RT Life – Joe the Cat’s Office

Barbara’s in the phone booth we’re gonna lock her in. Miles: I think it’s safe to say, “a job well done” It looks like she’s having a very personal, private, important call right now and we’ve ruined it *Meows* So how’s productivity been today? It’s down to, like, five percent. No, it’s been very productive I, um, I pet Joe I built Joe a desk held Joe I watched Joe nap It’s a very productive day so far I think she’s almost done on the phone I don’t think she’s gonna get out Oh shit, oh shit Barbara: You guys really think I can’t get out of this? Hey! Go to your desk, Joe. Now get to work. This is how Joe works hard. Fuck you! The person on the phone was like, “Everything ok?” and I’m just, like, “Yup”. It was like a buisness call. What do you have to say to all your fans? *Loud meow* I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance dance, dance, dance I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance dance, dance, dance. Joe the Cat. He’s a kitty cat that dances.

100 thoughts on “RT Life – Joe the Cat’s Office

  1. I saw a cat in a cage at a groomers job, (he doesn't live in the cage just there so it doesn't mess with the dogs) The cat was so friendly, he wanted to play with my dog, and me, he didn't even know me and he meowed when I walked away, I wanted him so bad haha

  2. Seems weird to have a whole booth dedicated to phones when it's a cellphone. Are they taking that many super personal calls a day?

  3. Lol joe the cat! Love joe the cottony cat!!!! Best office job – babysit joe the cat.

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