Roanoke pound starts in-custody K-9 training program

a second chance thanks to a 33 thousand dollar grant from PetSmart Charities the Roanoke pound also known as the RCA CP has begun what it’s called an in-custody k9 training program it’s a fancy word for training dogs and what used to be the powder is the pound 10 News reporter Rachel Lucas shows us how local inmates are being used to help shelter pets get adopted behind bars is in a place these dogs or these inmates ever planned on being now this program is giving both a second chance at making it outside yeah inmates are teaching good behavior that will help these dogs get adopted nice engagement with her certified dog trainer Bobby Wiggins knows however it’s as much of a training for the inmates as it is for the dog it helps them and it helps the dogs the inmates get to see that small changes create something big they have a really good understanding with the dogs because they’re both kind of in the same situation the training is about positive reinforcement every good behavior gets a click and most even come with the treat she’s working for her breakfast right now but sometimes all these inmate trainers need to do is give the dog some much-needed TLC certified dog trainer Anne Murray transou says it’s a best chance for both to start anew adoptions for dogs that go into homes and stay and aren’t returned due to behavior issues I mean I hope to see that the inmates have gained some confidence and learned a skill and some may even pursue that once they’re able to and they learn patience and compassion for other living creatures rehabilitation sheriff Eric orange says is invaluable just through the therapy of its of its Elian of itself being with the animals spending time with the animals reducing those stress levels is going to have a greater positive impact on him long-term in Breaux no Rachel Lucas 10 News working for you

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