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in order for a dog to be certified as a
therapy dog it has to go through a vigorous test along with its handler the
training with Rosie is now done the training with Lori now begins and like
any new student at lucky dog ranch Lori's training starts with an
assessment you ready I start training with Brandon and just between us I'm
scared to death my other dog was litter box trained but that was it
wouldn't sit wouldn't do anything so this is definitely a new experience for me so
here take the bait bag you are now the trainer let me see where you're at so Brandon basically just said show me what you
know Rosie sit sit Rosie sit and I clearly didn't know much I failed
try something else stay she's staying What do I do now I literally am freaking out at this point I can't get my dog to do anything safe to say that she does not
have very good handling skills she has no control of the dog go ahead and pop
her right here good girl Rose all right go ahead and take the leash now have her sit Rosie sit good girl you see the difference when you put her on here as opposed to down there we've gained control you've taken the kids just like in your kindergarten
class you've put them in their chair and say time for class so first things first
we're gonna do a little control lesson I'm gonna get to the end of the leash just like this and I'm just gonna hold the leash very loose like this and
every time I see her wiggle and want to jump off I pull it a little straight just like that now I see she's controlled I slack up with a leash like
that now when I see she's been controlled for a good amount of time I'm
gonna go ahead and pay her my main goal here is to get her to not move
whatsoever without even saying a word go ahead and try just looking for control
when he explained to me that it was all about control I felt relieved that there
was a reason that I couldn't get her to do some of the things I asked her to do
that was an important lesson for me armed with new insight Lori gives
basic obedience another shot sit good and reaps immediate results even when Brandon throws in a few distractions Rosie and Lori keep their
cool I felt like a million bucks when I finally had control of her and she was
listening to me and looking at me for the commands but there's still a long
way to go overall Lori did very well today but
it's day one tomorrow it's time to turn the steam up

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  1. Where do you get that round training stool and also training collars? Thanks! Is there a way to make one? ?

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