yeah Keith so I've been locked out do you think they really don't remember me [Applause] well it's not morning I try to angle it I try to turn on some yellow line to like emulate the Sun pretend to be the Sun oh my god good morning sit but it's not it's currently a nine o'clock at night and I'm just getting today's vlog started and I kind of wanted to save today's vlog for the end of the day because right now on a plane coming to Los Angeles are my two little doggies and it has been five months honey five months shit oh my mom my dad and my cousin are on that plane too but the two dogs this apartment to the store you guys have never seen this apartment they have never seen our furniture they have never seen any of this bullshit and they are coming back and it has been so long holy shit with you so the same time that I'm picking up my family from the airport with my dogs I'm actually dropping my fiance off at the airport because he is going house hunting he's gonna go visit his family and he's also thinking about like buying them a house long long story and we'll talk about like that when it starts to get like the ball starts rolling are we gonna do like a house hunting episode series my mom was telling me this morning that everyone's trying to go downstairs right and so she's trying to feed all of the dogs downstairs they're upstairs no Mego is the first one downstairs – she's a hungry bitch okay and then Coco tiger and Bobo are upstairs now Bobo and Tiger we're busy playing upstairs so they don't want to come downstairs so my mom is like okay as long as I get the two girls down there maybe I can feed them first and then feed the crazy ones right and she's like Coco come downstairs Coco come downstairs and Coco is walking down the stairs she makes it halfway down the stairs and mango comes to the end of the stairs downstairs and she peers up a Coco and they have a stare-off and two seconds later cuz it turns around mid wet her body was in between three different stairs that turn around and went up the stairs so Mego husband just wreaking havoc on that bids in that house and so she's finally coming home she's like our favorite wasn't though – well I love Tiger more yeah and everybody else agrees they loved her more and she's super excited because my dad had taken out the dog carriers and she spent all day barking at it so I think they're really excited and she's do you want to know how funny go I feel like I'm turning into that Facebook mom where I'm like writing paragraphs about like how cute my daughter they're trying to put both dogs in a carrier so Tiger gets one and Mingo gets one Tiger runs into one and he's like okay this is my carrier and it's not assigned to either of them they're the same exact carrier and mego decides nabbit that's my carrier and so she runs inside and starts pushing him out with her body and so he got kicked out he's sitting on literally the edge of the carrier like I don't know where to go now my dad had to physically remove him and put them in the other carrier and then Megan would decide okay I'm just gonna sit in this carrier and stick my head out the top and my mom thought it was so cute so my mom grabs her phone and she goes like this and Mingo goes and then my mom goes okay but I really want to send 70 a picture so she goes mingle I mean they'll come here and you look like this the minute my mom has a phone she would well if you sorry I don't know what's going on they're on a plane over here so is my mom so is my dad and so as my cousin Daniel it's about me I should show my fiance is leaving and it's gonna be a packed house here for the next couple of days if we have an hour to clean pack pick up the packages we've got a lot to do boo yeah we've gotta get this show started ya know I packed some stuff for you what did you pack tracking device impact underwear with GPS device and a zipper function that you can never unsee it this is typically what will happen was I always miss you when we're trying to sleep like if I'm trying to sleep and I'm alone I miss you because I'm like I want him to cuddle me but these days you don't even call on me so it's been it's honestly we have this theory right now leave it in the comments if you guys agree when we had a queen-size bed we were constantly cuddling 24/7 25/8 non-stop okay my booty was all over him his arms jellyfishing me okay but then now that we have a king-sized bed I feel like I never see you other day he hugs me and he goes well this feels real before it and I was like I know because you don't cuddle me at night anymore and he goes it's the king-sized bed because how many divorces do you think we're indirectly caused by king-sized beds and I'm like lay in bed thinking about that I'm like how many divorces I'm like this is a really complex situation right and he looks at me and he goes California king I get it now it's bigger right and I go yeah and then he goes that's why it's called a California king because the divorce rate goes huh that was me but we really got a pact because you really gotta go don't do this don't look so excited to really don't want to go but like I have to so oh man this is the first time it's such a long time that we're gonna be apart from each other for three full days dramatic and I want to talk about how sad we're gonna be but I need to talk to you guys about what happened last night and honestly I don't even know what happened last night and I've been waiting to share this on the vlog because I want him to tell the story like immediately right now last night we went to go supercharge the car and I don't really remember much so here's the deal I haven't been sleeping well so I decided to pop a melatonin before I got into the car cuz I was like the car is gonna need a charge for like 15 minutes the Americana's clothes none of the stores are open it's like midnight and I can't fall asleep so I took this melatonin and I went to bed in the car and I don't remember anything I don't even know how I got back into the apartment I didn't remember here I was like yeah I'm gonna sleep here too now close your eyes we're gonna sleep right here yeah I can't wait oh my head through this Gobert lies out true that I really don't know how we're gonna vacuum this rug really well because I mean this one's a hard one to vacuum Keith right at this time call them right now oh my god you might have to mover so I've been locked out officially I've been sitting in the lobby of they practically dramatic I'm so stressed Kevin's because my fans I had to take an uber to the airport and now it is currently 10:43 and my family lunch at 11:15 it takes about 30 minutes to get there and I think we're right at 11 fifteen the person who can bring me back into the apartment is gonna get here so I need to SuperSpeed to the airport my family's gonna be waiting there they're gonna be stressed out they can be worried and I don't want to speed and so it's just gonna be an absolute utter shit okay we got one black little fathered I guess it opened all of the units in this building which like makes me not feel amazing about like you know everything but everyone but I do got Alex right now I got I got we made it we found parking I was super late and they're still not off the plane I don't think so I'm about to call my dad's beware there I just got home from the airport and they landed at 11 o'clock in their plane my mom is in my bedroom right now my dad is actually in the office and man you're outside also by the way if you guys don't already know Daniels name in Korean is Ho new and I call him you know more often then I call him Daniel so if you guys keep hearing that it's still Dan Danby it's okay essentially the dogs are in the house and I've logged a little bit of it but it got really sad and I don't watch cried because do you think it's because they're tired or do you think they really don't remember me you better watch your worth you better watch your words I had this all planned out in my head like I had a vision I had a vision that they were going to come into this apartment I was gonna be sitting right here right here in this exact moment and my mom our McKenna was gonna hold the camera from all the way over there in that kitchen and they were gonna point it at me and they were gonna release the dogs and then we're just gonna attack me they would've jumped my big cow then we're gonna put their face in my face and I would be right no yeah then would anyone come to me when I called their names and like if that's not the saddest thing ever like the fact that I'm even putting this in the vlog it makes me so sad I contemplate it I was like maybe tomorrow morning I will hide treats in my pant pockets without telling you guys but I'll show the dogs hey like this is the toy this is the tree and put it in my pant pocket and have them follow me around the entire apartment and like vlog it like oh my going look at how much they miss me it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I want to cry I think I've hit a new low in life this is probably the hardest dramatic I'm gonna hope that maybe that they're a little bit tired right now I'm gonna wake up in the morning and we're gonna actually reenact this scene it's gonna be gone with the wind meets Dear John meets I don't know the Avengers it's gonna be I'm the infinity stone and that is the dude I'm the infinity stone my dogs are Thanos and they're just gonna run to me like it ain't no thang bit I'm gonna get to do this in four days so I'm gonna see you guys in three two what the Beast has awakened and they don't love me really straight up anyway she don't know what is how is are you serious that's what you want to do right now in this exact moment you just want to itch the shit out of your face please come here please come here please come back both gained weight hey this is your first vlog appearance right next to my pillow how do you feel about my pillow how you feel about bacon I like your first time in LA yeah how do you feel nervous you're nervous why are you nervous I'm really excited – why are you excited what are you the most excited about oh my god she remembers me guys holy shit hold on hold on hold on this is a high-stakes situation thank me climb on top of me climb me like a fucking tree yes yes I got you boo I got you please love me again I got you I will eat you whatever you need an itching wherever you need a fix in boo but she's gotten very chunky so I used to be able to kind of put my hand on her and you would see the size of her stick out a little bit but now it's just all sides I mean what waist she got no waste of space here meaning no waste boo I will never let you go oh okay but what does this mean I thought you'd be so excited and see me again she fell asleep on you he's literally sleeping I thought there would be excitement you would pee yourself out of excitement of seeing me this is the most anti-climatic dog reunion I mean I saw these videos on YouTube of people dog owners their dogs got lost okay reunited after three months and the dog is running to be orderly yes that's my bit right there ho and then this is mine you know those veterans yeah meeting the dog it has to have to be like that yeah with this reality whoo this is really not going according to plan I'm doing me the block be excited for the vlog hi are you excited to be in LA I'm very happy to be here we like it here I approve this message now you guys know who I get it from okay my dad's like I love it here it's great that's like literally my sister if you ask my sister when I hit a million subscribers which by the way I saw the comment that was like hey Stephanie like please you need to talk about it more you need to tell everyone blah blah blah I was like I feel like I shouldn't because I feel like nobody cares with me and I just it sounds so stupid to me like guess what guys I have million subs you know like it's just don't want to like I don't know humble brag I don't know how's times guys if we hit a million subs other main channel and my sister called me and she's like so mommy so me million and I go looking guys and I go wow you could be a lot happy and she goes what do you mean I am so happy for you I think my mom everybody sister doesn't want me to do well it's just that's how she talks like that's all my dad talks like are you excited to be in LA it's great are you excited to be in LA here we go explore the rest of this apartment building we're gonna go on to the fifth floor I'm going to take them all the way up to the roof to show them the hot tub and it's gonna be a wild day we're going to the beach we're running a lot of random errands it's gonna be so freakin wild this is my cousin's first time in LA and it's the first time both of my parents came at the same time and I would like to say about every other time that they both came for whatever reason we always have like scheduling conflicts and I was never able to truly show them the beauty of Los Angeles so today that's what we're headed to do but I didn't go start tomorrow's vlog or today's vlog or tomorrow's vlog you guys so so much that's gonna be it for today's vlog I promise comments of the day we'll be back again in tomorrow's vlog and I'm actually thinking of incorporating like Instagram too so stay tuned for that another were you're into too much and I'll see you guys tomorrow yo my outro there you go there we go


  1. Why is that so true!! I saw my dog for the first time in 2 months and she acted like she didn’t really care. I legit had a mental breakdown bc it seemed like she didn’t care lmao

  2. Bissss no they're super stressed doggos dont know what flying is or why they're little ears are popping or why theres diff air pressures and then they're going into a new environment it'll take some time for them to get used to it. The fact that they trust you enough to fall asleep in your arms tummy up shows they trust you. They'll always love you biss you're their original mom don't be a crazy ho. You good.

  3. My cat Chloe acted the same way when she saw my mom for the first time after a month and a half of being away from her(and she lovessssss my mom) but when she saw her.. no F's were given xD

  4. Girl I feel you when my husband had a queen and after a year we got a California king and now we never cuddle any more so I feel you it’s sad but once you get used to it when they do hold you it’s like no go away

  5. Okayyyyyyyy so I’ve been watching for awhile but I’ve clearly missed the reason of why her finance doesn’t actually appear in the video. Now about the vlog the locked keys in house is totally my luck as well. Tiger going to sleep was priceless ?? but at least mango gave you a kiss

  6. Ok so this may be off topic but have you guys ever heard of the channel "Danplan"? Well, there's this guy called Stephen (the one with the purple hair ) who deadass sounds like Stephiance. Also this may not mean nothing but it just got me thinking because we have seen neither of their faces so yeah… i just wanted to see if there is anyone who thinks their voices sound similar

  7. Omg I know these kinda situations, I have cats at my moms place and I moved out-now they freakin hate me and need a few days to „like“ me again and to cuddle with me, so I think the doggos are just pretty pissed bc they haven‘t been with you.

  8. No, you are not that obsessed fb dog mom ? anyone that can be without their dogs for 5 months, never walks them, doesn’t spend quality time every day to do mental exercises and training with them is not a “great dog mom.” Dogs require commitment and investment. They need training badly and you don’t make the effort to train them.

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