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daddy Brazil time to ride thank you very much my crab Tom Hawkins if I can just for one sex Tommy Ford and I that's pretty good that's five weeks in a row mate on fire yeah it is I was reminded one of my teammates out there certainly a good result but it was awesome awesome result today well done think thank you mate when my crabs act who is that can I grab you for one sec sir Can I grab you for one sec mate well done everything going alright what was the what was the message in there just that we put ourselves in a pretty good position in a really tight competition so it's a well-earned break but I'm a lot of work left to do come over to the screen we want to show you show you some images on the screen over here and just see if you can put the puzzle together for us nothing not setting you up anything kept things going well I'm by eleven one at the moment so we're just gonna have a look at a couple of image see what you make of these who's done this this is our producer that's done this so what does it just show us another couple before we ever comment this up is this upsetting you well I can't be the only I can't be the only one who finds that displeasing what's wrong what's wrong with that well just does that not do not find that what about this one the birthday I lose I lose sleep on one message – so what is it about the images with you guys we've heard about it it's been blown over proportion just probably a little bit of OCD if I'm honest and just took my routine and stuff like that drives me mental now I want you to do me a job tonight I don't know whether we can do this you reckon you could grab mark O'Connor we would like you to interview mark O'Connor if you can find him you reckon you couldn't go on pulling back first can you do that I'll find him and bring him out thank you sir appreciate that paddy Dangerfield over here talking with the president keep talking mr. president and don't you how I am out – jeez you've got banged around he kept banged around tonight you started me was an amazing comeback wasn't terrific incredible wasn't it what what a great game by you guys it it wasn't looking good after quarter one no it wasn't they um I mean it was it was a feast start we had our opportunities but we Kalas with the ball and after that bt we straighten up which is nice now look I can see you're talking with the boss here and : you've been rather controversial this week with wanting the VFA and you want more premierships for your club what did you make a column suggestion about getting the VFA results transferred into AFL history to be honest I just want to win this one this year Brian so yes the history side of it would be great but I'm more concerned with 2019 thank you very much danger thank you for coming back to get you in a minute Carl we're gonna give you a sigh here the Mark O'Connor is over here now with Zach Tori now this is going to be interesting mark congratulations great game tonight by the way thanks very much right now as that I just want you to have a bit of a chat to mark and you asking the appropriate questions I'll be the onlooker here here you go awesome start to the year how much of an influence have I had on you be honest absolutely massive yeah even huge for me so a bit of a father figure yeah you can say that yeah Big Daddy Reggie calls me for all those listening you look a little nervous with him I do always want a microphone I'm always nervous around Big Daddy rage you should see what he's like whenever pointer good on you thank you sir thank you and Mark congratulations you must be wrapped with the way the cats are playing at the moment yeah we're going pretty well no but I'm we obviously know that we're a building side and then I record after the boy isn't very good so I will try and rectify that I by the way how do you write the Australian beer compared to the stuff you drink I wouldn't be as good know I'm a Guinness man myself so the Guinness back home is pretty good have you played every game is she by the way yeah I have yeah it's an incredible effort cheers thank you Brian yeah well done mark you go and do you what have you got to do and we'll catch you later choosing the guy mark and Brian Myers is over here having a little bit of a chat gonna sneak up on him gotcha all right Brian who have you got here mate I've got my girlfriend Gemma Dain Kevin cow and Joe right so we were there B's schoolmates or oh yes I'm Amalia three of them are now look we're saying during the night congratulations on your game by the way that was sensational was saying tonight that was it your dad David who invented the exploits was that true yeah that is true and rich so the first question which I asked is what did he put a patent on him did he he claims he did he claims he did he claims he did did he is every every sportsman in the world now wears blades yeah yeah it's a long story but he claims he did and then it all went wrong added the name grow and come about by the way our Scrabble board Ron was ok Chuck did being in front of it didn't like it just put his G there and it's good so if you've got brothers and sisters what are their names yeah I got Riya JD Reiger JD and Jana and Jana boy that's a it's a complicated family situation how long you been with the girlfriend so in our peers what's the most romantic thing he's done him at two and a half years that's a very good question it took you to cram for the aliens grind that is very romantic man Thank You V take good on you well done thank you guys thank you for being part of that Gary Rowan we're gonna go and have a look for over here here he is up here having a bit of a chat up here we might grab him talking to Gloria night and Brendon profit Gary might can we can we bust up the conversation how am I Who am I happy birthday no appreciate it 28 today yeah it's still young what do you must be sort of pinching yourself at this club um you know it's been great obviously sent up bearing for the club and as soon as I got here and the boys have been sensational or something yeah I'm loving it so a Friday night game a by next week what's what's the plans for the rest of the week or the weekend for you oh yeah and just chill out with a family bit of family time next week and yeah go from there say Chris got out in the ground almost ignore your handshake on the final song I thought more pin on it yes it's absolutely sensational to watch it you were up against to the quarter time their pressure skills in the first quarter looked like they were sustainable for the game didn't they yeah all of a sudden they're it's what they play and so we're creating panic and went to what we do well and yeah sure your teammates have got you're a bit of a nickname from the Rugrats does that rise it Chucky or something yeah Chucky so it's pretty our Terry Gary's in the four line so yeah some open that then come up with Chucky's it's got a stuck very good thanks for joining us my heart toys II think you Gary rowing having a great year Mattie Scarlett – around here somewhere where is he might be over here oh here he is we might just go and grab Mattie Scarlett over here if we can just have a quick chat – Skaar low normally Medi Scarlett only talks after a loss believe it or not so he might just sneak up on him here just in terms of the defenders scholar see we we caught we cook who's that who's that faz bears what do you what do you do what do you do Simon not much at all really why you're here then bar justice supporter shaken Shogun concrete big contractors oh I I am concreting my driveway at the moment 204 metres long 3 metres wide that's a big job they've charged me about 60 grand is that too much quickly work out them that sounds about fair that sounds about fair in Europe Conclave Chabert 55 I just I know you're the backline coach and you're a private conversation out of 10 had the back line going on I've always a really good mate yeah I'm gonna pump a little bit and they hold up well so 7 who's your favourite young player favourite young player I like Mark O'Connor he's gone okay going very good by the way had it Harry Tarly get a black eye how did you what black eye training one of the other Irish guys plus your heads and got five stitches lower your prices mate on the concrete no I go over here you can see yeah looky del houses with us mate you are having a cracking year thanks mate yeah it's really enjoying it so far so you looked happy I mean I'm not saying you weren't at the Bulldogs but you certainly look in this environment like you're really excelling yeah I think we all are probably helps when you're what are we now eleven one so but now we're just really enjoying each other's company and playing stupid footy as well now a little birdie told me that you have a fear of birds this is true yeah I am known as to say girls are they in there they'll flocking so hugs hang on hang on a minute so the seagulls are approaching the G and you're all ready to go to the bench as a result I did see in the corner me Oliver what is it I just get swooped as a kid on the way home from school so die yeah this is a massive fear of about but they're seagulls they don't swim I know on our shopping go get some help mate thanks I got on your Lukey del house there Tom Tommy Hawkins who we've had a bit of a chat to you can see Tommy Hawkins doing an interview over here and they're all around and this is grant grandma's hey just tell you is this it's this current you is you David David Myers cry instead and place the boots Brian I don't need to mic off I'll hang out of that who give us look at the blade show us these so these the but did you invent these boots or not yeah years ago I did the blades but you didn't put a patent on all right well you know you did but so how's the business going now then given that they worldly backstabbed in the in the corporate room right so I'm unfortunately out of it with us left with a lot of debt and owed a lot of money okay we might just stay out of that one and boy can you believe that and serve a radically or over here just grab one in here hello mate how are you everything's alright now you okay yeah just a little bit time the hammy nothing crazy he looked a little disappointed yeah I was I want to be out there with a boy's bar well they're playing great I think and so were you yeah thank you thank you I was taking a few marks which is about time so are they school mates here yeah this is Matt Nick Nick's mate it suit yourself so Matt what's his best in terms of non football what's his best attribute just an all-round good bloke you like yourself Ryan what about his scholastic talent they're very good at school so you were in what subject to be major in he's very good in the business side you wouldn't believe all right well let it go there well done guys thank you very much all right we're gonna head off into the pits thanks uh Sava thank you we'll head off into the my try and explore twenty explore the coaches rooms oh boy that legal fight that Mister thingy Bob over mr. Myers in cheese I didn't think we'd get tangled up in that what about that unbelievable so we might go in here have a look at this just get a shot from this angle over here just come over here get it this is this is the result of being a superstar player danger having to deal with he doesn't just do one media interview he does them all in a pack because there are so many wondering all right come on let's go now this way see if we can sneak down here I don't know where Ken's acted on what are you looking for is that what are you looking for my Scottie actually the Coyotes in there come in would just hold off your appointment right Oh have a look at them all in here very serious grouping here don't know whether we can can we get a shot here Lloyd II said okay thank you and not just grab a word or two what what did you think Chris out of ten where did we win it be sport or not I was pretty good it's never perfect so I was nine I guess both we respect the opposition so it's very unexpected it was absolutely outstanding given the fact that Richmond in their first quarter they brought the pressure skills that we've all renowned that they were renowned for it weren't they yeah they were good early we didn't get our game going early we gave the ball back to them a little bit but it's probably what we expected early on slippery conditions and it suits them a little bit the way they surge forward but gee we've got the game under control pretty quickly in that second quarter and Simon you've had a big week because your president has been talking about you know merging the VFA with the AFL and of course that's a big topic on the agenda have you dealt with the present now the Pres it's what are you walking away now I know it's we support the Pres we always have supported him so it's obviously a it's a big issue and he's got a lot of support I was first in the precedent on head of the code how do we know and why is it worked out in a particular order who does that generally it's the winning coach goes first as everyone I might follow you in if that's all right so when we see your walk we'll know you're going thank you gents very I'm very happy so you've got the the pickles a bit of a biscuit or you can go the toast and Sanger and sauce there thank you very much appreciate you letting us come in here thanks Laurie and Chris Scott they're doing an outstanding job is Scotty you can see there's not many injuries in the injury room so there's no one in there this is the whole media doing their job down here let's just have a look down this corridor and see if we can find anything there's a property room just here somewhere even they've gone on just to have a look at these boots here have a look at those not a bad-looking boot are they tearing very nice shoes they look a bit they look like they could be go out in there BT no but your lad in the coaches around it no did they know you were coming in and this is where they go back to see many nights is up there now he's thinking I'm in a hiding spot here and we have found Unitas let's go and talk to Matt in height so I say this is the thing when you're hiding back lanes mate Wheatley can come searching for you I'm mixing with a few more Gerard's here but come here come here guys so who we got here my brother us from Al Jarreau a much older than neither are you younger a couple years younger great oh and did you play football up and milk Giants a little bit not a lot and who have you got here oh my son Harrison Harrison oh that's absolutely fantastic who's your favorite player who do you bake for first of all I catch they're going superbly at the moment eleven and one couldn't be any better could it nicely too you know it's a great going into the boy and the boys get a few days off and coaches staff it's great for everyone the reason we've got you in the back corridor here where there's not a lot of Scotty's not here as we just wanted to ask you do any interest in that's not usual I know now he'd be ever coaching job no I think I'm happy and surfing down the coast and and you are doing a great job as well management it's maybe not many nights by the way what what was rich Oh like as a team the Big Willie used to spray me a bit when I didn't hit him on the Jukes but you'd know about that I've saw a bit of your shenanigans over the days when when you didn't get laced out so I ended up his body language coat that is true thanks buddy how does that work hey BJ sheis might be concrete Oh Simon Farrell sergeant concrete yeah apparently he's a very very big boy in that area and I'd go back and just talk to him about the pricing a bit more on the concrete you reckon I think Lenny said that you might have dismissed him a little bit too quickly no like it you might end up regretting that is he still over there I can't see him here's Tim Kelly he thought say he concrete's everything Kelly thought we were gone so he's come out and we've snuck around the other side I don't get TK but him Tim hey everything you thought you thought we'd gone didn't you I did that you were gone yeah I thought I thought I got away with it but no other mates cheaper here where where are these guys from is my mate Mike so is my old strength addition he Coast from Sacramento days so yeah I'm a South Terminal supporter well done in a way so are you there currently itself or currently no no a few years ago now is this what you do for a job professionally no not anymore no don't tell me you're a concrete or something now no not really no he's going beautifully isn't it no he won't talk about himself so I'll ask you yeah it's been a while in Waiting hasn't it really should've been here a few years ago but there he's doing what he's supposed to be doing and as you said killing it it's the best thing about being part of a team that's traveling really well at the moment Tim I guess it's just the energy just a Buy in from all the boys you know we're sitting in a pretty good spot at the moment you know but you know we've worked our asses off to get this in this position so we're just going to enjoy it you know we're gonna put a break now a few days keep back relax here soak it all up and get ready to go again so there's a question without notice but say Tom Atkins tell us something about I don't know how much you know about him but tell us something about him that we don't know Tom Atkins all one of the young guys is there something you know that we don't know Jordan Clark or you keep going with the mates they ago might put on you thank you Tim now Chris Scott I think we might actually follow follow him into the presser so come with us for a bit of a walk we're going to follow Laurie and they're heading off to the presser now so what do you think the first question these guys will ask you with a Scottie which is the worst opening question in the history of press conferences okay so you want something a little more intelligent through here Tom Brown what do you think he's capable of asking so what do you think of that all right this is going to be we're gonna stay for the first question well there's our camera we're gonna stay for the first question and just see how it goes from here so here they are the all of them look at Johnny Rock from The Herald Sun over there Glen McFarland Tom Brown here they're all here up goes the microphones under the bench and we are ready to go we're gonna go live with the first question because the first question is very important thank you congratulations a very complete performance while obviously a message at quarter time the efficiency going floor was phenomenal in the next three quarters he controlled the guard that's it it's a good question I was better than I was expecting to be honest the game wasn't going the way that we'd planned to early on wasn't the whole first quarter it stabilized a little bit but there's a combination of us turning the ball over a bit and a little bit was due to their pressure as well so there are a couple of structural changes that we made I mean the whole competition knows that you can't give them the stability they had behind the ball early on and once it looked like a more of a genuine contest some of our good players ahead of the ball got into the game a bit more so it wasn't it wasn't just one thing at a time it was a combination of look let's stick to our plan and use the ball a little bit better you know don't get sort of sucked into playing their pressure game but back in that if we do give our players ahead of the ball something like an even chance they'll be in pretty good shape

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