Roblox BGS 400 MIL EGG EVENT & PET SIMULATOR 2 Release Info

[Applause] what is up there rambling nation I'm your host friendly guys new update coming out in public I'm simulator well I don't know exactly when it's coming out but hopefully this weekend so AIESEC tweeted this out on his Twitter right here Bubblegum's simulator is nearing 400 million visits thus this call for a 400 million a given Oh instead of big big event I don't think it will be a big event if you go right here to the announcement every time they do a like 300 million egg event this is gonna be it's gonna be a small update so it's not gonna be a like a big update where there is a new world so I'm not surprised they're not really doing much to update the game at the moment to really and why they're not updating it like big time Big Time update well like I said in my last few videos they're working on a new game because they want to be number one so they have to make a new game to become number one again I mean pop bubblegum simulator is still pretty popular and I'm still grinding in the game are you still grinding in the game by the way I haven't seen some of you guys in a few days have you guys been are you doing good it's been ages man cuz like last upload only got four thousand views 4200 views that means most of you did not see it and I have that means I haven't seen you in almost four days so how have you been have you been doing good I've been doing horrible I was hoping my new unboxing simulator video would get as many views as – in other news in other news pet simulator – it's coming up with a new game I mean big games just coming up with a new game called pet simulator – have you guys played the first one let me know in the comments are gonna play the second one so this one if you haven't seen this was a blog post that was release on May 14th and the release date I heard some rumors I'm not completely sure but I heard some rumors that it's coming out this month some of you guys said June 1st but June 1st was five six days ago seven days ago six days seven days ago so this says right here the passy-muir – universe is expansive look at the map guys look at the map right here this is so nice looking I mean come on me Wow – grab the details on the graphics I just why I love it I love the graphic specially this right here this looks some type of some type of Chinese I don't know what tradition I don't know I don't know it looks Chinese to me and right here we've got some temple it looks pretty dark down here and then we got a jungle look at that man oh look at this insane what you look at that what you look at that I can't wait for this so it's this right here pet simulator to universe is expansive so expansive in fact that we decided to blow it up to smaller chunks these chunks previously called areas and now world's each world is beautifully handcrafted to fit a distinct theme packed with secrets Easter eggs and unique rewards all worlds have their own eggs pets music and prizes which since yours each world is fresh and unique a blue cannon is placed in every world which is used to travel around the pad simulator to universe we still haven't decided how well should be unlocked but it will most likely be tied to the quest line okay so maybe it won't come up this out this month like that's gonna take a long time to fix that enough details here's some sick teasers of the worlds you could see in pet simulator to note everything here is subject to change and lots of things are still missing take these images with a grain of salt okay okay so there's more text down here it says let us know on Twitter what your favorite world is well how can I tell you what my favorite world is if I haven't played the game yet just release the game release the contract oh that's some different news I don't know if I will be able to play the new update I will but I don't know if I'll be able to make a video on the new update in public I'm simulating because I'm going to a summer house in about 30 minutes I have to be out of door in 30 minutes I'm taking up a ride a cow right and I have to drive for two hours and then meet my brother and his family and be with them until Sunday so we going to this place here maybe tomorrow if the weather is nice it's a summer lane where there are it's a pack where there's rights and there's also Eve they have like a what do you call this water world but it might be a bit too cold for that still but they do have some nice rides here so it'll be nice to see if my niece will be able to have a young niece it's almost just four years old I think yeah four to be four and she's just about tall enough to get on this ride I don't know how they will allow someone who's that short 110 centimeters to be able to ride this but apparently she's tall enough so to like a small update of where I am in the game right now I'm I about 225 billion bubbles blown I think maybe dog Iman has been helping or maybe it's could be chip blocks helping me grind some bubbles we had 225 billion bubbles and I can blow thanks to you guys who let me borrow your secret pets like 168,000 almost one hundred sixty nine thousand bubbles so I think maybe within three days I will be trying to grind on my phone when I'm at our summer house and see if I can like get it up to 250 billion so I can claim the last bubble prize reward what it's not really moving anywhere at the moment it's going very slow so saying can I get a like for just give me a night guys I need it and that's it for the news guys now it's time for a new segment called RAM reacts to mr. beast videos because I ran out of ideas I saw mr. beast upload a new video where he basically where he basically like this one seems interesting I'm not gonna lie some of his videos have not been so interesting to me lately but this but this one here called last stop last to stop running wins $20,000 let's take a look at it you can watch the rest on his chin one foot touches the ground you're out no questions asked last thing anything you want we'll give you guys are not allowed to die all of you guys already know Chris this is Marcus anything you want to say to him hey guys my name is Marcus that's about it you know Chandler the guy who loses a bunch are you gonna turn that around today wins Chandler we're doing challenges and you guys recall with chandana's have won tournaments and you don't know that's Ren and none I feel great how you doing my current leave they're on three point five speed Chris I'll give you a chance if you want to you can roll that die and whatever it lands on you have to set your treadmill to for a minute and then get a chance to walk for a minute that's cool from the duck – all right so you can move it down the to differ yes the bumpin up to five times please role of one or the viewer fulfillment hey do this up like you might see you I'm getting five or six breathing I want to see so what's running Shabbos been stuck on anything actually American candy is oh he's your prisoner watch me again thank you really nice okay but if you do don't roll the six eight mile so if you won right now you get a grand what about you children what about $900 point five eight seven nine hundred eighty dollars one point one miles even one point one thousand dollars that's chump change boys get the numbers up come on someone here to walk home with a hundred grand I get it walk and like I said please no one died on me that make me look bad cuz you go with ten right now so Chandler just lost which means he doesn't get the $50,000 our next video is gonna be the last to leave VR hopefully it wins that the prize is still on the table if he wins that one and if he doesn't he is one more try after that and if he loses the next two videos then no money for Chandler focus should be extras wanna Chandler when you see this video so once you know you have no idea what I'm preparing to do but I just want you to know it'll be okay I hope you win tomorrow's challenge I hope you do you know what seeing Chandler his defeat gives me inspiration do not something like that favorite how you doing yeah I think another Tamela I think this guy might weight him and he left me in the last show this guy looks a bit more but he has more muscle to seminary when you have more muscles on your body it's creating white like this why are you running why why are you running nobody yeah it looks so easy for it good evening game every gal is bringing a swim not much to do with all right hi you officially did 13 miles yeah that's nice $13,000 3 complexion on the secret we're doing another challenge tomorrow if Chandler win tomorrow's challenge it'd be great because he never wins so if he didn't win today he didn't get it if you lose it tomorrow in the town that he's not he only has two more attempts do not volunteer the very next video on this channel will be last to leave me out we uploaded into it yes make sure whenever you that you click it and you cheer on Chandler because he's never won a challenge and if he does it's gonna be the greatest day of his life so I'll see you in that deal that's it for me now if you haven't joined the ramblin nation yet guys hit that subscribe button turn on that little bells you'll be notified when I make a video and if you haven't already smashed the like button please do so I'll see you guys in the next one bye bye

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