Review: Precision 3D Prints Two-Way Splitter Adapter for PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automati..

my fears of a third party product not working well were abated when I installed this splitter I didn't want to buy two feeders for both our cats and this sounded awesome and it is it fits perfectly in the dispenser and I really have to yank it to get it off perfect for nosy kitties splits the food great this does exactly what it says it splits each feeding approximately in half and directs it to two different bowls the pet safe healthy feeder is the only feeder we found that our cats have been unable to cheat to get more food than they should in combination with his splitter we finally have a solution for feeding both cats from a single feeder as well we've previously tried three other leading automated feeders and had to have two feeders each time I had initial concerns owing to the 3d printing that turned out to be well-founded as my cats promptly damaged the splitter you

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