REVIEW Schick Hydro Groomer Razor Fast Lane Dad with Pros & Cons

hi there I'm fascinated dad and this is my Schick Hydro groomer review right first we're gonna start with this end it's quite funky Steven adjustable so you've got a big beard I've been grooming mine for about a week now so likes it's just well you can take it off in just a little bit wrench it's quite funky we're gonna make a low setting I'm gonna just trim up the floor just to see how good it is and then we'll see how we go from there shall we all right let's go this is actually pretty good a little bit of fuzz in the morning just be careful not to stop just make sure you keep going don't see anything wrong say okay so trim what do you think big difference hmm right we're gonna go with this end I'll be back how much much stuff that's not you go we're gonna go to this hydro sensitive because he's sensitive boy right oh we're back haha run it so just for clarity I haven't had a show I haven't got soft nice gentle bristles that they're gonna you know get white to a nice and easily so this would be a good test for the Schick Hydro okay let's do this because so when you're teaching your voice to show you don't forget the funny faces razor just ran out of the box okay so new blade but it's not pulling these bristles one thing with me is generally I've got very sensitive skin and so normally those new blades then rip me to pieces but the social couple of little bits words Paul I'd say that's a resounding success so the Schick Hydro a groomer versatile spinach oaky hmm one little battery just give it a twist that comes like it it's one proven they're obviously plated that easy to remove and replace don't forget that's adjustable there we go if you can be bothered you can even have a girl with you in your head how maybe you know bit big but anyway that's it firstly that's Schick Hydro groomer review now don't forget you can subscribe somewhere up there I'll be more reviews coming or you can visit the blog because there'll be a write-up on this as well and even better if you want to win one of these with a pack with some of their gel mm-hmm then go to blog fast lane calm down you you have to be quick now it's only gonna be open for five days entering the quiz all the details will be on the website thanks for watching see you again soon forgot to mention shaved moisturize Aldi moisturizer it's good John Rambo chicken neck then I say that thanks very much

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