Robot Animals Serving as Pets to Dementia Patients

Helen Nicholas moved to Florida with her family in the 1990s before that she owned restaurants in near Chicago my mom was real good with finances balancing her checkbook she came in to see me when days with the check to go Mike what do I do with this what do you do what do you mean you what do you do it's pundits who check ok what do I do and that I started realizing something's going on doctors diagnosed her with Alzheimer's disease in 2012 in recent months she has gotten a new form of social therapy Nicholas is one of a number of elderly people across the country suffering from brain disorders who now spend their days with man-made pets there are the creations of a group of former Hasbro employees they purchased a division from their toy giant former employer and now develop robotic household animals for the elderly caregivers say interaction with the pets can change lives the stimulation is keeping everyone animated keeping everyone socially engaged with each other because they're with their peers and you can't ever undervalue the relationship with your peers and caregivers say that pets bring joy to their patients even though it's robotic and it's a toy it's it's not seen as that by our residents it's seen as a dog Alzheimer's affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans it is a degenerative disease that robs a person of the ability to think with these animals at least for a short time each day patients get to relax and enjoy the moment with a furry friend arash arabasadi VOA news

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  1. So wonderful. For those providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer's, a variety of helpful articles and resources are compiled here:

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