S. Korea delivers 50 tons of pest control chemicals to N. Korea

this morning South Korea delivered 50
tons of pesticide to North Korea’s border town of Kaesong and in the
afternoon the officials from the two Koreas will be conducting a joint
inspection of the nearby pine forests song he tells us more forestry experts
and officials from South Korea’s Forest Service headed to North Korea’s border
town of Kaesong on Thursday morning to deliver 50 tons of chemicals to control
pine wilt according to Seoul’s Unification Ministry the delivery is to
prevent damage from spreading throughout the pine forests as they have a limited
amount of time to control pine wilt only up until March after unloading them in
the morning the South Korean team will inspect a nearby pine forest with North
Korean officials in the afternoon and conduct pest control operations it
doesn’t go against UN sanctions as the chemicals are not restricted items and
the necessary equipment is to be provided by the north this is the second
time South Korea sent officials for an on-site visit to North Korea’s forests
back in August Seoul officials visited the north
Kumgang Sun mountain for a joint survey during Thursday’s on-site visit forestry
teams from South and North Korea will also touch upon modernizing tree
nurseries as well according to Seoul after forestry talks in October the two
sides agreed to start modernizing ten tree nurseries in the north this year
solar says it’s been communicating with Washington through their bilateral
working group and will seek ways not to violate the international sanctions
meanwhile the two Koreas are starting joint on-site inspections of railways in
North Korea on Friday for two and a half weeks on inter-korean research team and
train cars will be moving together as they test the Western County line first
and the eastern to headline the on-site survey is to end in mid-december Wu dong
Yi Arirang news

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