You need to still be on the internet talking about stop sleeping on me What you gonna do for me put me on on they could put your cell phone, nigga Apply your own work nigga apply your own energy nigga. Get out here make a difference nigga for the community You know, I’m sad at the end of the day man this rap shit cool But this shit about the youngest man you shit about the youth You know I’m saying get off internet all day Twitter Instagram and make a difference. You niggas not making the difference you niggas He’s crying like holes. You need to sound like my bitch. My bitch need $40 You know I’m saying let’s get out here and really let’s do something man. Let’s get it man BeeZee put you in a spot. Oh, yeah. I’ll put you on the spot Ain’t no sleeping this in math. You weren’t working nigga. You ain’t gonna shoot. You ain’t gonna we can stop calling them all guys No break New York Round two and they did get out with us. Maybe I have put in your work, but with me living that life They said we couldn’t do this shit. You’re gonna prove them wrong. Get the big body you fear me this. Oh No still on that same shit So we owe the video rolling See, you know We work right now my niggas say we like to go before we go to these meetings and shit like that and before we uh We go to these meetings so, you know stopping by the thrift store Getting some shit. You don’t fully shoot the videos get my niggas looking right? Already I need everybody I did Go RCA, Sony Oh, gee, see history shaaka I at least did it my way. We did a faraway Shore so Often three different places alcohol cross brain across remote each other You are still each other fans broke for the better Jeanne you we only got three days left We leave Sunday night after it was victory You know Right now I’m just working with these these three and I went to come together each other because they are really just work with a friends and I really like that I try to preach right outside in and I Inside out. So they’re all from different regions and I Want to give them away town and bring my hair to record Which never Court last night. They got some shit. I’m saying all of them They come yep chain keys you fool, we got carded we got we got kind of Steinway next They hesitated And like like self-awareness to is really important knowing when you know Maybe a song you drop. Isn’t that great those kind of stuff next time What’s your audience is saying about you? You got a million plays on the video so I’m on top of the world now Critiquing yourself is huge Keep doing what you’re doing like for real genuinely like all that fine So y’all have no classes work? What was something that you think any of the three artists that you career I Mean from what I heard, I don’t know if there’s anything that really stands out. I Think I’m definitely gonna listen to more of all of your guys’s music maybe if I have any advice that comes to me Shauna whoever sent it to you guys, but not I think I mean two songs from each of you was like Enough to know that you’re all very talented, but I don’t think I wouldn’t have any like received alphabet Okay, that’s great It’s gonna love that D be crazy game she didn’t 100 cameras fucking dope appreciate So, I guess where we’re like, what’s the next like where you trying to go or you are you gonna pay for Last night. I’m not impressed. I’m being a tonight Big day 3 today, we’re cooking on our cylinders, you know Here cups, but that’s what comes to the process, you know, a lot of these guys are young They they they from the projects they from these low low income environment so, you know we’re cooking on awesome Mother’s Day by the ocean the video head back to Philly and we Everywhere are coming together for one goal Different cities one goal my nigga have chain going up. I didn’t see him He’s mature. He’s Mature and that’s one thing I can give him. He turned into a grown man. He’s putting his self a Responsibility for people’s mistakes. It takes a grill going man to do that You know I’m saying came a long way and we just only the beginning we building brick by brick You see them bricks right there. Look at these regret See it takes time. It’s just I’m gonna build this crib. It’s gonna take time to build these guys. We’re gonna do it, right Like a rainbow Ball the next these niggas be wearing and phony my business a patio my think I had ever passed I’ll call them. I said she know to say I used some crepe Muskogee towing the letter. I really don’t matter Oh, we’ve been in them. I let your nasties because I’m in traffic We spending impending we chop it to X coz do you come with a letter? No, Kevin?


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