Roblox: BUYING 135,000,000 DOLLAR PETS!!!

hey what's happening welcome back to another rOBLOX video today we are playing the PewDiePie simulator no it's actually pew pew simulator so wait it does I thought it was dead for beauty part first I really thought it did wait so that's not we're playing oh no oh it's cuz we're shoot things I thought it was I thought PewDiePie was something in this maybe you made it we wouldn't have a cool kinda yeah so real plain pew pew simulator today guys apparently we have bows we must shoot things we must gain pets that we must gain powerful weapons all right so yeah there's enemies over here we have to aim that ain't a method that's giving me and shoot them alright I don't we don't really aim it's kind of like an auto aim I have so much money wait so do I get so much we just started we only shot like two bums but you get so much when you're killed off wait should we go shop wait did we start with someone we started to give me must oh why do we have so much money right now maybe we started the game we start with five thousand okay let's go shopping because I feel like we didn't really do anything to people we shot one off-camera I think we start with 5,000 how much are the pegs we can afford them I think oh my god we can't I don't think we should buy five oh five we can even afford the the better one no we can't do it we have to get new weapons okay let's do that very sweet what's the new area cost should we just unlock Egypt right now let's do that that way because we don't need your say how do we get this money it's like maybe maybe we stepped on coins and they're worth like these oh yeah that's it wait that's it I think so I just got like 300 from now okay oh this is nice okay let's unlock this then we just start by going to the second area we're not gonna die here to be honest our bow is so bad alright now let's buy a new bow okay why are you fighting those things in that bow Cupid's bow is only 250 the candy launcher wait it doesn't it doesn't oh you can't buy the candy launcher but you can't no you need like a code for that one and then the jesters one is like a group you have to join their group okay but we can purchase the Red Cliffs cross though it's 500 all right oh wait you're right oh yeah let's buy that or we can get the other one before but while we do that oh yeah don't do that I got the wrench left crossbow that's what I got to you oh now we're fabulous oh yes it's so good oh yeah we do a lot more damage now maybe that means we'll get a lot of money in this area yeah I hope so I think the key should be to pick Oh God don't just run around like I am they'll kill you I'm going to hide wait there's a boss the Pharaoh Oh kill it oh my god maybe we could kill it I mean are those probably hard all right I'm sure come over here wait let me go around so I don't like attract everything he won't ask you if you're far enough away where is he I'm Judy Adam right now right there okay okay we will shooting a mummy oops now the Mummy's killing me he sees me but he's not doing anything as weird no cuz you're too far away okay give him a kiss if you think that he's not he'll come after you all right so we'll share the experience and we'll share the gold because we're both hitting him and said that and the rules and we got on away okay if someone steal something from you because you'll still get some of the kills all right unless they can steal most of it we got so much money he's dead yeah but were rich now do you have I have 4300 I have 4,800 back to the starters oh and I'm like buy some pets alright skip that whole part yeah because I think if we have pets we'll get much of our money when they tell things yeah I think it'll be really helpful all right 5000 to order I'm just running by all the coins oh oh yeah alright I'm doing it oh no I'm attracting everything okay you have to be careful of that I think that's an issue well they follow me up to the pet oh I don't think so I don't think they're supposed to this girl she's just like leg in pieces she probably was Joe body isn't disappearing it's really creepy you know she also believed that they wouldn't follow up to the pets and rip her okay so the good mom is 2,500 the cheaper one is a thousand wait let me just get over your unknown even buy one of these we gained levels though I'm level 3 now what level are you is on the bottom above your health bar which means we can actually buy better equipment Alfie was here we should totally do that like the dinosaur crossbow or we get the Stone Age bow um I think yeah that's our one looks really cool I want that one I think I'm gonna get that's him it's they're kinda slow the crossbows but I think they're worth it oh wait no the green elf bow is cool yeah but it sounds good okay let's buy the Oh candy cane you go before all right and let's get some normal pets now we'll start with 1,000 whines okay let's just buy two of them I get before three I'm gonna pig pig cow so it says did I get a two bonus to my damage I get a one point zero five two stars I already know what stars are in a 1.1 – money so the money the stars is up here I think that's experience oh okay you can evolve them what it costs robots okay and then I got the cow check this is both exactly the same I just gotta tell you this is really cool if you go to evolve in them you can evolve them into a glorious one it costs like two hundred and fifty gems but if we get more gems we'll be able to do that they're like the worst pets in the game yeah but bet you the evolution probably makes it way better oh how cute the cat is way I want the cat where do you get another peg I'm trying to let it okay so I got the pig and I got the cow oh okay so I got a pig and I got a cat a blue cap oh you have this one it's really cute alright okay let me equip my little cute blue cat it's cuter than the cow alright and it is equippable all right love it okay so we should go back to the area we're at orange I get more money okay we should be able to instantly kill these ones now anything over here help me do that yeah I don't like an easy way to get a lot of money I don't think we're gonna get much money from Caliban okay oh I hit level four though away that's good so you need to kill the boss the Pharaoh again let's just keep doing that wait let's see how much the normal ones get mice anyways okay back to the normal ones I really want to buy the next ped egg it's 25,000 alright we got a decent amount of money from normal kills it looks like oh okay this is going well oh yeah I say we try to kill that where is the Pharaoh um I have no idea but let's make our way through maybe he doesn't spawn that often must have died well yeah we killed oh he did okay so maybe he's bought like instantly oh I didn't even notice maybe he walked away you probably just you scared of us all right a little v now Jen I'm getting a lot of levels I'm still alright and I'm getting money way way quicker down you have everyone's 4000 what room you have to piss right to bed you should be getting money quick you already had a thousand more than you before ever oh that's you yeah acting all the money and stuff oh yeah you really ought to do that what is the next Sirians wait seventy five thousand I just there's a lot of coins around here alright yeah that's like super expensive oh I'm grabbing all the coins about over five thousand now there's a huge stack over here I see the Pharaoh oh okay let's kill him like almost dead though alright yeah trying to get over to me but be careful okay all right comin over come around this whale oh yeah there he is alright so just focus on the Pharaoh how much money do we get from last time like we got at least a couple thousand I think and this time with our pets we should get a higher bonus plus we're killing way quicker too alright it's definitely gonna take a long time though to unlock the next area wait he's like running away from us no no it might not because I think if we buy the more expensive pets it's gonna make a huge difference yeah when you save up for that next almost really expensive them all right the dude is dead six alright so this is what we should do we should probably go get a new pants okay does you have money now right you should buy the better one you scrub all this how much is the pet in this area it's 25,000 super expensive all right so I think we need to get the other pets first then okay yeah let's do that but we can afford those what are they like three thousand that's not bad how much money you have so I have seven thousand eight hundred you could buy three yes I said we just dude three back okay let's do three because I think our weapons strong enough right oh now I have 800 wait just collect 800 I mean whose story do you get robbed all right here we go first peg and I got a chicken I'm common one which is nice oh that's good I want a rare one okay big damage boost from this big money boost everything I need okay here we go come on use 1.5 money that's actually really good I got a common bunny all right you need to get an uncommon one or a rare one huh I know alright so we ate three I got a common dog oh yeah I got it Oh an uncommon chick oh that's what I had okay so the uncommon gives you a huge money boost which is good Oh perfect which we really really need badly definitely need more money alright and I got a common mouse it's like the worst thing you can get you're gonna cry it happens to every time there one and it's a unicorn I have it is it a yeah I think you choose fan ever seen in my wife how do I get a flamingo on my head 20 damage 1.5 star Sirius look at it look at it but you weren't here so you got a very unique oh yeah 5% chance what I don't understand I feel like you're there's like a conspiracy against me I feel actually always get the cutest things I literally don't know but I love it alright are you ready to go make some money yeah let me just equip my my gray Mouse real quick and my brown bunny all right yeah quit their garbage and I'll meet you in the next area oh yeah I'm coming over the pink rainbow unicorn so the thing is all right the thing is we have to keep opening those until I get no get the coins pick up the coins I'm leaving them for you you're very poor okay okay I got him so sorry that is not a feeling I'm gonna get so much money you know how about yeah you are because you got the rare one that's so good yeah we hold on how much mechanic per kill but I'm getting over a thousand four kills yeah I'm so rich now all right so the thing is I'm getting these gems – what would it take to evolve the unicorn oh that would be so awesome it's probably really expensive wait so how do you you can't evolve the unicorn it's just too good already all right I can evolve the cat you know it cost me 250 gems and I could do it right now oh yeah do it no you have to be max level to do it or you have to pay Robox what's max level I don't know what level that is real level 9 I'm evolving it for 248 roblox instead okay we I'll better tell you how good it is and then you could tell me if it was worth it oh yeah tell me all right okay now I have a dark cat oh my god it's really on four powers you have to evolve something just do it it gives you x 15 cash boosts the chickens he's uncommon he's not a volleyball oh yeah he's no yo do my Pig oh well yeah make him a cute pig a dark pig okay gonna involve him and then you're gonna have a dark Pig and then you can look at his stats and man it's gonna be a huge difference for us see wait did I do it yeah you did you're done okay see oh look at his fast okay let me go – it's so good right we kill some stuff then we can buy the new pet eggs 5000 perfect wait this is actually feels more balanced because I thought we were never gonna get out of this area I know I thought we'd be stuck here forever this is the way that it was like it made it that's really hard yeah like none of the next and for that peg how could you at 75,000 you know I killed the bear by the way I have 70 mm oh wait let me check you later we should just unlock the next area of 79,000 Wow just um um ah let's just do that I want to go to the next area okay I have a hundred forty pounds is 1 million to unlock alright so what we we're gonna have to evolve more paths Oh Jeff check this out so we need to go by the peg now you have 25 thousands you have four thousand I just unlocked area Oh made me feel something from the new area let me kill the feral oh that should help wait the guys know we probably should buy new bows oh yeah but this boat probably awful no they're doing pretty good because we have all these pets now okay but um I have 140 mm okay wait anymore all right let me just kill this guy have your 90,000 I can I still go and get the unicorn now cuz I really want it I don't think you should direct me some better stuff let's go get pegs over here okay let's go okay there's really three different one of them has cute ears okay we do it so we have 25,000 per and I got a camel a rare Campbell Oh kicked off the team okay oh I got the rare desert fox oh that's good alright I think oh there's an epic one I have to delete my dog okay so they're they're rare and epic all right this is actually everybody's we get from this one is good yeah I got times to boost from the camel okay so boom the desert fox I got times of 1.5 star which is experienced right yep and then times to coins all right I got another camel I'd have two camels on my team I think my mouse know my cow you're gonna have a whole team of camels like me do you work really hard how many are you gonna buy by the way okay so wait let me just equipment wait am i dying what's happening oh yeah I'm getting a tax help wait where is he I don't know maybe I think the guy by the saved here okay all right I got guys really awesome looking by the way I got the desert fox some of this stuff I have is really good I have to remove her I got another desert fox but I don't even think I can remove anyone else my unicorn is really strong like camels are strong or I don't need any more these aren't bad guys just gonna need boxes all right let's see but for the next area if you have any money left over to my weapon me out of 49,000 all right let's buy the teapot launcher do you see that wait hold on let me just delete the bunny it's 500,000 for the team or whatever bottle got the bomb gone there's no way that this guy is this guy oh it's a real person oh no no was it no he saves you my life there's a love gun and there's a teapot launcher did you see those no no yeah I'm trying to like delete stuff right now it was a B launcher a present launcher there's a lot of really good stuff in here okay so I have three desert foxes I have my dark pig and my chick I'm gonna just show you what I bought okay okay let me go to tools look I have the love gun wait hold on I need to figure out what I'm buying okay oh the teapot Long's you're going on that way I can't afford that that's so expensive yeah but the love guns only 200,000 kill the feral once you can afford it okay but I want the teapot launch okay I'm just gonna save up for that alright let's oh my gosh ooh it's hard wait does yeah oh alright watch me kill something hey I'm watching you say I love that okay I still want the teapot one no all right there's probably a boss in this area Oh zombie boss right there yeah you kill him okay I want you to get the money okay hopefully I can kill him oh yeah no problem because you're pettish oh god no we have money now Oh 300,000 all right see that's not bad at all okay I just need five hundred thousand I could buy it all right I'm just gonna go around and destroy every single zombie okay yeah that's what I'm doing all right I'm just gonna go there zombie wives get 400,000 and you're right the bosses do respawn like pretty much instantly like I don't see him instantly become pretty quick kind of instant though it's like basically instant if five minutes was instead well I have enough money now okay there's just there's too many zombies it's freaking me out we there's got it there's no ped egg in this area right go wait tools tea pot launcher purchase all right get that thing and then let me know if you have any money left over after awesome is huge look at this thing wait and you see it whoa that's insane give any money left over right ten thousand all right kill a couple things and we'll buy the new peg over here okay so it's a hundred thousand for the next paths oh okay which isn't that much really if you kill the boss you should probably look for the boss and just kill him I have a hundred thousand already I'm just gonna buy one all right I have 1 million okay here we go I'm gonna buy it all right let's purchase into the pit oh my God look at the egg I know it's like a vampire oh my got the rear dad oh me too yes let's check the stats all right so the bear bat will get lost 21.5 and 2 which really isn't too much different than the ones we got in the other area I think we need something better than rare hey wait I'm getting attacked where'd it go just be careful I'll shoot some zombies okay so honestly we need the epic ones if we want it to like make a difference okay but no it's oh yeah it's not even better than my chick cuz the chicks gained some levels you know oh yeah okay okay I've already opened two okay I can't afford any more Jeff go kill the boss this weekend as in the next area okay yeah good idea they have three bats and run out anyway yeah I really want to go to the beach it's a million all right just save up a million kill the boss a couple times where's the boss at oh I don't see him uh-oh he's over here he's behind the tree oh he is alright you killed that guy oh my god I killed everyone hit that's gonna give the teapot launcher down good all right now just spam kill everyone that's what I'm doing because then we can go yeah I really want to go to the beach I'm all over this area alright the boss is near the gravestone oh okay okay okay I'm clearing out the area around him so that way you can just get him I think we clear these guys out in front of us long enough probably way over here this guy – all right are you ready to go I'm not yeah hold on almost up all right let's go Oh Beach Bigfoot's how much did these give us there's 700 that okay oh there's the wicked diver oh is that the boss the boss let me know again I already have 14 but I mean okay 1.4 million five hundred thousand way I could buy the next ped egg it's 1 million we oh let's go by walk okay let's do it what is the show for like oh god please thought about us all they have is a freaking grand yes he's already better please grand better than epic yeah must be okay Oh hermit crab – oh it's really cute – all right who's coming off the team okay so I'm going to say goodbye to the chick goodbye chick oh it's so good I have to delete all my bats – oh yeah that was kind of a waste of money I know it's kind of sad you unicorn still really good um yeah my unicorn still good cuz it's up in the body I need to garbage it no it's not garbage cookie levels up I know everything levels up so technically you keep a cat forever if you are but aren't these ones coolers in the hurricane cooler smell it's not no you don't think so definitely don't think so I'm killing everything I'm getting so much money the next area is ten million by the way you serious oh there's the wicked diver okay I'm just no unicorn really quick it shouldn't take that long I have a lot of money alright yeah you should be able to spot like a hundred of them I hope now I've got 4 million already do you really yeah because the money just comes so quick here oh okay I'll tell you what I'll say yeah okay yeah tell me I had another hermit crab to add to the team it's a bad idea probably but you liked the cute ones okay do you want to just trade no just give it to you yes yeah let's do that I'll give you my Apple I just got you got common but he's cute oh man the way we do you notice there's other stuff we could buy what stuff don't come over here we need at all okay wait I'm coming it's kind of a long look all right let me take this guy off my team this little unicorn i'm a notic whip it and then i go to trade on the bottom and i'm gonna click on you wait what is this there's boots all right accept the trade okay wait it's on the right side of the screen where you send the trades oh okay let me just find you I should be a mix-up where okay make sure you hit ignore all so that way you can find mine okay all right so let me know when you're okay I got you okay so take my unicorn okay just take it okay thank you is yours perfect thank you all right so yeah bike I was saying there's boots we can buy boots that are better than what we have oh okay cuz we don't have boots okay so I guess I'm going to get yeah I'll get rid of one of my boxes I'm gonna buy speedy boots or 500,000 oh yeah I want to do that alright put them on oh I want flour feet OH really bad okay let me just get some more money that I'll buy the same one of you so there's one other thing that's kind of important here the bottom right of the section over there bonus you click that bonus you can upgrade your coin multiplier experience multiplier your pet XP multiplier by using our gems we can operate our coin multiplier that's probably the most important one oh yeah let's do that I'm pretty like crazy yeah me too I spent every gem on it alright phenomenom times three over there okay again times 2.6 okay right yeah is that right okay oh my god so much of my own every tale about you know you buy my boots I'm gonna buy this speedy shoes oh man this is ridiculous the amount of money we're getting now quickly run we run fast and we might love this and we instantly like kill everything okay we need 10 million to go to the new area at dawn all right oh my race no drinks come back we divert oh I have 10 million yeah I killed them and give me like five million oh you oh yeah you're poor you're very poor I'm also level 78 in the game now are you serious no I'm just killing everything I'm a madman how'd it be like we were doing awful now we're doing awesome awfully awesome I'm in the new area with the Pirates okay wait I'm not there yet all right okay I know me a little bit more I'm gonna see what the boss like what he gives in the new area okay good idea it's a squid pirate Oh oh my god here's a lot of health okay but you're probably gonna get like so much money I really should buy a new weapon mine's pretty awful yes I'm coming okay let me tell you what I get everyone must kill them all right so in that 13 million and now I got 20 million from kill again what's bargain your weapon is the panic here nice be petting wait there's got to be one there's none one hundred million ten million to go here there's no pets that's why I was just the next they're a hundred million there's a pet there I see it we three me back yes we do oh my god you're gonna love my weapon that I just want what did you buy all right so you can't tell by looking at it where are you come here I'm gonna shoot that something I haven't shot it yeah I'm right here all right you see that pirate in front of me yes yeah I shot cupcakes at him oh my gosh I have the cupcake launcher actually really cool I love them I like how they have special effects like this there's a neon gun oh I saw that he's they're like a hundred billion yeah I can't afford it but I want it oh so here goes the race we are racing right now there's a plunger shooter you above that we're racing to 100 million oh yeah I'm actually just gonna keep what I have for now all right yeah because everything get the squid pirate if you want a lot of money okay okay I'll get him we can always like share him you know yeah we could we can share them like that I 58 million all right so I need a hundred billion million no billion oh I get the what are gonna get my me on gun all right yeah that's gonna happen really soon okay let's just keep killing oh yeah we have to go to the numeri because there's nothing here all right let's keep killing this with pirate when he respawns there he is oh where is he I just killed him oh she killed him too quick I have 100 million yes he's all yours I'm gonna I'm off in the area and let you know about the path all right I made it to the probably a final area for the day okay and okay there's two pets available and they're both epic oh all right open 100 million each oh yes not too bad it honestly is it bad it sounds bad but it's not that bad cuz we get money so fast now ah the Yeti the boss is a Yeti okay okay I'm gonna try to kill the eddy and I'm gonna let you know what kind of cash again for it oh yeah let me know alright you get like sixty million from a kill with him which is definitely plenty oh okay let me get this quid pirate again all right kill them again I have almost 200 million oh my god the next ear is 1 billion oh yeah I'm good right after I kill this squid pirate or I have enough to buy two eggs okay I'm coming over right now okay we need to find the Yeti and just kill the Eddie you will give you the money you need to afford the eggs where's the yeah alright so he looks quite a bit different so it's pretty over here oh yeah I know it's nice right it's real nice alright he must be on the other side of this you must spawn over here that's not me let me see where is the Yeti I haven't seen he's gotta be around here somewhere like Rare noise I killed him a bunch of time oh you did oh there he is morning okay wait where I thought I saw him but he's next to the pirate not him oh there he is cute oh yeah kill that guy okay he has a lot of help but you do need a new weapon don't you I'm gonna kill all the ones around no oh no okay did I shoot him okay all right it's all yours your weapons just so weak I accidentally hit him I know it's alright let me clear out these guys around so no one attacks you alright bad guy and kill bad guy are you sure right now right yeah oh yes I could buy one now oh let's do this okay here we go okay all right I should probably buy a new weapon and snow bunny oh no face literally doesn't sound as good oh you got this snow bunny you're gonna snow buddy you got I got like a snowman I think that's what it is you've literally got something called snow face snowman's face good alright so it's not better than my desert fox fifty three point five two point five on the snow bunny oh the thing is it's not that good cuz the other ones are level ten you know what though it's gonna level up so you might want to get rid of one anyways I think I'm gonna remember castles get rid of my box because it's gonna make a huge difference once it hits a couple levels okay good idea alright so yeah now my snow bunny now if I kill some time to see if my snow buddy go someone else no I think that's too crazy okay yeah you're right we're supposed to be max level for that okay oh I can afford a new weapon I'm gonna do that oh yeah get one I'm just gonna get the one you have all right probably a good idea I'm gonna kill the Yeti man yeah the cupcake launcher is only twenty million I'm gonna purchase that all right and then once you do we got to do one more peg to end today okay but I'm just killed Yeti you should be able to kill him easy now okay where's yeah always right here alright so just kill him a couple times my gosh that's so much better than weapon I know it wasn't its load I know I do like the teapot launcher way better your water million yes let's buy it all right this is a competition right now I'm probably just gonna get the snow face if you get the snow face then it's kind of sad here we go I got snow face of course no face again oh man do you want to keep going no let's keep going till I get it that's like really sad I can't believe it you got that again what's the chance of that there's the Yeti oh yeah I already almost have enough and you have to be able to get it quick right all right where you go all right oh he's right here all right so you should have a hundred million now okay here we go if I get it again you'll cry I'm just done all right let's do a final chance here we go snow bunny please all right just one more one more try we can't just give up on you like four times in a row that's very unlikely and it's a 50/50 shot of getting it and for some reason you just keep getting the same thing oh here he is oh if you don't care about the street I'm gonna get you one okay no no no I have to get it's not the same I need to get myself all right that's fair enough I got snow face again anyways know who got it again we if I get one I'll give it to you I got snow face again hold on I'm just curious for some reason like why is this taking so long they both say 50% on them there's no way there's no way they're 50% I gots no piece of gas I have four snow bunny oh my god put it on okay is he better are they the same um good question checking right now there's snow bunny and snow face exactly this thing yeah but one of them is way better than the other one you know okay I'm just gonna unequip the the snow face cuz I like the snow bunny better yeah I don't like the snow face that much like to be perfectly honest did you get him I got him alright amazing I have a dark peed Krabbe only i don't really like is my fox he's kind of boring I kind of like the fog do you like the box yeah he's cool anyways guys we're gonna end the video here my favorite is obviously the unicorn I know it is I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to leave a like also don't forget to subscribe and ring that bell if you want to see more videos I love you guys so much I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll see you guys next time peace out it's

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  2. Little did he know pewdiepie was banned from roblox for no reason(I think) even though he made the biggest roblox stream

  3. Plays simulator always Pat always get the unicorn lol
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