37 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 416 – People Poison Cats

  1. They got more bothered by Brandon getting grass so his dog has a place to go to the bathroom between walks than Gavin drunkenly smashing a family of baby hedgehogs with his feet, wild

  2. At the beginning of the podcast I was thinking hey Brandon seems pretty smart, then he said earlier orders grass and it all went downhill

  3. My cats are actually very affectionate and loving by comparison to most. One of them will run to the door when she hears a car pull up to meet people. The other will meow for attention if you don't love on her.

  4. Everybody picks on Brandon, and it is funny, but sad at the same time. 🙂 I love you Brandon don't worry!

  5. “Cats are more independant“ Yeah, because you neglect your cats and cage them in a house, no wonder…

    My cat follows me everywhere unless she`s playing outside with the mice and chipmunks

  6. grrr, jong un is the leader and his brother was killed by something wiped on his face, hurts listening to the start of this

  7. It blows my mind that a grown man would pay 20$ for a single piece of standard sod from the other side of the country.

  8. Can Brandon be banned from podcasts? This is the longest video I have been able to watch with Brandon in it. 20min. Thats it. I normally look in the description and if Brandon and some others are in it I skip that video. Does Brandon even have any fans? Who even likes his stupid stories?

  9. I have 2 cats. One shows me alot of affection. The other has dementia and an eating disorder so he just lays around and ignores everything. My dog on the other hard has separation anxiety but hes not super affectionate when your around so I like cats.

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