Robert and Bueller

I blacked out. I mean, I don’t even remember what all happened, at that point I just know I walked in with a perfectly healthy dog that was happy to be out And I, I had that feeling I was gonna walk out of there with nothing. So hard to see him on the table. Just, limp. And it just, I couldn’t even believe it I could not even put it in my head that this was real. I just sat there and basically just picked him up and held him. He was every bit of me in a dog, I can imagine. I mean he fulfilled me, like I, I had something so much more with him than I’ve had with any other family pet in my whole life. I was just praying he would come back, like I was just hoping for that miracle that I’ve seen, you know for other people and other families when I’ve gone on medical calls and I was just praying for that miracle for him for that day. For that moment. And it just wasn’t coming.

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  1. why yall are not giving the other side of this story ? its cause you cant . you going to bash groomers . but how do you know buller wasnt sick . bulldogs have less than a 3inch snout and always prone to collapse trachea . so you going to tell me with the check in they gave they didnt ask him, didnt ask if he was sick or stresses for the nail trims . if you going to do interviews where is it showing what he passed away from ? cause yall wont . its sad that yall going on youtube bashing groomers for all what they do for animals . they always there for pet parents who are neglectful , non truthful and ones who loves their animals .where they sit and believe everythng you tell them about your pet and yall believe them . but none of these groomers are posting about the job fields that yall in espically N.J .com calling them fake bashing news . its a shame the animals passed away . but i will be here bashing every video you put up . give us two sides just not one N.J COM and those pets parents who arent truthful about their animals make them tell the truth # screw these grooming one sided stories # justice for groomers who just loved your animals

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