RT Life – The Cutest Animal in the World

Chris: We’re gonna miss the quokka train [pause] because Chris fell asleep too [pause] late! [intro music] Chris: There’s an-an island that has the most adorable creatures in the world. Chris: So the whole entire time we’ve been in Australia, the one thing we’ve wanted to do is go hang out with quokkas. Josh: We take one more step, Mr. Chris, it’ll be the furthest toward Quokka Island I’ve ever been. Josh (mimicking Australian accent): Ye ain’t cracked a fatty with a quokka, ye ain’t cracked a fatty at’all. Chris: That means a boner. Josh: Ah. Chris: [laughs] Josh: Why are you exposing your erection to the quokkas? Josh: Bye-bye,
Both: Australia.
Chris: Hello quokkas! Josh: We’re on the island, uhm… Chris: We’re wearing – we’ve got bikes. We rented bikes. [music playing] Josh: So we’re biking around the island, looking for quokkas, and so far we are unsuccessful. But we know one thing for sure: they are not in the general store. Josh: Either that, or they’re not allowed. I’m not – this might be a race thing. I don’t know. This is- Chris: [laughs] We try to go in with some quokkas, they’re like, [deep voice:] “Sorry, sir. We don’t serve your kind.” Chris: We found one. Chris: [whispering] Oh my goodness! Hey big guy! Hey! Hey! Josh: They’re so soft… They’re so soft! They’re just so soft! [Chris laughing] Chris: They say that there’s… well, no such thing as love at first sight. Chris: They just don’t understand the connection that we have. Chris: Feel like a mix between a-a-a giant mouse and a kangaroo. Josh: They’re so nice. They’re so happy with me!
Chris: I know! Chris: Oh, he’s gonna go for that food in that bag!
Josh: [shocked] No! He knows, he knows! Josh: Raaaaugh! [Chris laughing] He knows we have a muffin! Chris: [laughing] He’s like, “Give me the muffin!” Chris: What do you think about quokkas, now that you actually met them in real life? Josh: Alright. They’re way less racist than I thought they’d be.
Chris: Wow. Josh: Shouldn’t’ve judged them.
Chris: Why did you think they were racist? Josh: Just the look in their eye, you know? Just kind of judgmental… Josh: [imitating Australian accent] Oh, you’re not a quokka? I don’t like you! Chris: He wants to make out. Chris: I don’t know what else to do with my life, now, like… Chris: Everything I’ve done in my life has led up to this, this has all been a goal… and now that I’ve accomplished it… Josh: Climb the highest peak, and we just throw ourselves off it. Pretty sure this is the end. Chris: There’s 16 quokkas within our sight. They’re everywhere. Josh: I think they’re like the cutest possible animal in the world. Chris: I’d have to say, Josh, that uh, it’s a pretty successful quokka adventure. Chris: We made some new friends, became their king… We came, we saw, we quokka’d. Chris: Bye, Josh! I’ll catch up with you in a second… Chris: It’s just me and you now. Chris: Thank you for watching our Australian adventure, and thank you to the people of Australia for being so kind and awesome! Chris: We will see you in January for RTX Australia. Chris: In the meantime, you can all subscribe, and click here for more Australian adventures. Chris: And if you ever go to Australia, please be kind to the animals! Don’t feed them and be nice, and don’t litter! Chris: …That poor little penguin! Trapped in trash! …It was awful! Chris: But thank you! [outro music]

100 thoughts on “RT Life – The Cutest Animal in the World

  1. I was at Port Arthur, only been on the Island for less than two days. I see something moving around in the bushes. I could just see the head and was like its a squirrel, walk up to it and jumped back. It was like a rat mated with a kangaroo. I had never heard of a Tasmanian Pademelon before and my brain couldn't comprehend what I was looking at.

  2. Back in 2003 teenagers who went on their post-high school celebrations to Rottnest Island made a game called "Quokka Soccer". They are what is wrong with humanity.

  3. Roosterteeth is probably the only youtube group/people i know that go to australia. I watch many youtubers, none from aus, but RT is the first to come here, even just for a small vacation. I love it x3 Also, i live in vic, and i wish we had these cute little creatures T.T i wanna pet one!

  4. OMG That's the cutest thing ever! Yeah Chris is what I'm talking about

    But seriously, Chris is such a adorable being and that little fluffy animal too

    I just melted

  5. 😮 I want to go to Australia now and go pet one of these things. What is it a quacka quaka something like that. Idk its cute af though

  6. Carrying a bag of chips or muffins are the best way to attract their attention. They love junk food. I hope you did not feed them any junk food. They're only supposed to eat leaves and drink water. The best way I have learnt to attract them is to have handful of water because water is very short for them in the island.They just love it and will sip it off your palms. If you see anyone tourist feeding them junk food, please ask them and request them to refrain them from doing that as junk food is extremely dangerous for them and it could possibly wipe out whatever population permanently in the future. I was very annoyed with the chinese tourists who kept feeding them junk food.

  7. Australia has the strangest of animals. On the other hand if the quokka lived on main land China, we would only be reading about it in books.

  8. I am so angry that it is illegal to handle Quokkas on Rottnest Island. They fine you 300 AU Dollars if you dare to handle the cutest, friendliest animal in the world, in the way they did. Why don't they just go ahead and rename the Island 'No Fun Allowed Island'?

  9. dont touch them guys. its illegal it can get you charged with a fine ranging anywhere from 300$ to a $50,000 fine and five years in jail due to them being considered an endangered species

  10. They are such cute and lovely animals. I couldn't stand it when French tourists a few months ago burned a Quokka alive, and I'm pretty sure all they copped was a fine ;(

  11. one of the only wild animals that don't mind humans the other animal is a bottle nose dolphin they are so nice when ever we go down to the beach they always ALWAYS will come over to our boat and swim under us

  12. This video led to me and my Dad having a conversation with Chris about how some idiots play "Quokka Soccer" at RTX Sydney. Good times (don't kick quokkas peeps)

  13. Pfffft please
    If you haven't been up close and personal with a koala you haven't seen the most adorable animal in the world

  14. Am I the first person to think that mole would be the best name because then it be mole the gucha

  15. There probably so friendly because of lack of natural predators, humans don't want to hurt them nowadays because they're so cute and they wouldn't hang out in the open that much if something would regularly attack them. Though I could be wrong and they are just happy little guys by nature.

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