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school started back in August obviously last year and I would usually go to the front yard and wait on the school bus frog had kind of followed me to the front yard okay probably ain't no big deal oh there you are on the third day he decided him to myself ever since then he's done it every single thing that's here they could be indoors and he will start growing right about the time the bus is gonna go like I know what time it is I know the bus is coming he hatched out of the egg I mean I'll try that first person who saw the first person he thought was a cat we had a camp that root stood on the eggs wherever Savannah was he wanted to be wherever she was ever animal of Savannah for some reason she's kind of like an animal whisperer I guess mama they get up and she is home for pool it's broke said some watched you do dishes he'll have to do your laundry maybe eat your homework if I have a look he's on my homework it's probably a bond or a love that you can't explain I mean I'm looking running my brother oh okay when he was real real little instead of walking he would kind of hop like that little windup toy and my son said mom he hops more than he walked I said yes what's naming frog yeah it actually greet people but of course that sends people on terrifying run you're chasing them and they don't stop because you won't stop again but unfortunately frog is like a hello and they're not used today now most roosters are prone to attack people I mean that's the first instinct is you know we mean they mean and protect the flock and okay well this is life a frog and apparently he's gonna supervise allotting oh my head he's your typical rooster I mean it's like a little brother or a little heated or it's definitely different being as sweet as he is

29 thoughts on “Rooster Meets His Favorite Girl at Her Bus Stop Every Day | The Dodo

  1. Relationship Goals: Find someone who is as excited to see me as Frog the Rooster is when he sees his favorite girl ?❤️
    You can keep up with Frog's adventures on Instagram, @frogtherooster:

  2. Awww?
    Wow wotta beautiful love it is..I betcha proud of your daughter I'd be proud as punch if that was my daughter & rooster..You hava innocent & sacred heart hun & neva eva lose that??

  3. this animals don't deserve to get killed and eaten…. this animals to me are the most beautiful pets that you can have it in the world

  4. do you imagine, to go outside with your friends, meet a nice girl, and you bring her to your place, how do you explain having a chicken like your pet :))) this must be funny, probably she will try to get out the quickly she can

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