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hi Dan Morgan with world for Royal Forest Pest Services if you’re watching this video on our website right now you’re probably
dealing with the bed by problem in your home and if you’re like most people
you’re probably pretty upset about it I want you to know that you’re not alone
so don’t panic every month thousands of people in southern Ontario get bedbugs
no one plans for this but now that you have them you need honest reliable and
professional help that’s where we come in did you know
that bedbugs are one of the most difficult pestt to eliminate its true and
that’s why selecting the right company to help you with so important experience
is everything and although we’re licensed to do other types of pest
control over the past decade that we’ve been in business we’ve only ever
exterminated for bed bugs and during that time we’ve successfully completed
thousands of bed bug exterminations and we’ve pretty much seen it all so don’t
be embarrassed and don’t be ashamed thousands of people just like you when I
get bed bugs every single month it doesn’t mean you’re that you’re a bad person or a dirty person the bed bug problem in Ontario transcends all socioeconomic
lines now everybody’s situation is different so we offer both the
traditional bed bug extermination and the bed bug heat treatment and we’ll be
happy to help you determine which one of these is best for you based on your
particular situation if you’ve just found out that you have bed bugs you’re
most likely scouring the internet trying to learn every single thing possible
about them so we’ve created the bed bug learning series scroll down to find the
link and learn everything you need to know about bed bugs and how to choose
the best bed bug extermination company because not all companies are created
equal and we’ll show you what to look for and what you need to know right now
we’re licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario bonded and insured WSIB compliant and we’ve got an a-plus
rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’re members in good standing with
every single major pest control organization in North America our staff
is highly trained specifically in bed bug entomology an extermination and
we’re more than happy to lend a sympathetic ear because getting rid of
bed bugs in your home involves more than just being
technically above the rest it involves helping you get through this
troubled time in your life finding out the bedbugs can be a real
shock to you and your family we understand this give us a call we can help

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