Royal Canin: How to Select a Feline Breed Nutrition Diet

All cats are unique and Royal Canin has
a diet to meet the nutritional requirements of each and every one of
them. So how do you determine which were all
kind of diet to recommend? This is Macchiato. Macchiato loves exploring, grooming and naps in the sun. to pick the right diet for Macchiato we need to know a little bit more about
him all you need to remember is to take the LABS test. Ask your customer four simple questions
their cats lifestyle, age, breed and if they have any sensitivities. In this case we know Macchiato is an adult Rag Doll with no health issues so a breed specific
diet will be perfect for him. Royal Canin has a wide range of breed
specific diets which are easy to recommend. It’s as simple as reading the bag.
Highlighted on each of our bread bags are three key benefits to share with
your consumer. These will explain why the diet is perfect for their cat. Just remember if you take the LABS test
you can be confident you are recommending the right Royal Canin diet.
For more information about our breed range please chat to your Royal Canin

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