Restaurare ATV Arctic Cat – Partea 14 – Reconditionare Bara Stabilizatoare, Brate Spate, Telescoape

In this episode I’ll restore the footrests that hold the footwells, the rear rack, rear A-Arms and stabiliser bar. But before I get to work I want to say a few words about the sponsor of this video: AUTODOC Autodoc is a very big online parts store for cars and motorcycles They have very good prices and they have a lot of parts, both OEM and aftermaket, for almost any car or motorcycle! It’s a company that operates in 26 countries, including Romania. You can place your orders online at But they also have an app for iOS and Android, which is very easy to use! You can find more details below, in the links in the description of this video. Now let’s get back to the ATV restoration. I forgot about this bolt. This is the stabiliser bar, and it shouldn’t have this much play I’ll have to replace these bushings too. Don’t forget about safety! I painted the ATV A-Arms, and a lot of other parts, and I must admit that I was a little lazy lately It was cold outside, the weather was bad, They’re painted for quite a while, as you can see, they’re full of dust This is the metal axle that goes through the bushings. It’s a genuine part,
Here’s the part # It goes here, in this area, and here. And here are the bushings. I went to a lathe store to get them done out of a more special material: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene What’s so special about them compared to the OEM ones? Well, they last much longer! They have self-lubricating properties and they are extremely durable! A little harder, but it got in. It’s good that it’s a tight fit. Wait, here it should be greased, between the axle and the bushings. I’ll use silicone grease It’s just a personal choice, because it’s a ultrawaterproof grease What interests me is that, being at the A-Arms, they’re always exposed to water, dirt, dust, mud, I want to protect and extend the life of the buhings as much as possible And this can be done by having a pretty good lubrication and by preventing water and dirt from getting in Almost perfect That’s it, perfect! One is done, 15 more to go! Do NOT try this at home! I’ll let the stove slowly do it’s job, and meanwhile I’ll start working at the ATV. Next I have to replace 4 buschings on the rear right wheel hub 2 are down here 1 here, and 1 here And 2 are up here, 1 here 1 here I will show you how this is done only on the right rear wheel, because on the opposite side the operation is exactly the same. Just like on the ATV’s A-Arms, the bushings I’m using here are not OEM They are made from UHMW-PE They are made at a lathe shop, Custom built, so they aren’t available to buy anywhere near Romania They can only be done on a lathe. And the axle inside the bushings is actually an OEM part from Arctic Cat This is the part # Made in the United States And the axle is just a simple metal part that goes inside the bushings. The reason why I also change this axle is because the old one is very very rusty, and it’s surface is completely corroded. This is how the axle from here looks like. Full of dirt, eaten by rust and has a very rough surface! Brake Cleaner Spray Silicone Grease And that’s how easy it is to replace these bushigs! For the stabiliser bar I’ll need 2 sets of bushings The bushings that go in the lower half, are these bushings here’s the part # And in the upper half I have these bushings That go up here And this is they’re part number. And now, no matter how hard I try to move it up or down, it’s a huge difference from how big this play was before! This spring and shock is installed now Just put it in it’s place and tighten the 2 screws The one here, and the one here. On the opposite side it’s the exact same procedure! And that’s all for today Thank’s for watching and I’ll see you in the next episode!

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  1. Nice job just done all my bushings as well front and back took few hrs . Going to paint my bush bumpers and think my front rear rack will paint bright orange be bit differance .

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