ROBLOX Adopt Me Update – The Pet Shop is OPEN! ???????

hi guys it's every day back with another right nuts about me here and today I'm checking out the pet shop it says pets update in seven days it drop your own cuddly kitten or fluffy puppy the biggest update and adopt me ever coming very soon would you like to yes we're very close whoa it's packed in here say what what's this uh what I just went through that looks like this is like a dog bit of something yeah or it could be a cat but I guess I'm pretty sure it's both of their dunkey chains no okay let's speak to Tom and see where he's got to say hey there my pet shop opens Saturday June the 15th only issue is that there aren't any pets in adult me I have an idea can you go back in time to before the nursery was built and tell Sir Wolfington so I think in the town octave this this is the time machine yes don't have that much money right now okay let's go sir oh whoa well here this is the older don't they I remember this bridge and old baby sharp a cow up Oh who's this I'm here ducky despit to duck woof woof woof that's up like let's speak to shell think tendon get a lad say you want me to add a pet store department by doing this you're changing the future for better or worse are you sure you want me to do this yes all right Ally I'll do it man the developers have mercy on us all make sure to let Tom know so he can't prepare okay well does that mean we're strip back I just want to have a quick look oh yeah I remember that the car dealership let's go back so I can let time know so you can put it up what oh you don't have to thank you for speaking with Southington now we wait hopefully pets will enter the world of the dot me soon in the meantime here's a very special pet egg as token of my appreciation it will it will one day hatch into a beautiful pet Oh a pink egg Oh changing color all right this is the one I got from mr. Eckhardt oh this one's legendary and this one's legendary so I wonder what the legendary pets will be so be I don't know a red panda or maybe the dragons and unicorns maybe might be a new type itself like a mystical type or something mystical I don't really know so that's all that we've got for today so that's a wolf okay that's all for today bye guys thanks for watching please like and subscribe bye

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