Reveal Trailer! Watch Dogs ''LEGION'' Reaction – E3 2019

now this one has been brewing for some time it's the next watchdog so some people know as watchdogs fleep it's actually been called watchdogs legion oh yes III 29 seen the reveal has just landed for this cinematic are you a fan of watchdogs let's nice smash the like button have you ever played some of the population so the first one I didn't see much difference in the second one so I didn't bother like yeah it was kind of climb out of things you could unlock things and what-have-you yeah I actually why she played the bit the second one was self out set in San Francisco this one is actually meant to be so I believe in London I'm pretty hyped to look at this to see where we're going with it but yeah that's my phone would you let's go for the trailer London London town had a good run there for a while bombings and people thrown in cages I got him us know so hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah it's up to us to take our city back can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around look you look it in no not even in forming mi5 do you think they're spies they can get anywhere and erase anyone see our quite liking this so got kicked out of Oxford robotics for teaching them to reproduce and that fellow over there probably proper better because you know just look at that funny oh she's experienced you can recruit anyone whoa naughty anyone anyone him everyone is a secret weapon war us huge find them recruit them build the resistance yeah I love the mask watchdogs leader that sounds absolutely epic a lot of people go being up for Iraq and compared to how the other two watchdogs work but let's be honest recruit anyone yeah I did hear that was what you're gonna be able to be anyone anyone in the game at all literally and the the other cool thing is you're gonna be able to like if you decide to be like the grainy or policemen or whoever you want to be you can then play through their origin so you can go right they can find out their history of life and what they do there's a whole story for every person wow that's that's a favor and a half for that that is HUGE London's looking good my eyesight the comedy aspect and it's still free darn good that's mean yeah the Jason stuff expects him to pop up there in the trailer a bit like Keanu Reeves did on the side the point I would have been killed I've been brilliant should have done that I love the fact that gone to London and that's close to home here we're in the UK and San Francisco you look pretty good on the last water does anything like that why won't we go no it's Roy to a shoot right yeah yeah this is this gun a bit futuristic it's going very political in a time of where things are a bit uneasy here in the UK with bricks and everything and uncertainty I like I kind of like the way this is going and I want to see some more and there is apparently a game play there that landed on us it's quite a lengthy one I think we should actually take a look at that one at some point I think Michelle there's probably a whole load more information out there we have it's loose you just come out this yeah a couple hours ago so Barney's have your let us know anything else we've missed let's point out load of stuff there yeah whack it down there Thomas as well it means I'm yeah we're gonna take a look at this game play quick soon anything else right no we've covered everything yeah sounds good so yeah thanks for joining us Steve I'll say catch you on the flipside

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  1. gents.. the gameplay reveal from the conference is where it's at.. you need to see that not this … go man .. not too late!

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