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This is a day I just never thought that I would ever see. I knew looking at him. I knew you know. I honestly didn’t think that he was going to wake up this morning. My whole world is going to be in shock. My best friend is gone. It’s like hard to look at him man because he’s just like not himself. I hate to say it, not himself at all. This is the legend that most people are unaware of. Because when they see him they think he’s Hulk. And he’s Hulk’s grandfather. He’s Kong’s great Grandfather obviously, there would be no company. I wouldn’t know anything about dog training, if it wasn’t for this guy right here. I mean, you know, he’s like 11 years old. So I mean I know my dogs. I could tell. It’s never been so clear that I’ve seen a dog telling me like, ‘dad, I’m tired’. He’s about to go to the vet right now. And we’re just going to hear what they say. His personality is I mean he’s, he’s kind of just like me. I mean, he’s laid back, he’s a calm guy, but when it’s time to be serious, he’s serious. You know, we came up together. I was going to send him away somewhere for dog training and I was like, let me see if I can try my hand at this training thing myself and the rest is kind of history from there. He learned everything so quickly. I mean, I taught him so many things that people would take weeks to teach. I literally taught him in hours,
Hulk has shoes to fill already. I’m about to lose my best friend is what’s about to happen, he just took a turn for the worse. He’s an old man Alstair hell I had respect for him. The whole house will feel it, no doubt. The whole world is going to feel it, it’s not just the house. The whole world is going to feel this one. I mean **** this. I don’t know how it’s some pretty deep ****. The whole world is going to be in shock. This is a day I just never thought that I would ever see. I knew looking at him, I knew you know. I honestly didn’t think that he was going to wake up this morning. But I mean you know all of me just doesn’t want this to be real. So I just, he deserves not to feel pain anymore. I’m going to be do this for him that’s all. I told him, I told him I’m going to finish what we started and I will. I’m going to fly like we always said I’m going to keep going. This dog gave me more gifts than I can ever give back. Just tired, he’s tired and he carried me for however long, 11 years the dog carried me. I mean he, he, he defended me in situations put his life on the line for me. He built me a legacy I mean he produced these incredible dogs. Always was there for me always happy always wagging his tail that was one of the main things he can’t wag his tail no more. I just told him you know to keep an eye on everybody upstairs. You know. There’s a whole lot of them up there now. So at least he’s got a friends he’s with Steveo now Ace’s up, Maya up there, him and Maya up there, the originals, you know. At least he’s got some people up there. I don’t know, I don’t really know. My best friend is gone, the legend is gone. The logo that you see the main logo that I have is him. So I mean, he was basically the pioneers the OG of Dog Dynasty K9s. The general so he’s, sleeping now. He’s a happy old man. He’s a pretty special fellow. Old guy, old guy, old guy, old guy.

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  1. My blue Chow/ Pit came into my life she was eight wks old and soon her pancreas started to shut down.At 1 and a half, she was skin and bone and eating everything in sight! I was told she should be put down. I love dogs too. I helped her fight! She wanted to live and now she is going on 15 years old!!!!! A miracle!!! Good girl , Jojo!!!!! All you need is love!!!

  2. this one i cannot watch. i love my 3 babies so much. 1 is 12 or 13, the other is 11, and my youngest is 8 months. she will be so sad when he older friends die. why cant dogs live to be like 70

  3. I maybr not have a dog but i lost my bird which was a coctail and she was my first animal and every year i celebrate her death with ballones and flower and my mom made a grave for her.Her death is 7.12.2016????

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I have 11 rescued dogs at the present time. I have lost many dogs over the years. Time doesn’t make it easier in my case. I just make sure I hug the others a little tighter. We all know that when you have animals you will face a loss. I would rather love them and lose than to never have known them. Rest In Peace, General, you were loved on this earth.

  5. Bro you aren’t the only one that had to go through this I lost my best dog Ellie and she made my life if she wasn’t in my life I wouldn’t feel safe she made me feel safe

  6. God knew the General was coming soon. He had to have the Rainbow Bridge upgraded for this one. Don't worry…He's waiting for you.

  7. Perdí a mi perro ???? cuando cumplió 15 años caí en depresión ,la compañía de tu mascota es maravillosa pero se que cumplió su ciclo de vida y mientras estuvo conmigo le di todo mi cariño ??? lo siento mucho por tu pérdida fue un gran amigo para ti ?

  8. 2 years ago we had to put my pittie down. She was 16 years old. Her name is Misty and she was an amazing dog. We could tell she was getting worse but she would have her puppy moments of where she'd do zoomies but then she'd be so tired. My mom picked me up from school we had 2 days left till summer break and it was my first time being there when putting a dog down. I held her the whole time and laid Mt head down by hers and I could feel when she had gone cause I didn't feel any air from her nose. But before she went, she let a tear out and it broke my heart. We will never forget her. ❤?❤

    All our hearts are with you and no matter how far away he seems from you, he will always be watching over you and in your heart. R. I. P baby boy. Rest well. ❤❤❤

  9. Good boy, General. Rest In Peace. I recently lost my dog too. I wasn’t his legal owner and my lawyer said there’s no case. Taking him would result in a felony, and they’d know exactly where to look. I have never experienced pain like this. I loved him. He taught me so much about myself and inspired me to be a better person everyday. Now everything feels so empty and meaningless. General had a full, healthy, and loving life. God bless and love from a former New Hampshirite.

  10. RIP to the greatest general alive doggy heaven our general we are proud of you old man pitbull grew up put beautiful smiles on our face rest in peace our greatest fan THE GENERAL love and peace from beirut, lebanon, middle east rest in peace our beloved The General

  11. Rainbow bridge General..enjoy furbaby!????? Im sorry gang!!????❤❤ God bless you all!!????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. I am sorry my friend for your lose, I don't know what I'm gonna do when my chow has to pass on…. I send live an God's blessings to you and your loved ones..

  13. I have a 12 yr old female who is still kicking. I look at her everyday not knowing when it will be my last. She is my oldest baby . My two kids love her they sleep with her every night. Age is catching up to her and I just know she has lived a long life just don't know when it will be the last. I'm going to enjoy her as long as she is here. My old girl is loved. Wish i could post a picrure on this comment so everyone could enjoy her as much as i do. Love you Ginger girl my big baby.

  14. I had a heart attack, I watched the video, I calmed down, but then I cried again. Poor General.. 🙁 I bet he was a great dog, and I would get a dog just like them if my parents would let me. Rest well General.. ?

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