yo yo its rofo guys welcome back for a brand new video and a brand new simulator it's got pets it's got superheroes so it's gonna be awesome let's jump in up check it out it's a wrap oh I know you can see I'm a VIP AM and I also have 20 G's in the pocket cuz I thought you've been playing this game for about an hour because I didn't really want to start the video off like this because it's really hard to actually get past the first stage I've got the second weapon upgrade which is the slingshot and my little pet that I got when you first get in here is up to level 18 because you can't buy any coins here you can't buy any pets here you've got to grind out and then get to the next stage and I think then you can play coins and you can buy more pets with your robots so let's get going I've got 20 G's I need to grind on the way up to 25 G's so we can get to the next stage people I have bought some things as well I've got VIP I've got buy to money and there is this advanced teleport thing which I'm not really sure what that do is it like because this is a normal teleport which I would like presume it just teleport you to each location that you've unlocked but an advanced one might actually bring you to places that you haven't unlocked yet so maybe I'll get that as well but I want to see how much to coin this stuff cost first cuz I mean I've already spent like 600 robox in here already madam we're not even past the first stage sami there's work to be doing people but guys this is in fact I haven't even said it it is the pet hero simulator so we're hoping that we get some pets that resembled some superheroes you know I'm saying I wanna like my little iron my pet I want my little Thorp at all my little maybe Thanos pack well I don't think finals Pat is a thing because I think you might have to buy him to check this out alright if you go into store you can see there is a foul nose Pat right here booty's 5,000 row books so that's not happening as a little bit too expensive in my taste now people you know I'm saying mmm-hmm alright we've got 23 G's we just need two more to get to the next stage and we can get our first pet and hopefully by some money to make this a little bit easier for his people you know I'm saying because at the moment it's been it's been a bit of a grind I mean I've never started off a video like an hour into me playing it and before so yeah you guys better appreciate this so before I say any more smash that like button three two one boom hit it if you did I love you if you didn't do it okay kidding all right 24 geez let's go couple more of these bags and we should have it the only thing about when we get to 25 G's we're gonna spend it straight away so we're gonna be back down to like zero money which is gonna be like okay boom here we go 25 G's make pump seriously okay look at this little bag here just dudes trying to get them like yo bro let's steal your bag to steal your bag bro he stealing your bag bro ain't gonna get this one as well all right we've got it guys we've got the 25 G's we need to get to the pyramid section would you like to spend this cash oh yes I will oh look it is we got some sort of an ice chest thing here which is literally impossible to get it's saying no percent already holy moley what about this gem thing oh my days it is gonna give me like a million more money though but let me see I like the way it music is kind of changed to like pyramidion Arabian night oh it's like a Latin up in here okay am what's this give me oh okay that gave me tree ground nice bro what about this thing here what everybody what's the same so you literally have to get to the next to the second stage for the game to actually start doing some stuffs cuz I'm seeing eggs in there right now and they look like superhero eggs so I'm happy about that right let me see what this this diamonds gonna give me okay give me their two grand so yeah you can buy money in here now I think okay 400,000 is 875 for the next stage that's expensive mines this places this place is dear bro well that percentage isn't gonna beat her holy moly we need some we need some new pets bro we need some new pets big-time let's head in and see how much the pets cost and open store okay this egg is 17 all right next one oh it's like a little hook you got a chance of a Hulk in there twenty one thousand and twenty four thousand you've got a chance of a goat a tiger Iron Man 1% all right let's go boys some money not quite four hundred thousand by much as 50 GS let me see how much 50 Jesus what five on a road that is a ripoff bro that's crazy we're gonna have to go for for the 400,000 now mine holy moly that is a spaceship brother right okay so the hope the chance of getting the Hulk in the second one I think is not too bad let me see Oh venom is 1% in that one Oh Hulk is 1% in this one is well Mon they're hard to get what I mean there's not much difference for rounding difference should we go for this one oh the twenty four thousand all right let's get four of these eggs and see here we go all right let's go let's go chase her chase what we got a puppy come on Matt I want Iron Man make it happen again it's two of these into two middle ones and ROM I'd like to look at him he actually looks pretty cool you know all right one more knees I'll do tree I'll do tree all right let's go a little turtle it looks pretty cool man he looks pretty cool all right and let's go of this one let's get one of these an egg of chills interesting what you got a little pair or okay well let's let's get back in and equip some of these pets and see how see how good or how bad they are all right let me see superhero pets continue okay this one is 19 1 22111 1 you want that money multiplier okay so the bear is the prayer is pretty sick monster he gots to get equipped equipped my little babe laughs and okay 2314 of three he's good mine too and then it's probably the turtle right hello this guy's got like speed but in his cash coins for damage what's this though attack speed it's probably 11 tax beat vs. Warren it's probably better so let's equip him nice okay so I've got three pets on the level five on okay can I can just put them all on alright sweet because I think I am I think I did VIP and that's all I got for be up here okay it's five pets now so I should be able to like get money like super quick now right but let's do this let's get back over and get that chest maybe and I think we'll be weird a fortune you gotta get up to 400,000 to get into the next level and I'm guessing then the odds of getting a super hero Pat or better right I've got five pets going out this team and its percentage is not going like what how hard is it to get that thing that's like insane what that's crazy that thing is like impossible to get you're gonna need like you and 20 of your friends trying to get that thing alright let's go find more diamonds I'm guessing the diamonds are like the most money right and oh yeah you got a grind in this game it's not easy with a nice stretch backstabber built this game he's like the guy that makes all the sick awesome Abhi's book I the feeling they've made this game a little bit too hard starting off because I mean I have spent let's go sure what I've spent right so I've spent pretty much 500 on that 250 in that that's 6 750 and then I spent like 807 you guys say 850 750 is 16 so 1600 Road books in here already I can't even get past the second stage like I mean look how long it's taking that break this thing it's something 25% I've got 5 pets going hi I'm at it right now plus I've got a decent enough slingshot thing going out of 2 gotta say this game is hard bro and yeah I mean if I want to skip through that the next stage is gonna cost me like a Monroe these guys are making this difficult so guys just so you know before you get into this game the pet hero simulator it's not an easy one it's pretty difficult alright I'm gonna take a quick cut because it's gonna take a minute to get this and I'll come back on a near I have near that formula test peace out bros there's a by clinical doing it alright guys I'm back and as you can see I have got nearly four hundred ninety thousand so it's time to get in till the next area boom 400,000 up in here new music and the first thing I can see that it is two and a half to get to the next location that's this pretty expensive people and it seems that all we can get in here is new weapons so let me see how hard it is to take out some of these little coinage so this isn't like a small one it's got a little candy cane on top we've got let's call that $90,000 so let's see how much this gives us let's see if this is gonna be good to us and give me some nice amount of dollars here well I'm feelin they've made this game extremely hard man alright what to begin oh we only got like 10 G's for that alright okay so let me see how much these well how about days this weapon is 230,000 on assessment as if there's a very expensive weapon alright so I think what we might have to do is go back to the start ammo I never seen this little chest before what's this same should I try to get this yeah I should oh we're getting this pretty quickly what kind of money is this gonna give me what you saying bro you're gonna give some nice no something terrible that was the result they didn't it wasn't even worth it and I still don't understand this chest here cuz I actually spent a bit of time and tried to get some of the percentages going and it didn't work so I don't know if it's good or something but we've got a hundred tails and let's go see if we can get a new weapon that's better than my slingshot so back here we have the outside you guys didn't see and we had the slingshot and then this thing is 76,000 that is expensive and then a 104 for this thing that does look pretty beautiful it's it's I've gotta I've gotta admit it's it's pretty nice okay so I feel like we should get that so much is it 104 104 thousand I mean it's expensive people it's expensive you know what I mean it's not gonna be too hard to get cuz I need to just go in here maybe grab this to the diamonds I know mr. diamond would you like to come into my house into my into my backpack full of I need a hundred four thousand there it is boom I'll grab one more just in case they don't have enough then I'm gonna get that amazing weapon now if there's 101 damage cuz my thing right now on he does 29 so it's a good jump up it's a gum boost then I can get to the next area and start grinding out towards that two and a half million I mean that's gonna take me some time alright we've got a nice sword it's simply called the nice sword okay it is a nice sword I mean it's a nice sword I like the way he swings it he's wielding this sword pretty well okay and we've got this little diamond here I can't I can't go boy this time and then not get it I spent too much time playing Minecraft to know that diamonds are good I mean and they're worth it you know I'm saying people you know say it's all worth it in the end all right Diamond what'd you say I'm taking you again well we gotta get into this next place and stack grinding I mean let's try get something big in here alright these these piles of coins are pretty good but I'm I'm interested in this little chest here how long it's gonna take me to get this thing 1% 2% 3% for 7% 9% and left cent more okay it's not too bad so I'm hoping this better give me like 30 grand or so if not this is gonna take me about four years and it's just not gonna be worth it you know I'm saying ah gah yeah do it dad cuz I need to just save wolf now because I need at least one super hero pet I mean I need I need iron mine I need hope or any venom you know I'm saying well it's just giving me I'm on seven a half okay so give me like 20 mm not too bad but not too great either you know I'm saying I mean this is gonna take me forever and a day people all right so my planet is maybe just grinding up to maybe about 300,000 or so not an angle back and see if we can unlock an actual superhero path cuz I'm guessing the superhero path is gonna be super powerful and yeah I mean it better be otherwise this game is far too hard I mean I think they have made a two head anyway so pack stabber if somehow you see this video which I know you're not going to and your other dude Scooby that made this cuz you made it to hurt people need to be able to place through these things and I have fun I mean they can't be playing this thing for like five days and they only get their first pack you know I mean if you play this game and you don't have row books it's gonna take your every prayer to not fire too long people but anyway I'm not complaining well maybe I'm just a little bit but still and I'm gonna grind now that's not actually doing anything I'm hitting this thing for no reason I've got to pay attention what about this one that's not doing anything either and they're just there for the phones just a little glitchy which is still in this game too so they need to fix that as well but am yeah alright let's keep going I want to do better grinding and I want to buy more pets I mean I've got these five they're all doing pretty they're pretty good I mean they're all upset like level forty which is pretty pretty good I mean scooter he's my first guy so I don't know if he's like any use the rest of them look good but the fact of the matter is they're not super heroes and I mean this is called the super hero the pet hero simulator so I mean I've only one percent chance of getting them so text technically I need to spend two and a half million if I want to actually get one because I need to buy a hundred eggs cuz one in every hundred bar tack the game but this is your god this is typical right I'm gonna have I don't get this stack and then this back and then I'll have enough to boy what probably four eggs the chances of me getting it in for eggs are pretty slim guys but we have seen a lot of simulator so far well we haven't seen a lot of the but we've seen pretty much what we're gonna see because I mean I can't play this thing for four days you know saying right we've 105,000 that's four eggs by my count so let's get in and check this out right this one is a 1% chance of getting Iron Man no venom so I kind of want I want hope or I want Iron Man now I can get four of these and I've already bought three of them it's a higher chance right let's go come on it's by four of these eggs come on baby I don't need the all-seeing out I want iron mine hook me up bro I know it's only a 1% chance and it's literally not gonna happen but come on puppy I don't want a puppy I want it back now seriously another RAM I mean it's the coolest looking pay in the game I'll give you that but seriously bro come on do it another day oh not today ladies and gentlemen not today this game is just too hard too difficult I spent nearly 2,000 Braille books in here and I couldn't get you guys a pen I apologize I've only 7,000 left it's not it's not enough I mean I've got lots of these pets but they're just they're just not doing it for me now I mean these guys they've got they feel great at a lot they've got good hits like look at a bear he's attack damage is 70 tremont he's in a boss but it's just not good enough this game is too hard backstabber Scooby whatever your name is bro you need to lighten this game of mine soften it up I am the only person in this server of one two three four five six seven eight that has actually got past the first stage because I spent loads of robots like check it out look well guys it's a fun simulator if you've got lots of robots and I think they may tame it down a little bit because it is too hard at the moment but hope you did enjoy I'm sorry that I didn't actually get to get a super hero peplum maybe next time if they update this and make it a little bit easier hopefully they do but guys from me and my pets that are not really superheroes well maybe Betty the ROM is a superhero I mean maybe he's like a superhero of rhymes you know I'm saying maybe that's a thing possibly under the legs guy next time guys I should say I am out please you


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