Rude Kid Smacks Service Dog So Owner Teaches Her A Lesson She Won't Soon Forget

thanks verse presents rude kids smack service dogs so owner teaches her a lesson she won't soon forget help us spread the word about facts first by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss our future videos most people even if they're not dog owners still like dogs why well because they're cute they're great companions they're really smart and because of a dog's intelligence they're often trained to be service animals try to remember the cat there are plenty of conditions that a service dog can help with if you see a service dog you can't just go over and pet him now that's a no-no when the dog is out with their owner being a service dog they're technically on the job that means they can't be distracted and they must remain vigilant if you go over to a service dog and you try to pet him and play with him well then you're distracting him from doing what he's supposed to be doing well orange juice she has a service dog named Polly Laura has a condition that causes her to lose consciousness without any warning how awful would that be well it's Polly's job to sense when Laura's blood pressure rises so that she can alert Laura that she's about to go unconscious so she can get to a safe place Laura and Polly there were at Walmart Monday and they encountered a family who clearly didn't understand the protocol when it comes to service animals the mother was walking toward her down the aisle and one of her children was in the carriage and the other two were walking beside her when Laura and Polly walked down the aisle the mother told her children to look at the doggy well as the mother said this the children became excited because well yeah kids love dogs but when something like that happens to Laura which I'm sure happens quite often she would avoid that person so that they don't distract Polly from her job unfortunately the aisle was narrow and way too crowded and Laura really had no way of avoiding this family that was coming her way she was dreading that because she knew the kids are gonna want to pet the dog and she knew that the mother wouldn't tell them not to and none of them would understand why they shouldn't while laura tried to put a large space in between herself and the people in front of her she hoped that that would give her enough room to walk quickly by the family without them going near the dog unfortunately it did not work out that way and she was forced to slowly walk past the woman and her children Laura expected a woman's children to Pat Polly but what happened was something she never imagined rather than petting the dog as they went past one of the children reached out and hit the dog Laura says that the hit was so hard she heard a loud thud when the girl hit Polly fortunately for the little girl Polly was very highly trained when the girl hit her she tucked her tail and quickly scurried in front of Laura to get away from the little girl when the girl's mother turned around Laura told her Polly was a service dog and she should teach her children not to touch or pet them rather than the mother saying she was sorry and correcting her children as a good mom would she said excuse you Laura couldn't believe what she was hearing from this woman unfortunately the little girl's actions they also put Laura in a dangerous situation about five minutes before she encountered the family Laura got an alert from Polly her heart rate was already climbing and her chest was getting tight soon her vision became fuzzy and she felt like she was under water every step she took was a challenge her hip was sliding in and out extremely painful she did start to feel better and kept walking but thanks to the woman's daughter hitting the dog she missed the second alert Polly didn't alert her well after missing that alert Laura's heart rate reached a hundred and twenty beats per minute she felt like she was going to vomit but fortunately she did make it to her car before the full effect of her heart palpitations kicked in when she got into the car she thought she was going to pass out she was just happy that it didn't happen in front of the woman's children or her own if the worst had happened most adults around would have been frightened and not known what to do when Laura got home she posted a letter to the mother on Facebook she wanted her to understand her condition and to let her know that she wasn't mad about her behavior just disappointed she believes that the mother should teach her children how to behave with service dogs Laura doesn't know if the mother saw the letter probably not she hopes she did though this should be a lesson for everybody while a service animal might look sweet and adorable and extremely pedable don't they're in the middle of doing a very important job don't distract them subscribe for more you

34 thoughts on “Rude Kid Smacks Service Dog So Owner Teaches Her A Lesson She Won't Soon Forget

  1. If my granddaughter's ? is petted my granddaughter is going to get you so is the ?…P.S. My granddaughter has asma

  2. Somebody get the belt and make it a wet one, I'll put matters into my own hands ✋
    Every like is every whooping this kid gets!

  3. I have a German Shepard and a bichon Maltese people always ask to pet my bichon Maltese but we say it better to pet the German Shepard bc my small dog is really rude to ppl he bites and barks but my German Shepard he's nice just jumps and licks you and I would smack anyone who would hit my dog I would slap the $h*t out of the kid or man or women bc that is rude bc you don't have permission

  4. I know the woman did not want to cause more stress to her, but she should have immediately had the store manager call for police to to deal with that family. and medical as she needed it due to the overwhelming stress of the kid abusing her service dog like that.

  5. My dad has a service dog because he sustained a head injury while in the military. Before we went out in public with the doggy my dad informed me and my siblings that we shouldn’t pet her and play with her because it might cause problems. I’m glad he told me..

  6. In my opinion, I believe that that family should have faced a TRIAL IN COURT AND GOT SENTENCED TO LIFE SERVICE OR WORSE!???????

  7. So what was the lesson the owner taught to the kid and/or mother? Misleading titles (aka "click bait") are rude…

  8. If that was my kid i would be like this: YOU DO NOT TOUCH A SERVICE DOG AND DEFINITELY DON'T TOUCH THEM!!!!!! YOU STUPID KID!!!!!???

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