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  1. My rott and as far as im concerned rotts in general r wonderful all around great dogs. They love to b loved, and in return u get an amazing best friend. And when i say this, that can go for any dog.

  2. Rottweilers and pitbulls …the dog breeds that low I.Q minorities gave a bad name to by raising them to to do dumb things.

  3. Rock Wilder! I’m fine with the fact that people will think my rottie will kill them. That’s his job and he takes it seriously. At home he’s a big baby and loves everyone once he knows they are ok. I’m not sure what would happen to a stranger messing with his family….could get ugly.

  4. Rotties are the best of everything…super smart, super protective, super loyal, super loving and best all round family dog. Rarely ever run away from home, extremely loving and playful with children and small animals and a calm, even demeanor. I miss my boy Samson so much….

  5. I love this breed so much. My first dog is a Rottweiler mix and he'd the sweetest dog, all he wants is to be pet and cuddled.

  6. I’m a first time owner of a Rottie he is 1 year old now. He recently started to pee literally everywhere ??‍♀️ I placed to large planters in between the corners of two sliding doors as the pee was getting in the rails during the night. My problem is that he destroyed both my plants, the planters he left alone. Any tricks or advice on how to reach him that it is not right to dig in the planter. ( I want to leave the planters there as he stopped peeing there). He does get regular exercise and he is not alone he is with a 4 yr old husky.

  7. They're really sweet dogs, but require firm training when they're young. Otherwise some might end up violent

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