Responding to Your Assumptions

what’s up everybody its Claire and
welcome back to my channel today I am doing a video which was inspired by some
random beauty guru that I saw on the YouTube homepage and the video was
titled assumptions tag immediately I was intrigued by this and I discovered that
the assumptions tag was when youtubers had people on their instagram send in
assumptions they had about said youtuber and then the youtuber would then make a
video reading the assumptions and responding to them so I ended up making
this story on my Instagram saying that I would love to do this video because I
think it could be funny and interesting and I’m not really looking to stir up
any drama you know so it wasn’t really like being super serious about it just
let’s have fun with it all and let’s see what you got so you all sent in many
many many assumptions and today I’m going to be responding it to a variety
of them some silly some serious anyways here we go Percy is the cutest yes I
agree with that assumption she is laying right next to me sleeping with her paws
like this on either side of her chin and if that’s not the most adorable thing
you’ve ever seen then you are an incredibly amazing kind person who
deserves happiness this is so sweet thank you to whoever said that because
that is very very kind Percy loves to work yes I agree with
this assumption she loves to work she also loves to play
you love the color pink yes I do I love the color pink and I love the color blue
but like a robin’s blue and light blue specifically you’re an incredibly kind
person who’s been hurt but still gives kindness to everyone thank you I
appreciate that I would say that yes I have been hurt a lot in the past but I
try to live by a code of kindness and I know that might sound a little
ridiculous or too naive but I do believe in extending
and respect to everybody as much as possible I got like 10 of these you
spoil Percy too much I do what can you say I mean she’s still got her
boundaries and rules and structure but she is spoiled oh here’s an interesting
one you like show line Golden’s over field line this is true I do prefer
short line but I also like field line field line goalies have their purposes
show line Golden’s are just what I prefer but it’s up to every individual
you’re a perfectionist and it sometimes leads to downfalls so I’m not quite sure
Percy’s dreaming I’m not quite sure I would call myself a perfectionist but I
would say my desire to be a perfectionist in certain areas not in
all areas can lead to downfalls oh this one I assume that you care about your
fans but don’t answer your DMs which is rude okay so first of all I want to say
to the person who sent this in I I’m sorry that you feel through that I
didn’t answer your DM assuming that you sent me one and that I do absolutely
care about my fans and I wouldn’t call them fans because it feels more like
friends fans just seems to like separated but I want to make something
very clear to everyone and I’ve made this pretty clear on my Instagram before
but I guess I should say here on YouTube as well I have let’s see I have
currently thirty six thousand three hundred and some followers on Instagram
which means I get dance multiple DMs like every hour of every day so I have
thousands of DMS and realistically I can’t
answer every single one as much as I would love to I think it’s really
important here for me to state that I have my DMs open so I can help people
so I can respond to people so I can thank people people for their support
but it’s not so that I answer every single one because realistically like I
said that’s just not possible and it puts a lot of stress on me that I have
so many DMs because I feel obligated to respond to everyone but eventually I
realized that actually you know I had to put myself first and it was almost like
a form of self-care for me to realize that I would not be able to read an
answer every single DM I receive and once I realized that I kind of felt more
at peace and you know hopefully if someone is asking a question that you
know I have already made a youtube video about or I have a highlight about I’ll
just respond hey like sorry I don’t have time to type of really long response but
you can find out the info here or here etc or you know I try to respond to as
many questions as I can but it’s just not feasible and I’m really I’m not
sorry for that because it’s not my fault I shouldn’t be apologizing but I am
sorry that I was unable to answer your message and that is that you are very
smart I appreciate this one because I’d like
to think of myself as smart but I think I’m the grand scheme of things like I
wish I was a lot more intelligent than I am Percy is sillier than you make her
out to be this is funny because I tried to be really transparent about how goofy
Percy is but maybe it’s just not enough she’s a very silly dog she has a great
personality you get annoyed when people ask you questions about service dogs etc
so I don’t get annoyed but I don’t have the time to type out the same long
detailed response that I would like to send
to everybody so instead part of it is that I make these videos not this kind
of video in particular but I make educational videos so that people can be
directed to the videos and watch what I simply don’t have the time to type out
and send like hundreds of times to hundreds of different people and
hopefully you know that’s a little bit more accessible for other people out
there you are pretty liberal I guess yeah I guess you could call me liberal
oh this one’s an interesting one you don’t take people’s crap ever so this is
very true and I do want to say something about this because I have not always
been the confident person who stands up for what they believe in I grew up and I
was the shy nice girl and quiet and reserved and all of that kind of stuff
and I think being so shy led me to be walked on and I was so nice that I never
said anything and so it caused you know a lot of people to just use me per se
which happens to a lot of people when they’re children it’s such is life but
you know it is something that when I got older I realized wow you know I can
still be a nice person and not let people walk over me you know I can still
be a nice person and stand up for what I believe in this one is funny you like
the color purple but don’t want bananas okay this is not as kind of creative and
funny to me because it’s just so random I like the color purple and I actually
love bananas so this assumption was only half true you are very neat and
organized this is false I cleared away the section of the floor behind me but
you should see my room right now it is disgusting you’re not together with your
boyfriend anymore false fun fact I just don’t really
display my romantic relationship that much on social media that’s how the both
of us prefer it to be and yeah just because you don’t see us doesn’t mean
that we’re not still together you get a lot of hate which is why you don’t
answer any of the ends so to go back to an earlier assumption okay I hear you
pee um to go back to an earlier assumption I answer as many dams as I
can but I also don’t try and answer every single one because it’s not
feasible a and B it’s just I don’t have time for it
it’s really something I don’t have time for now in terms of hate watch me get a
ton of hate after I say this but I never get a hate on my Instagram ever I can
think of literally two times when people have hated on me via Instagram YouTube
on the other hand people love to say really rude and cruel things on my
youtube channel because I think they feel like oh like it doesn’t really
matter you know like it’s oh well and I usually just block and flag them but
that’s really all there is to it Percy always listens to you and never
acts out she’s a true angel this is funny to me because Percy it can be such
a bad girl but she’s still an angel so you know this assumption is like half
and half true and false your type a so I actually had to look up what type a is
and I’m gonna read it to you guys just from like some psychology website um did
I’m not saying that this is scientifically correct but type a has
competitiveness I am really not a competitive person sometimes I like get
into it you know and that’s when I might be competitive but in general I’ve
always hated petitions they stressed me out time
urgency okay so yes I do have time urgency hostility oh my gosh no I don’t
think I don’t think I have that much hostility in me I just don’t think that
it’s really something I possess type-b tends to be more tolerant of others more
reflective experience lower levels of anxiety and display a higher level of
imagination and creativity okay so maybe I’m just a mix of both and maybe also
type A and type B is bogus but that was an interesting assumption you like T
better than coffee okay I like tea but coffee is my first love you’re a really
popular service dog handler okay so that’s interesting to me because I
understand I have a pretty big following on YouTube and Instagram but I wouldn’t
necessarily say that makes me a popular service dog handler because they are
definitely popular service dog handlers and I probably would not be counted in
that which I’m okay with Percy gives great snuggles she does but
she gets hot very easily and so she will move away from you so that you’re not
like snuggled together because she wants to spread out and get more air flow
through your feathers you seem like somebody who is a fighter if a person
says something that’s not right you will fight back like I said I’m very
passionate about what I believe in um I’m definitely somebody who will stand
up um even if it gives me a panic attack honestly for what I believe is right and
I think that’s just the way it is Percy looks like the kind of dog who would
steal a whole block of cheese okay what’s funny is if you replace the word
cheese with butter and is absolutely correct
she will not counter serve ever but if you put butter on the counter you better
be watching it would never consider vegetarianism interestingly enough I am
a pescetarian which means I eat fish but no other kind of me
or bird you know like chicken um I tried going full vegetarian when I was in high
school and I realized that because culturally I’m half Japanese and sushi
is a large part of our diet he just wouldn’t be feasible for me because I
also love sushi too much so I became pescetarian and I also had a little like
less than a month phase when I tried to be vegan and that way horribly wrong
shout out to all the vegans out there because I don’t know how you guys spend
that much time doing food-related things Percy is the perfect service dog because
you’re a knowledgeable dog trainer okay so Percy is not a perfect service dog
she has her flaws like every dog and like every service dog um and I think
it’s not even that she is such a good service dog because I’m a knowledgeable
dog trainer um I am a knowledgeable dog trainer I you know do believe that I
successfully trained many many dogs but when I got Percy and first-rate training
her I was nowhere near um the kind of trainer that I am now so I think part of
it was also luck and and very careful planning um being very strategic in
where I got my puppy from who I worked with to you know help with her training
I was just very meticulous and I think that was also a big part of why she
turned out to be such a good dog and service dog in general um but luck was
definitely a component there you read at least one book a week this is sad
because I used to read at least one book a week and definitely you know reading
is a huge passion of mine but unfortunately with a pretty major
relapse in one of my major illnesses um I
had a big cognitive decrease and reading especially the kind of like academic
material that I was reading in college just became impossible so I’m slowly
slowly working my way up to the you know level of comprehension that I where I
was before but for now I’m doing like Harry Potter so you know I love Harry
Potter that’s good enough for me you get annoyed when people constantly ask you
what your illnesses are I don’t think I get annoyed because I understand people
are naturally curious it’s human nature and I respect that
and I think I’m very well grounded in my choice not to talk about my really one
of my most debilitating illnesses until I’m completely ready and I just I’m not
ready and so I’m very confident and secure in that in that choice you’re a
hip youtuber that stays up-to-date on trends this is funny because if you saw
earlier in my original story post on Instagram talking about this video and I
said oh I’m just trying to be a hip youtuber that stays up-to-date on trends
so thank you for that assumption first he has never met a person she didn’t
like this assumption is true she’s never met her person she doesn’t like you’re
very protective of the people you love but not passive-aggressive like a lot of
handlers yeah you know I can definitely be like passive-aggressive but more like
in person if I’m you know trying to beat make a joke with like my friends or
something or when I was younger I might be passive-aggressive my parents but I
don’t think passive aggressiveness online really gets people anywhere and I
am very you know protective and fiercely loyal to my friends and okay this is
gonna be the last one this one is really funny because it’s so random you have a
collection of storage boxes you don’t use just waiting for when you need to
organize oh my god why what makes it what makes it seem to
everyone that I am a very highly organized person I just I’m not and you
know what I try to be I really try but at the end of the day I’m not Oh
anyways this was my assumptions video and I hope you enjoyed it my hope for
that it was fun for you to watch because it was definitely fun for me to make it
so anyways I will see you guys in my next video and thank you so much for
watching alright bye now!

13 thoughts on “Responding to Your Assumptions

  1. I love that you call us "Friends" and not "fans" ?? btw the sounds that Percie makes while she sleeps is the cutest?

  2. Oops am I still awake!??? I need to wake up in 2 hours!!! Thanks insomnia ?? at least I got a video from one of my favorite SD handlers!

  3. I will absolutely always love you and Percie so much! I never felt offended by your lack of response to my DM, but maybe there's some form of way people could ask you for help/advice/questions? I really just wanted help with some things – I was homeschooled most of my life and I'll be attending college this fall and I was just needing some "guidance" for what to ask for accommodations? The OA keeps asking what I need but I. Don't. Know? XOXOXO

  4. I sent in the one about the dms. I didn't realize you had so many dms. Yikes ?. I was in a bad mood that day, sorry! It's fine that you don't answer my dm. Maybe I'll just try commenting.

  5. Okay, I just looked at the question I had that I sent you in a dm. So, if anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it. My service dog barks at other dogs. How do I teach her not to do that? I have an e-collar that beeps when she barks but it only works half the time

  6. My SDit is the goofiest! She and Percie would be great friends. Thanks so much for making this video- I am always checking my email for when another video of yours comes out, lol. Keep being the intelligent, kind, passionate person that you are! -Vera and Daicota the SDit

  7. You answered my very first instagram interaction with anyone, ever.. You were as kind and as helpful as is possible.of anyone. I understand that I was lucky, because there are so, so many! Thank you! Also, amongst YouTube service dog handlers, I think you may be amongst the most influential, informative and talented.

  8. When you said percie would snatch butter I burst out laughing since my SD charli loves to snatch butter from the counter, the worst thing charli did was snatch a pie last thanksgiving

  9. Your half Japanese?! I’ve watched you for over a year now and I would have never guessed it! You’re beautiful and so is Percie!! 🙂

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