45 thoughts on “RS3: A Tail of Two Cats Guide – RuneScape

  1. Just a huge help for people trying this in the future, If you just go to the ANVIL @Varrock west bank bob spawns inside.
    Simply hop worlds until he is there for you 🙂

  2. ive had a kitten in my bank for around 10 years. i took it out for this quest and gave it milk when it got hungry, and it ran away 10 minutes later. i feel like i just lost a real companion. WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE TO FEED AND PET A CAT EVERY 5 MINUTES JUST TO KEEP IT fuck you jagex

  3. you know theres a catch when the in game quest says 'long' and sikovits quest guide is under 10 mins 🙂 regardless great guide !

  4. Is there a penalty for planting the potatoes just after you start the quest?
    Stuck waiting 25 minutes. whoo!

  5. you said bob would be in different places for everyone. I found bob in the same exact tile as you did lol!

  6. Anyone else find it funny about the star wars reference and the titanic? lol Thanks for the guide. Found bob exactly where you're bob was.

  7. Alright dude. Im just gonna go ahead and say that I've been blowing through these quests thanks to you. I've been liking every video just thought id leave this comment. lol Thanks broseph!!!

  8. For some reason the doctors hat wouldn't work. I had to get the nurse's hat.

    And I wanna be a doctor in real life. Jagex why are you fucking pissing me off?

  9. On a side note, how do you get those red circles around your mouse cursor when u click?

    Thanks in advance to whoever responds ^^

  10. Hello Imsikovit.

    Something everyone should be aware of is there is an item called, "Desert Robe" and an item called, "Desert Robes".

    Desert Robes from the G.E. will not work.

    Go to al kharid at shanty pass and buy a Desert Robe.

  11. Well, I ended up with an overgrown Hellcat while waiting for the spuds to grow. Guess that's good. LOL

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