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Coming up, the Bird family explores the wreck
of the Kittiwake on Grand Cayman–eight years after Jonathan and Jake explored it—to see
what has changed! Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World! It’s spring break, so the family and I are
heading out on a dive adventure! We take off from gloomy Boston and land in
beautiful Grand Cayman. We’re staying at Sunset House, one of the
premiere dive resorts on an island known around the world for its fabulous diving. Grand Cayman is located in the Caribbean,
south of Cuba. The family and I have had some fabulous dives. We have seen lots of marine life, healthy
reefs and of course we have played with stingrays. But today we are heading out on another adventure. Jasmin and Phil ready the boat for a special
dive we have been looking forward to doing. It’s a short boat ride to the site…but
we have time to set up our gear and get ready. Phil gives us a briefing for our dive on the
wreck of the Kittiwake. The USS Kittiwake was a 251 foot long submarine
rescue vessel which served for 50 years in the U.S. Navy, eventually being decommissioned
in 1994. In 2011 it was intentionally sunk as an artificial
reef on Grand Cayman. If the Kittiwake sounds familiar, it may be
because of this guy! Hey! Hi! How ya doing man? Eight years ago, we got a young fan named
Jake scuba certified and took him to Grand Cayman on an adventure. The first dive we did together after he got
his certification was the Kittiwake. At the time it was a brand new wreck, having
been sunk only months before. Eight years later things have changed. Originally, it was nearly upright. But after eight years of storms, the wreck
has tipped on its side. The family and I sink down and start exploring
at the stern, checking out the giant propeller. Back when Jake and I dove here, the prop was
completely out of the sand, but now, the ship has settled so much that one blade of the
prop is completely buried. We swim up and over the deck, and into the
ship. Because there are so many openings, you are
never out of sight of an exit, so this is completely safe for experienced divers like
us. Because the ship is tilted on its side, it
gives divers a weird vertigo. My brain has a hard time interpreting which
way is up. But Elise’s bubbles go straight up. In the engine room we can one of the V-12
engine blocks that once powered the ship. Eventually Liam leads the way up through the
smokestack back into the blue. Back when Jake and I dove the Kittiwake, the
wreck was so new that there was barely any marine growth. But now, the ship is covered in red encrusting
sponges, coral and algae. Jake had a great time playing with the wheel
on the bridge as if he was driving the ship. Now the wheel is covered in growth that Elise
doesn’t want to touch, and the bridge itself has been torn off by storms. Liam isn’t afraid of the marine growth. We follow Jasmin and she points out the water
cannon which was used for fighting fires on other boats. It has some stinging hydroids on it so Liam
isn’t sure he wants to touch it. Elise takes a break on the cargo boom, because
diving is really tiring, and there’s a great view! But Christine found something you don’t
normally see on a wreck. A grouper is actually visiting a cleaning
station, behind a ladder. It takes him a while to get used to my presence,
but once he decides I’m not a threat, he opens his mouth to allow tiny cleaner gobies
to clean his teeth. Ahhhhh! It’s an unspoken rule of the sea: nobody
eats the cleaner fish! Eventually the cleaning is over and the grouper
heads out. We take a cue from the fish and head back
to the surface. That dive was amazing! The ship on its side makes everything so much
cooler! Man, the wreck is so much more interesting
than it was in 2009. Not only is the tilt just really spooky and
cool, but just the whole atmosphere of the wreck has gotten much more–I can’t really
describe it—like ethereal. Swimming through it is so much fun, I’m
betting the kids had a blast. In the 8 years since I last dove the Kittiwake,
the wreck has changed significantly. It has tilted on its side, sunk into the sand,
lost some of its superstructure and grown more marine life. But all of these changes have only made the
wreck more interesting to dive. It’s more colorful, more fun and there is
more to see. Like a fine wine, wrecks usually get better
with age, and the Kittiwake is no exception. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching our latest episode all
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  1. I can’t wait to dive the Kittiwake again! When I dove it a few years ago, it was still upright and the bridge superstructure was still intact. I also saw a grouper on my dive! Didn’t see the cleaning fish in action, though. I’ve got a short video on my channel of my Kittiwake dive… not nearly as professionally done, since it was taken with a GoPro mounted on my wrist, but still gives a good view of the wreck – and there’s a shot of that grouper ?

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