Reviewing PetSmart's hamster care

so I was cleaning out my closet the other day and I have a binder full of like hamster and rabbit things I used to really like to collect pamphlets from stores about like care guides for pets but I never obviously took the advice in the pamphlet I just really liked how they looked because they had a cute hamster a cute rabbit on them but I found my pet smart Syrian hamster pamphlet the other day and I looked through this and I thought let's go through this and make a video about this because it's actually terrible of course this is the Syrian hamster one so they do have separate ones I guess I'm assuming they have a door Pam store one but I think the care inside of them is the same so on the front of this it says approximately two years for their lifespan which that that's accurate and then it says their length of their body is five to seven inches once again accurate pet smart you are in a good start I hope this is gonna end badly then it says nocturnal most likely to be active at night once again that's correct so the first part of this pamphlet is step one choosing a habitat hamsters can learn to enjoy human interaction but they're not crazy about other hamsters so only house one hamster per habitat Thank You pet smart at least you can get something right the next thing says your hamster needs a home large enough for a food dish water bottle hiding area and a exercise wheel minimum cage size twelve by twelve by twelve inches so with a grand total of a hundred and forty four square inches we have pet smarts bare minimum here is my slipper here's pet smarts minimum here is my other slipper there is pet smarts bare minimum for a hamster cage why is it both of my slippers can pretty much barely fit in this this right here is 450 square inches of floor space the bare minimum a hamster should ever have to live in there are my slippers to compare the size then we have step two which is play and hide the exercise wheel remember hamsters are nocturnal and may use the exercise wheel after your bedtime this doesn't say any word the size of wheel that you should provide especially for a Syrian hamster which is really upsetting because now someone's just going to go pick up a random sized wheel Syrians should have nothing less than an 8 inch wheel or else it can cause back issues or low activity levels because who wants to run in something that you can't even fit in then it says nesting material hamsters will shred material and make sleep areas paper or cotton fabrics are acceptable paper is acceptable yes cotton no cotton has long stranded fibres which can get wrapped around your hamsters limbs and teeth or if they swallow it it can cause a blockage and these have been proven things that have happened to other hamster owners where the hamster has gotten it wrapped around their leg and it has cut circulation off where they had to remove the hamsters leg step 3 bedding hamsters love to hide and burrow keyword hide and burrow so provide lots of clean Aspen pine or recycled bedding Petsmart pine is not safe line the home with one to two inches of bedding one to two inches but hamsters love to hide in burrow but give them one to two inches how are you going to burrow in 1 inch this an inch that's like an inch how are you going to burrow in this cedar bedding is not recommended for small pets well at least you know cedar isn't but pine it's same thing pine is from the softwood family it's also not safe bedding should be spot cleaned weekly and completely changed monthly I'm gonna fall off my chair II actually cannot believe I just read that I was expecting it to say to be fully cleaned weekly because that is what most care guides will say which is very wrong but I get that's good pet smart I mean like 5 percent of your information is good nutrition and maintenance hamsters are herbivores herbivores the definition of a herbivore is an animal that eats plants hamsters eat seeds grains and insects hamsters are omnivores not herbivores but smart it's really sad when you don't even know what type of food the animal you are selling is supposed to eat hamsters are very clearly omnivores go ahead and research that they're not herbivores they are not rabbits or guinea pigs so that is it for this I don't know what to call this this is not this is not a care guide this is an incorrect care guide that needs to be highly updated and Petsmart you really need to figure out your your stuff that this is not okay so I hope you enjoyed this video maybe Petsmart will see it if they do please change your care so like something a little better at least to tell people hamsters are omnivores at least do that I hope you enjoyed this video bye

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  1. You should make a video on complaining to pet smart about there care guide ? (like going to store and bringing that “care guide” and telling them everything wrong with it) ??

  2. uhh my hamster eye look like they hae myxomatosis (aka it look like the rabbit one) but heis still healthy, do you know what he have or what it is?

  3. I'm so happy to tell you my hamster humphrey got a new cage that's 50 inches long me and my mom bought 2 and used a wire cutter and hog rings and the hog ring tool to make it he loves it he was squeaking so much he has 4 place's to sleep not including broiling when he's sleeping curled up in the corner hahaha Ilysm I love your channel so mush thx 4 all of your responds to my question hearting my things and so much more so many thank u for everything

  4. Think I’ve got a problem with my cage… got a hamster and toys today but I think it’s crowded and hamster keeps trying to find ways out of the cage… she’s 10 weeks old and called honey… do you think she will be alright in that cage for 4 months before I can get a IKEA cabinet thing which you have… I also haven’t seen her eat or drink yet… is this normal to a first day arrival or am I just being over paranoid x

  5. At least do that ? lol. That is was my #1 mistake with my first hamsters. Had no idea they’d eat bugs.

  6. I've just recently purchased a Syrian hamster for my kids(and me) as they both love anything fury and would of loved a rabbit but my partner is majorly allergic. I've had hamsters as a child myself and omg I'm so glad I found ur videos before I brought him. I realised I did it so wrong back then. He got the biggest cage they had and a new wheel as the one that came with was soo small x I got told I probably wouldn't see him for the first couple of days but he is constantly active and investigating all his cage and toys and seems very happy

  7. 12x12x12 cage…. Uh….. That is not a hamster cage. I would that kind of cage for a baby turtle! ? And hamsters as herbivores?!?!? ? Never heard of that before. The best ever care guide is the women who just made this vid???

  8. I finally got my hamster, Ace!!! I got him on Sunday. He's hasn't bitten me and he barely needed to be tamed. He's a winter white and I love him so much!!!

  9. Hey, Victoria. over on the channel "Lennon the Bunny" I informed Lorelei that I found colored contacts for RABBITS! WTH?! Anyways, I don't know if this is considered rabbit abuse, but it doesn't sound right! Please let me know if this is considered abuse and you can ask me any questions. Idk if you know about this but I don't think this should be happening. People should enjoy their rabbits' natural eye color! 🙁

  10. I just want to say that I’ve watched so many of your videos and I love them! They have helped me prepare and learn about exactly what a hamster needs to be happy. I just got a new hamster and because of you I know exactly how to give her a happy life, I’m so thankful for these videos and I know my baby Willow is too! ?

  11. Your videos have helped me a lot and the vid where you said tips for your hamster ? keep up the Helpful work

  12. Hi I have done a lot of research and I am ready to get a hamster. Should I adopt or buy one from a pet store (this is my first ever hamster) Also thanks for the helpful info

  13. I was thinking of breeding my female syrain hamster but I got her from Petco I dont know her age but should I still do it?

  14. hiii.?
    I have a question, I have a hamster cage that is 55 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide with a height of 60 centimeters. I had my dwarf hamster in it for 2 years, unfortunately she died half a year ago. I would now like to take a new hamster again, is a dwarf hamster only suitable for this or can a normal hamster also stay in it for example.

    Thanks in advance, all tips and advice are welcome and are more appreciated??❤️❤️

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