Roblox Adopt me PETS in test server!!!

hey guys it's KFC and today I'm gonna show you guys the new pet update just a little more I got back into the test server and as requested I'm going to show you all how to get into the test server first let me go into my newer house and show you some of the updates I did in preparation for the pets I did some artwork I did do a little heart over here it's not that great but in here this is gonna be my pet room I made a bone with some books and it was really easy I'll do a video maybe later this week or in a few days and show you how I did it that don't forget to look in the description for the discord link the server did change it's now gaming hub I believe instead of a dot my fans but we still all chat about a dot me in there and trade and everything else so it's it's a lot of fun all my cats are gonna gonna be in here trying to be in on the fun alright now get into how to get on the test server you're first gonna go into the dot me test server game click servers and go down and you can see that there's only one server open but have a friend in but you're gonna click join and it's gonna start up just like a normal thing but it's gonna say full and you just have to wait wait and wait and wait two hours lay down and then it opens up and you can get in ok so I finally got into the test server and just looking at some of the new furniture cuz I didn't look last time I can't believe it but here there's these really cute rugs here there's a unicorn horn rug and a cat ears rug you can change the colors that's really neat just the warned you guys everything is very very expensive so I would just suggest this week just to grind some money make a lot of money in preparation for the pets because I mean this water trough is $90 that's insane that is a lot of money the cheap bathtub is up $99 it's very cute look how tiny it is it's so little oh my goodness there's a circular pet bed which is 100 there's a rectangular pet bed 120 there's really no difference except for the looks oh yeah there's a within modern feeding bowls in water the dog house is 140 and you can see that in the pet shop right now whoa look at this castle bed oh that's so adorable look how cute that is and you can change the color that's awesome so glad they did that a modern bed God is super neat that's very pretty I like that this is gonna lay it all out here and see everything because when you do go in the test server now oh wow look at that tub that's cute when you go in the test server you are given $20,000 which everyone and there was going crazy last night and buying potions and cars I would I wouldn't I would just spend it on pets if you want to see the pets oh that's a very cute bathtub a royal bed and a circular path look at that that's so cool oh this is that bed wow that is so neat and you can change the color of the blanket that is super cool Oh only babies and pets can use this hmm and babies and only pets can use this okay let me try to change into a baby let's see yeah look at me the bathtub oh my goodness that's so cute I look so tiny in this bathtub oh that's adorable I can sleep on the pet bed that's gonna be nice let me see what else in the crib oh it's it's backwards but that's okay no big deal oh I can sleep and use all of it that's so cool I'm just gonna sleep on the pet bed yep a little cheap tub oh my goodness I can sleep in the doghouse that's really cool I can't drink out of the trough but I can sleep on all the pet beds it's very neat I was gonna get rid of all this and just get what I need for now so I can save some money and buy more pets okay so now I have everything I need we have a bath a bed the food and water and I don't think I'm gonna get anything else right now I might just update it in a little bit for now maybe I should just get out my egg and trying to get it hatched so this is the starter egg it comes with and what I found was that they're always just a dog or a cat and I'm gonna go in here just because I want a better a better egg first let me I'm gonna go in the VIP section because everyone asked about that okay so it hasn't changed still the same just in a different spot and the food is still free well it's pretty much all the VIP server is is or the VIP section is free food and drinks which to me is like great if you're saving money it's just some instance it's right there in the front it'll be easier to get to instead of running all the way across the nursery so let me good on here and get another egg it's gonna make me talk to him again hello there human he's so cute I really hope they come out with the hats and stuff for the pets I would be adorable there is one other thing I noticed is now you can instead of teleporting to gifts you can actually teleport straight to the nursery which will be super convenient and I'm gonna get a royal egg because I have twenty thousand can pick him up let's go see if we can get this one hatched please please please be a unicorn the first time that would be awesome see good thing it all looks the same yeah let's just go out here and take care of him oooh and the doors are backwards turn the camera every time we come outside now or you go back in the door he still doesn't need anything come on egg no you want to get hungry ah he's hungry yay see where can I feed him at I'll just see what I have in my backpack oh yeah I have almost freaked and my eggs gonna Pam that's nice yeah man eggs so now it looks like there's going to be more things you have to do in order to hatch your egg I don't know if this is the Royal egg is um you have to do more things to hatch them because they're more expensive or if it's just every egg now has a bunch of things to hatch um I think he's sick let me go in here actually no he's not sick let me get some apples though Casey does get sick this is what I always do when I play he's like stock up on food on drinks and apples I don't have to go all over the map I just drop a water bottle just drink the water bottle huh let's go camping gay you change his name no I did Molly last time maybe please be a unicorn yes I really want this one to be unicorn they're so cute or a dragon I really love the Dragons that would be amazing if it hatched into a dragon alright so let's go over here to camping and see if we can get this um hatched I'm not even a third of the way through and I've done two things so I'm gonna guess that you're gonna need at least six or seven things that's a lot it's like an entire day I'm gonna take an entire day to hatch the eggs it's it'll be nice because it's a surprise on what you're gonna get so it's the whole time I'm so excited to do everything to see what I'm gonna get it's like a little present I'm getting camping and sleep at the same time there are a ton of people on this server it's another thing I do to save money is I stock up on the marshmallows in the campsite because one bite in your foal you're a baby so that's something I suggest doing I got the little pets oh my goodness they're so cute a puma there's an otter oh my gosh well she has an egg I've seen a bunch of different animals out here a bunch of different pets so I guess now we wait until the next time that is also the I guess a good and a bad thing the eggs or what the pets when they hatch and the eggs you don't have to really hope huh okay those tires are just driving by themselves okay that's weird I need to put my house here but yeah the eggs and things they don't run off you don't have to chase them and make sure they're doing things it's kind of nice alright so let's get him to drink that's it you just click it for the egg oh it's backwards okay well I'll wait and then nope just gonna move it now you can keep drinking air i nee needs a shower yay okay hopefully this does it I need one more so we can see better come on come on egg be a unicorn I know you want to oh she has an otter she named digger that's cute I love otters they're like my favorite pets it's adorable it's so cute like it's so so cute I want an otter now that's cute I hope you're an otter egg and it's time for school yay I don't know if it's just because it's so exciting that something new and I'm excited to get things done but everything's going a lot faster like it was just my time wasn't very long and I don't think it's just because it's exciting and let's go to school over this way oops yay sick again and I have apples already so we can do this in the school you just come in here let's see Oh has to be hatched for the pet trainer that's right ah the thing that's so cute stroller here you go ped egg need that let's see if he's gonna hatch oh I'm so close so close that was a lot of things though that I have to do but he's gonna hatch now now that it's I'm almost done with school alright let's stand here and watch see if he hatches come on unicorn come on actually I'd take anything they're so cute oh it's a bunny oh my gosh she's so cute it's a rabbit Oh that is precious look at this little feet going oh okay so I could go back in here and let the pet trainer yeah let's do that show you how to train them so every day it's cool you're gonna come in and click on the sky and yes teach him a new trick and every time he levels up you get a new trick so I think it was sit lay down bounce there's a dance that's so cute and a backflip he's not getting it okay he's got it yay good bunny good for Abbott cool everybody stepping on my rabbit good news oh maybe drop him so go get another egg okay so I got a Royal egg and it's gonna go around and do everything but hmm it's gonna take forever so what I'm gonna do is go around and then I'll just speed it up later those are 350 these are 750 so I'll come and try those too nope nothing here yeah but I guess I'll just speed it up so you guys can see it quickly you know how to watch me do everything okay so now i think i think now we can probably put him to sleep and he'll hatch is she whatever come on be a unicorn be a unicorn so so impatient and it's not a it's a beaver I think I gonna you need to be for it so cute oh look at him he's so precious one of those teeth oh my goodness little tail flapping okay so let's go try to get another egg hopefully it'll be a unicorn so looking at this board everything I have is now highlighted I got the bunny I got the beaver so I guess when you get a pet it takes the question mark and the color off and you can see what you have and what you need this is really great this was very very smart I love this it's gonna look at different for everybody but that's okay it's still awesome alright let's get an egg oh I got an egg duh let's see I did a couple of things with them so now we're gonna watch em hatch I just want something different I got oh my goodness so cute that Unicorn is adorable guys little tail oh the Unicorn is so cute it fells in the regular server I would get my unicorn bike out and ride the unicorn around he looks just like the bike it's so precious I've I just need a couple let's teach him something yeah teach my unicorn to sit somebody people my goodness oh he's not getting it he's thinking about pizza and I can't see ah you did it yeah unicorn good job oh there's so many people in here this room is not big enough for everybody there was another unicorn Wow alright well let's go see if we can get another egg and see what hatches maybe yeah actually I'll play with the unicorn for a little bit cuz he's so cute it's durable fires everybody wants the unicorn so they're trying to a trade okay what is he doesn't need anything but he's just so cute have him see how precious oh he's my favorite so far I do like the beaver oh yeah I did open some other ones I got a puma and a dog that was my starter egg hey go and get a dog or a cat the Fox he's a cutie-pie course the beaver and the rabbit he's super cute dudes a little chunky bunny but I think the unicorns my favorite so cute maybe I'll go get another egg and try again see what I can get all right my egg is sleeping let me see well he needs a lot of stuff he needs a bath look I'm in the bath I was so cute I changed a room around a little bit I love the rugs on the wall it just looks so cute I think I'm gonna use that to decorate my house and home maybe build a cat with some books around the ears that would be super cute and let's see goodness I found a friend here oh my god sick and unfortunately I'm laggy so I can't cook it anymore apples or things oh she got she got another egg she's using her starter egg I think that is but when you're in a family you both get money for the eggs or the pets and oh yes I'd be awesome please go get me medicine hey look I can pick up both of our eggs and let me tell her I need a Apple oh yeah I just the kitty she just had a kitty the I can pick up too I can also use my stroller for them let me tell that quick if I'm in a family with an adult that's how that happens yeah it's funny I'm holding a pet and an egg it's awesome oh she's gonna be so upset that our kitty cat hatch while she was gone Oh No here she is hopefully she's not mad it's a kitty you had a kitty you had a kitty it's a girl oh I just ate the apple Oh bad mom no no no no she's not a pet mom I can't believe I just ate his Apple that's great I'm a bad mom now well yeah so it's it's really like you know I can't see the food bowl and I can't see anything other stuff so I'll just end it there but if you guys want to try if you get on let me know and don't forget to Like and subscribe and thank you all for subscribing bye

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  1. Make sure u guys click the servers and then join the only open server with a bunch of people. It took me a while to get in but just join and wait about 10-15 mins usually.

  2. NEVER EVER SPEND UR MONEY ON ROBUX ON TEST SERVER!!! Test server deletes ur data. It deleted mines three times. Thank god I didn’t spend robux on test server.

  3. Omg your so lucky that you got a unicorn… when the update comes out for me I wanna get a unicorn so bad

  4. Its so annoying with the test server always getting kicked by no reasons I don't know whats the problem with test server's ??

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