29 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs Tipping/Gratuity Scene 720p HD

  1. tipping is a way to make human being a slave. anyway, what is the meaning of "good" service?
    i don't want distorted grin, over politeness.

  2. Pink is the most professional and yet joe berates him constantly. While he trusts a complete stranger. Highly respects a psychopath. All this lack of judgement in character cost him his life.

  3. Civil Disobedience is the answer here.

    Whether or not you agree with the economic or political notion of changing waiter's pays to a real minimum wage without tips, the matter of fact is that a civilized way of getting said change, if not through MASSIVE boycotts/strikes, would be through just as our Mr. Pink states. Civil Disobedience. "I will vote, but I will not play ball." If this was a mindset that the ENTIRE country took into account and follow through on, then a crisis would be underway, as millions of servers across the US are basically unable to sustain affordable life.

    Now whether or not it'll lead to exactly the outcome I speak of, I'm very unaware, yet it's something to spark a REAL discussion nationwide, for the first time in quite a minute.

  4. the way Mr Blonde laughs at him for not tipping is epic, makes Mr pink seem like the worst guy?

  5. > Oh, I ordered a $15 dish. They say the US is expensive, but that seems reasonable.
    > Whoops, +20% for the taxes, as if you have the option of not paying them.
    > Whoops, there's also the tip.
    > Whoops, the tip is 15% rather than 10% as in other countries with tips.
    > Whoops, 15% is just the minimum and a bit of an insult, so the polite tip is 20%. You're not a stingy oppressive bastard, are you?
    > The dish is actually $22, not $15.

    Now, let's pay $40 for a mobile plan that costs $5 in Europe, and $40 for an internet plan that costs $20… That's one big GDP right there.

  6. I don't tip because it's a custom, I tip because I think the service was good. I'm not from the US, but if I did revisit the US and the service was bad they get no tip from me.

  7. LOL. Running a cash register or flipping a burger is not the same as being a table jokey for needy yuppies. I love how the worldly Europhiles think that minimum wage in America is anything comparable to minimum wage in Europe. We still have to pay alot out of pocket for medicine and don't have good pulbic transportation. Yes, sometimes wait staff can make a decent amount. But that depends on the day and overall for many people it's still not livable. Further when you adjust for inflation minimum wage in the US is laughable. Fucking pesudosophisticated suburbanite pricks.

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