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Eileen door sir and your friends at which ones which daughter their friends their new friend on the end man friend Johnny out you know Eileen then just now just follow Joey I'll come with you Johnny I've got me dog so we're friends now Johnny can I live with you earn your house that's how I reckon that happens so who's Eileen's daughter who are you who are you I say I'd behind you jumper that makes you fuckin invisible if only the army didn't waste all that money on camouflage all they needed to do was I didn't behind a jumper wait who are you Johanna how long have you been Eileen's daughter for 28 years good how's it going good she could mum your friends got better moms or is she the best one right answer cuz she sat right there ah bless ours lovely that she just elbowed her and I fuckin up so I know what do you got job goods good chap what's the job a dog groomer is that like sitting on the internet with end in your Lassie I'm good at this ands up honestly when you first saw me who thought fucking I'll Paul Smith rocks hill when did he get AIDS see you groom dogs what's your favorite dog poodles are they Oh what me meet Jean fries what the fuck is one of them is that a proper dog without my name's shit you little ones you carry around in a nun bag cuz they're not worth anything nah I'm going to be mean to shitty little dogs that are nothing buy accessories to proper dog or nothing I got two Border Collies two cats five kids and so much regret you would not fucking believe cuz I've been the five kids wasn't annoying enough for my wife she thought let's get the most intelligent breed of dogs and they're not fucking training so you you'd be Shawn fries and poodles are they they're the little hairy ones that you gotta shave no no John you're generally interested because I know nothing about dog grooming I want to know no no how do you what do you do with a poodle are you groom it that's kind of remember when this conversation starts all the way back then what style they through different styles can you do like a center parting can you do bunches can you die um what color if you died dogs that doesn't sound normal but fucking amazing it they said have you ever done it to somebody like for a laugh have you ever have you ever given him the dog back like pink and gone I don't know what happened I just put it in the washer and or have you ever got like somebody come in with a giant poodle and then giving him a little one back and you said it shrunk you have I think you're lying [Laughter]

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