Roaches From the Basement – Atlanta pest control

So here we are in the basement next
minute exterior wall underneath the utility
room now utility room has a lot of well a lotta
water pipes coming in and out of the room it got hot water as well which is what
we see long here now the hot water piping of content have
condensation small amounts but condensation around
the pipe which allows for different organisms to
thrive in the basement with the Act added water
thats that’s what this homeowners been
experiencing he’s been seeing some larger black roaches opinions upstairs locations particularly
in the area of the utility room and so we came in to investigate and
what we found is that the really is infestations in the
basement is really in aiding for the basement so if your pest control company
is not inspecting and seeing where the real problems are and just
spraying on the foundation on on a monthly basis something they’re not
going to get to the source the problem its up it’s a sewer Roach issue because I’ve
the dropping how this is a spider web now some enterprising spider thought he would catch some roaches well
what do you you mostly caught was the roach droppings this is actually fecal matter from the roach population
that is living somewhere in this area it drops down its town all over on the
ground throughout this area and does not rodent droppings because
the it’s a little smaller than what you’d find in a row dropping and the and are blunt they’re not pointy so I’m I’m fairly confident that
we have a an oriental wrote or sewer Roach
population in this basement which which can happen
in the nicest up homes you just doesn’t matter whether
you’re dirty or not these these organisms lived in the force for
thousands of years before this house was built so you know you can kinda see how these spiders have kinda been thriving of love
this population in both the spiders and the roaches been pressuring the
upstairs what’s interesting is just to confirm my speculation I look in the web’s now this isn’t Roach
season when the middle the winter so most spiders are dead but there is a
part of an Oriental cockroach so I know for a fact that that’s really
what we’ve got dealing with and what we need to do is lay down some Bates in this area that the cockroaches
would prefer to do what they are currently eating
which is probably paper or something that bathroom upstairs or that
utility closet

2 thoughts on “Roaches From the Basement – Atlanta pest control

  1. Those videos about pests control are useful. How do I find them? I would assume this is different from pest control company correct? I have been worrying about how to control dead spiders in my basement. In the past 1.5 months, there were about 70-100 dead spiders.
    I had handyman came over to seal the basement window last week, however, within 4 days, there were 11 more dead spiders. I guess maybe there are a lot of spider eggs down here? What kind of professional company should i ask for help?

  2. We're sorry we took so long to get back to you. If you're looking to control DEAD spiders like you say then there is no solution for that. However, if you're seeing dead spiders that means whatever product it is you are using is working. You are going to continually see dead spiders and insects until your infestation is gone. Seeing 70-100 dead spiders would probably be considered as an infestation, we recommend you get Pest Control. After a few months you will find fewer and fewer dead spiders.

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