hey guys what's up today we are playing eat or die a game where we must eat food and survive a giant fat man that is gonna attack everybody all right so basically what except for this game is we have to collect food it makes us run quicker and jump faster and we need to survive the longest well this big dude tries to kill us really skinny Japanese oh okay the more food we collect oh okay me too I'm getting huge oh I'm getting as much as that kid looks do you think the big dude will come out soon or so we could hide in these buildings my god wait you said you got me wait are you like no I'm actually dead oh my god you have to spectate now you can watch me huge so that way everyone can still watch the other person's point of view find me on the map destroying the building oh my god what okay I really want to be the big one there's eight left alive and I'm one I'm so big Jen oh my god I can't leave him getting bigger but I'm getting faster at the same time Oh awesome oh this is such a weird game I haven't even seen them wait I'm as big as she is she really bad at this the time didn't run out you think if you don't kill someone for a certain amount of time you lose alright so survive one of us becomes the big one alright so it says on the side a percentage of a chance – is 8 percent okay your sis 5 I'm gonna be so funny though cuz I knew it was right before that weird-looking dude was a lady with blonde hair alright you know what you have to do get really far away from everyone and just eat a lot of food come with me okay yeah let's go alright yeah so follow me and get some candy if we grab this we should be able yes alright just keep following me we're left go over here alright we're going to build a yeah this house looks really nice alright upstairs party we're okay okay what if she comes in here though but we're like playing hide-and-seek kind of coming I see here jump down wait really all right she's going in the house okay go this way laughing I just jumped out you saved us um let's go this way in the house oh I'm here oh we can climb up Oh she was chasing us the entire time I think with John oh man that was insane all right dudes the next game is about to start and I really like 9% chance for me 7 for Jen okay here we go only one person survived that they seemed really good though didn't they they were like really awful temper sad hmm what percent are you oh I don't know on the left side the scream Oh weird Oh 8% oh wait game is starting okay here we go so every time you're not it you have a higher chance next time of being them oh so close to you you look you're right next to them Oh on my street it was you next to that eyes maybe I guess it's different for everyone alright here we go Candyland once again alright should we go together again yeah yeah let's go together alright so we need to get far away from the start because we don't want them to see us when they spawn it let's go this way all right let's get some stuff on the way all right this is good you grab that food okay nope all right okay you mind me yeah all right come this way let's go all the way in the corner of the map there is a house let's get in this one if I can fit in the door nope all you yeah off all you get in here we go this is way here really nervous get on this side okay so she doesn't see you Oh we'll both get on one side and then when she comes in we'll just jump right out okay I'm like 10 times inside for you I'm losing weight by the second I need more food we go check wait maybe you cuz you're skinnier oh I don't here okay we're good that okay I'm just gonna eat them food real quick okay we have to be careful we really don't want to get caught Oh get in this house she broke a house near us I'm checking my arms like outside the door she's pretty far away right now I think we're okay over here should we stay in here should we leave let's get to the quarter house I think the always here Oh get in here I just saw her jump like really really high in there all right no no we don't want to be in here with other people all right all right no no no they're still here all right now they're going okay so we have to last a minute and a half longer to win this okay we can do this oh no it's shaking they're us oh we can't look if we look she'll see us I'm getting skinny I really want to get a victory don't you all right okay six alive someone just dies I'm so scared right now wait she's shaking the whole map now there's something in here that's me oh wait oh my god a broken piece of a building I think Oh No one minute Jen all right it's not shaking anymore she's not near us yes you look and you're like shrinking down is nothing is so hungry no no no no no you're just slower it's fine we just won't be able to run them I think we're gonna live just 39 more seconds oh god she's near coming back we have to run she will see us we're very thin oh god I'm so scared oh wait it's fine I've never been more afraid in my entire life this this game is seriously terrifying it's like a big person like a monster after you Guinea little frail alien looking things all right get over here to this side because that way I'll take her Laura to get to us hey if she comes in right now I think we'll be okay how many people survive do you think all right set on the screen but it should say again right now there's one two three four five people we my chance is 11 percent now and I'm 13 one of us will hopefully get it bad I mean we it said like a percentage each time we missed it it's like our time now all right here we go come on please one of us I actually prefer you maybe me right past me oh man okay we have to survive again so we have like even better odds I think that no matter what you'll get better odds maybe you get extra though if you survive you eat a lot of food and then get to the corner and we do that let's try something different maybe let's hide in the middle of the map what are we just hide in the first house and see if we don't tough aren't that bad I'll follow you where are you I'm right here okay I fall you're huge let's go big girl okay okay I'll follow you okay oh go with you Oh God hurry go this way okay I'm just following you I don't know just get in here maybe okay I'm here is up to you decide I'm just so hungry this is the house that won it for us last time should we just go in there again no we don't want to show the same content we have to do something different maybe the other corner of the map hurry come in here okay wait get in here okay there's ten alive we're doing good wait someone dead out there person no he's giving away our spot oh no run all right we have to go different way okay let me just gather food okay there I see them there that way alright there's so many people around come here quickly okay this is a good spot okay no no there's someone here hmm maybe we all live together oh okay maybe they're leaving okay someone just died okay there's only eight people left alive what I want to happen is us to be the only people left yes that would be so amazing all right oh wait I get like the right angle I can see if they're coming oh but you can yeah wait I can't you just get like further over wait let me try wait what was that angle oh you can see through the door yeah well you can't see well at least I can't see that well you can't see that well but it might help a little I'm just gonna go out there good luck to me I'm gonna think you look around don't worry okay we're we're fine do you see him no everything's good oh let's go this way oh the chocolate River oh this looks like a pretty good house over here oh you think I see them over there let's eat some food okay yeah I'm shrinking by the second oh yeah we need get some chicken wings some cake all that good stuff Oh AM big yet wait I think I see them but they're kind of far away so it's fine oh yeah we could just relax I really love this map is so pretty are you happy we got it like three times in a row look they destroyed this house will never go back to it now let's just stay here unless he like walks over here they don't see you I'm really embarrassing oh man only 30 seconds left we won again yeah our odds are gonna be amazing alright okay okay what are we different I'm just like nervous let's go eat a lot of food and then we'll taught the big person yeah let's do it really really oh I see him over there all right where I see him chef are you coming I think oh no I'm gonna get in this house oh there is no coming for me I feel oh my god he could jump so high Oh God alright five seconds all right two victories that's pretty sweet a lot more people survived this time I don't think the person was that good that actually did it mmm there's a lot based on skill you have to really like go crazy and destroy everything I think okay wait I'm still at 11% wait maybe that's as high as we can get oh no oh no oh no all right please one of us is all you are one of us it doesn't matter who it is just give it to one of us me No oh man okay all right let's see what could we do oh there's a thing to start chubby it's 49 like somebody it's to the lobby you have to choose it okay oh my god we have to hope you never done this one before oh it's like a little like village right thank you little towns nice thank you it actually looks like there's a lot of places to hide we hide the car wait what if I hide in the car I'm gonna hide with you your boobs sticking out see what happened your bubbles coming coming he's coming he's coming after me I ran out daddy's chasing me oh okay okay I think I'm okay alright I'm coming back oh my god expecting you are you I'm dead yeah okay I'm hiding in this car get in there your bullet blends in upside down his head stuck in the ground look at my screen micro blocks are not meant to actually be that large I think there's too many people in here no way my secret-spy really five people in a car Jenny's head is stuck in the ground he's struggling so bad you've got this I don't he's so gonna fall through the word he fell through the world oh my god he died he did oh my god he fell out of the world what's on my screen what happened wait he's back oh okay I think he's really sure okay I'm like shrinking to nothing get some food alright he's back and he's actually in it okay where is he oh gotta suck in the ground again Jack get that point for us we need though how are you so little eat something everyone still the food for me you can even use your hide in these boxes you're so skinny you can like hide behind them in between the boxes I think I got this all right I'm gonna look at the shop right now since I'm dead sorry I'm just hiding in some boxes right now this game pass may make you start each route fat and faster as a chubby never mind us I thought I thought it was the other thing I'm sorry Oh give you double the charms chance oh by the VIP VIP shop shop card VIP where is it it's mine okay I'm buying yeah bye now I bought my tail yes alright we're both VIPs now hoping so we have twice as many chances oh oh man alright so this is what we did we're gonna were to try one more time after this game if that's not it we'll have to come back the 1001 oh because if we just switch to a different server they're gonna be in the middle of a game Oh it'll take us like an hour okay we might as well just play through the hams alright okay we'll try one more round after this I have a strategy for to try challenge what what's the challenge never go in a house okay we have to stay out and open all right okay we're gonna do we're never doing we need a lot of food if we're to do this because we have to run really really bad no no all right I think I'm good I've lost you oh are you I think they're after me where are you no no I'm open somewhere no not to me coming okay eat some doughnuts after after after me no I'm dead I'm dead okay my percent chances up a lot now I think it had to reset from when we bought the thing it says 22% yeah all right only four people before Ivan what did that mean maybe I'll be the only person alive to survive oh man they're chasing someone else right now it's not you they just killed them three down oh yes Oh Jan you got this alright so I'm in this little house I'm never leaving at least move around in the house a little bit jump around a little bit say accidents to peek out there no no no oh my god they saw your it's all your fault old me to move around yeah well it's not staying at the corner you stuck your bow out the door and they saw you okay guys this is our chance what percentage you have yes so do I we have a 50% chance went down to 23 okay so do I believe a 50% chance of one of us being the person my god wait can you not kill me and can I follow you know if you get too close if I accidentally kill you I won't kill you okay okay so I'm actually really slow and I have a punch ability okay oh you start on the opposite side I'm just gonna break every build a good start huge oh can you get bigger from no I'm just huge and I'm breaking every building so no one will ever be able to hide no I've already broken about ten buildings what that's right oh there's someone hell oh there goodbye what do I do I'm freaking out a little bit oh my god this is awesome this is so fun oh great this house Oh break this house – oops actually almost closed out of the game really fun oh yeah it's like the best thing in my life Oh goodbye goodbye – you know six down okay so let me just destroy these houses oh this is so fun Jen it's only six you're really good at this I know it's so easy you just destroy everything oh man this is awesome I'm loving this alright so I just need to keep destroying everything I haven't spotted you yet which is good for you yes okay alright so I just need to destroy this as well oh is that a person is there all three people over here there's still six people and I see three of them over here hello there Oh goodbye alright we're down to five and we are down to four oh there's some what is it you I'll go for someone else alright I see someone over here oh hello there maybe I think I wrecked the map more than anyone oh there you are Jen okay away there's someone next to you so I have to come in a bunch of people down to catch me I'm way quicker than you I could easily catch you I think no all right well I'm gonna all right you're with someone else so I'm gonna try to go for them first okay okay I could jump really high – it's so cool oh you guys are in so much oh I'm sorry guys oh my god that was so much fun this game it was so much fun I hope you guys enjoyed watching us play if you did be sure to leave a like also don't forget to subscribe to see more videos like this and we'll see you guys next time peace out dudes you

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  1. "-Jen

    "oh, not me"
    XD their name is MEetu19
    ""wasn't that the same person from last time?""
    she looks ExACtLy the same!

  2. Hi pat and jen I am a big big fan I love you guys and I have played that game before and can you please play with m me in Roblox please my Roblox name is Luna07083 please join me well and friend me I friended you please play with me please and if you do thank you so so so much if you do ☺

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