Rottweiler Performs “Someone You Loved” By Lewis Capaldi | Season 2 Ep. 10 | THE MASKED SINGER

100 thoughts on “Rottweiler Performs “Someone You Loved” By Lewis Capaldi | Season 2 Ep. 10 | THE MASKED SINGER

  1. He deserves a win after his shocking elimination from American Idol. Remember his cover if Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line". I have it on my mp3.

  2. So I follow Chris on Facebook and right he is supposed to be touring but I dang sure this is him, I have listened to his music a lot and I his voice no one else has chris' voice hes one in a million and I really hope that he will release this as a single or just on YouTube

  3. Daughtry's accent is so distinctive. How do they not hear that slight twang in his voice? Also has any of his packets revealed any reference to American Idol?

  4. I will admit chris Daughtry has the most beautiful voice for singing I would play this song over and over again I can’t get enough of it

  5. I was hoping the top 3 would be: Rottweiler, fox & thingamajig

    But Adrienne… I mean flamingo didn’t come to play, she’s bringing the heat

  6. I think Daughtry sang this better than Lewis Capaldi (I already loved the song) … but he really can connect the song well. tears and goosebumps. I'd love for him to record this!

  7. How many episodes are shoot in a day? Judges' outfit didn't change for I guess, few episodes. Not sure if that is correct

  8. I really think Chris is gonna win. He's definitely my favorite. I've been a fan his since American Idol. I think he's disguising his voice bc you don't hear his rasp and I LOVE his rasp. Lol he's fooling them good!

  9. The judges have to know who it is by now! I mean especially after this performance how can you not know? This is definitely Chris Daughtry! Plus I just loved his performance yet again!

  10. My God. I always knew Daughtry had a great voice, but after hearing him sing pop songs instead of rock, to me I he has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard. If he doesn’t win they should cancel this show.

  11. I always have love Chris' voice, but the show has really gave me a new appreciation for it. He can literally sing anything.

  12. “I guess I kinda like the way you numbed all the pain”…. only Daughtry could ever sound like that leading into the chorus

  13. I literally forgot I was watching someone in a Rottweiler costume while he was singing this song…I don't know how they haven't guessed Chris Daughtry yet…one of the best things to ever come out of American Idol.

  14. YouTube algorithm brought me here after listening to Chris Daughtry. There is no way that this is not him if even YouTube knows.?

  15. I Would love it if Chris Daughtry released an album of all his covers, for me "Someone you loved" is way up there along with his versions of "Radioactive", "Wanted dead or alive", "she talk to Angels", Rocketman and "Try"….

  16. This song so relates to me right now and i cant even stop listening. Mosiah is my full name if anyone asks if mo is short for anything.

  17. It’s obviously Chris Daughtry. it’s killing me that they can’t recognize his unique intonation, tone and vibrato.

  18. This should have been the song he did for the final. We see it hapoen time and time again where an amazing cover is done mid-competition and thats the high moment and the audience then feels someone else gives a better last performance. This performance should have ended the show then and there. I have heard a few covers of this song that I feel are better than original. For instance Connor Maynard and just like Chris I feel should have more of a world presence. How the industry works is baffling to me sometimes.

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