22 thoughts on “Roger and me – Pets or meat

  1. I think its really cool that she is doing what she can with what little ag skills she has.  People are out of touch with the reality of their food.  She seems to care about the welfare of her animals and is just trying to get by, good on her.

  2. To everyone complaining about the treatment of these rabbits, please go look at the "free range" factories where your chickens come from and see how low your moral ground has sunk.

  3. Fat Doger more wanted to eat rabbits but when he found out a rabbit wasn't an elephant he wasn't interested. Btw, Mr Less than Moore paid this woman about $100 dollars. Fat pooper slurper made about 10 million exploiting her. Butt Fat butt more is a "person of the people".

  4. this woman has to be in her late 50s by now as of 2019. Hope she did better for herself. Or if she's even alive now.

    *never mind I checked she's even older than michael moore by 1 year, so she's 65 years old as of 2019, she's still alive, she still lives there, she stopped selling rabbit meat a long time ago though…**

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