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let me see yummy Pete did it did beautiful mommy over here this table no one's sitting at it yeah that's true I'm so excited to have our first girls night out and and since our daddies have some work to do we get to go to a fancy restaurant together yes but at the end we'll get some food for them to eat too yeah bring it home so wow there's lots of stations here girls there's a suite of sushi pizza and wow there's lots of sandwiches and fruits there me and Anya are up for some pizza tonight Oh girls always with me what pizza let's go get a plate you can also get some plates too girls see over there so two big plates for us mommy here's one for you and one for you Anya okay so as the out where do you want to go eat oh of course the sweets first yeah it's got some sweets mmm cupcakes and yummy ice creams I know I'm not getting sweets first food okay hmm they have sushi but I don't like sushi do you like sushi mommy yes we like sushi okay mmm guess we'll just go on to the pizza will will meet you there mommy okay mmm I can smell the sushi whoa that looks so yummy it includes some sausages – maybe I'll get that and what's your were you gonna get girls try this one and this one okay we got our delicious sushi let's bring it to the table and see where the girls are we've got some food ready to go to the pizza yep we're ready let's make a pizza um hello we would like a pizza please welcome to mama mia pizzeria okay so is this for the girls yeah girls what do you want on your pizza can we share a pepperoni pizza please just pepperoni yeah just pepperoni okay and kids pizza comes with some juice would you like some juice um can I have them lemonade juice box and I'll have the orange juice box in there sheriffing would you like to see how the pizza is me yeah yeah okay get the ingredients Wow the dough kinda looks like a potato bugs yes so over here we make the pizza from scratch so you mean you scratch the pizza no to make something from scratch that means you make everything from the beginning even the ingredients so that means we even make the dough here so I'm just gonna press this so I can make it into a pizza shape mmm squish it let's flip it wait spud but do we just say eat the PAP pizza oh I like that or do we have to cook it well see that oven over there oh yeah that's how it the crust isn't gonna get hard over here it's squishy ooh that's cool okay is this size enough for you girls yeah that size is pretty good okay let me just press it to make it flat okay let's bring it to the next station to put the sauce on it right over here okay there's the sauce and now it's time to put the pepperoni on it this will add pepperoni to it what do you see okay there's all the pepperonis yeah but what about the cheese the cheese will will come out from here let's move the pizza to the cheese station okay there we go on you let's see how the yummy cheese is squeezed out yeah let's see let's shred some cheese it's other time for the pizza yes that's right here it goes it needs to stay a little bitch over there whoa I can see the hot fire better not touch it here's a tray to put your pizza on can we get our drinks until then yes let me for you so who wanted the orange I'll have orange juice okay if I put in your plate yep okay Angie wanted lemonade right yep perfect thank you here's the money and I would like to get another one for my husband at home I'll have the same thing except I want some vegetables on it too sure I'll put it in a to-go box for you and I'll give it to your table when I'm done with it all right your pizzas coming out girls pizza eat some pizza there it is don't touch it cuz it's hot right now mmm and be careful not to eat it right away because it's it's very hot Pizza Pizza Pizza here you go girls enjoy better go make your the pizza for your dad's no the pizza is moving stay still it's all we want to eat you okay here's one slice 4lc ah thank you in one slice for you Anya and you can just eat those two after when you're done the first slices okay focus on eating this yummy pizza oh it a little bit and mmm that's not hot anymore mmm I'm delicious whoa I'm almost done the whole entire pizza slice I'm so hungry don't you see that um girls I'll be right back to check out the drinks and fruit and sandwiches and bread wow that's a lot of nice fresh sandwiches oh wow that chicken gotta get that's some good-looking chicken excuse me sir I would like to get two plates of sandwiches some chicken um let me see a loaf of bread a plate of fruit and some drinks please now didn't you recognize me it's me Hans oh yeah I was so focused on the food I didn't even see hi Hans hi I'll prepare the food that you order right away okay here you go let me choose out the drinks wow there's so many to choose from let me see do me so good ha ha so she yummy whoa mommy you're eating you got sushi so fast and I'm done whoa like that really fast yeah I love it to the bathroom can I go yes sure you can go okay the bathrooms that way No looks like those people are enjoying their food okay hold it oh those sweets they just look so delicious I can't help it but I need to eat my pizza first well yes it wouldn't bother if I just took one yeah I'll just go just one cupcake in that's all oh wait but I need money to pay for it wait I'm sure it had money in here it's when I was nice and mommy gave me some so I think I have enough whoa there are lots of yummy yummy sundaes and chocolate cake so just mmm sweets galore but those cupcakes down there looks nice I think I'm gonna get those excuse me can I get those cupcakes from down there sure sweetie which cupcakes were you talking about on tell Sparkle cupcakes on the tray for ya okay bring your tray please here it is here's one another one and the two orange ones anything else can I also have a cake back there do you see it behind these fruitcakes that chocolate one yeah that that one looks really yummy okay here you go thank you that's all yep okay is this enough money yep that's that will be enough mmm delicious can't wait to eat all this back to the table oops but then my mommy will see me okay stay with this mommy won't see me see me see me oh I can eat it beside the plants yeah that way no one will see me thank you it's food so much the tree is so heavy sorry else I'm gonna drop it on your head oh I know I'm always so clumsy whatever let me just start putting the stuff on the table wait where's I'll see ya oh yes you're right Donna and her food is getting cold what's taking so long Elsie yeah are you done using the bathroom oh yeah yeah I was just smelling the flowers I'll be right there at the table just you know yes okay so then why are you sitting there by the plant I'll just I'm smelling the flowers and the cake and the cake food is getting cold I'll see you okay coming mommy let's see some hot baby fresh finger-lickin chicken mmm delicious I'll have a leg sure I'll help you Anya would you like some sushi with that no mommy sushi that you can like please maybe you will like you when you grow older Wow those flowers really are beautiful they're blue and orange wait why are they sparkly let me go check it out huh cupcake flowers wait those are real cupcakes and there's a cake there too what is this all about else yeah what you're talking about come on Alfie I touched the cupcakes and there's icing on them what why do you think because you were there Elsie yeah did you get some sweets um why do you think that mommy I mean I just went to the bathroom and not sure if that tree just gross sweets right well that would be cool decorations mommy would you mind to go look at them and then you'll see that I'm right that you took sweets to do plastic plastic cupcakes plastic plastic freezer are you sure yeah there's just decorations right don't really think I don't know that you went to get some sweet did you at least pay for them yeah I just could help myself they just look so sweet and so yummy I just had to get four cupcakes in a cake mommy yeah we were all going to go together and get some sweets you could have just asked me not go by yourself I'm sorry mommy okay next time please ask me okay yeah aunt um since you're mad at me I want to make it up to you I'll share all the sweets I got okay okay well I see that there are so many cupcakes anyway so we can all share them okay but first I need to finish my food okay the pizza for those girls that is ready I'll put it in this box like they said okay here's the pizza for your dad girls smooth fresh from the oven thank you and enjoy your food hope to see you next time bye thank you bye thank you so much visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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