RESCUING PUPPIES – We Found Lost Puppies in the Woods! ?

okay we could have six dogs in the army she's rounding them up [Applause] so this is our little San Antonio adventure so when we talked lesson we had just gotten in and we were looking out the window just after we videotape and Alex saw a dog in the woods and it was a puppy and then we saw a real big one it was a mama so here cat whisperer this is whispered and the puppies there's a white one that's snowball there's a black one that's pimp and there's a black you white boy which is tweaked so mama is so emaciated she's obviously so what she probably got pregnant they probably finished she was pregnant and then booted her out because she's so sweet she obviously say you obviously had a home so we fed her dog food and we're like what do we do you know about we don't know shelters and stuff in the area but luckily I mean by the grace of God there's only four there are veers here because it's very small but others do dog rescue so they came back about 15 minutes after we were done and she hopped over the fence again and she came right up to them since we had just fed her so they're helping so we went out last night to Walmart and we got puppy food wet and dry so they're taking care of her and then they're calling all their contacts all over they have contacts even up in New Hampshire they said if they take mama especially the the local shelter is a high kill shelter so mama would be put down almost immediately which is just horrifying they're gonna find places for the puppies and then hopefully even for Mama oh good girl she in like the old stuff so much and we've got to get the puppies to eat though she's totally dried up with milk the puppies look healthy enough but she's totally dried it with milk starving is she isn't and when she left had milk for them them so we got wet puppy food but only one of the puppies is brave enough to come over so we're not sure how we're gonna get them to eat oh really oh no no pips so scared yeah mama was so smart though there's this TV cover and this was a little den oh it's okay snowball oh that's hip once over it's okay pick mommy says me save ya come to this side then maybe pip will come over and we'll twin certainly healthy oh they're feeling better that they ate some she's rounding a mob if we could get picked to come over at least that would be a big step and then maybe next time she'd come eat but hopefully we'll come over in about three hours and bring another can of puppy food and then hopefully pip will come over and she was getting really really close this time we can have six dogs in the RV because the 6-day talks yeah so good news is that the the people who do the rescuing that she did a Facebook live this morning and so she has a rescue that's going to take the three puppies it's about an hour from here so we're gonna we're gonna catch the puppies and so they'll get a no-kill you know so they're gonna get a rescue so they'll be good and then they're gonna keep mommy for a while and get her fed and so she's not so emaciated and then they're going to have her go with the rescue up north so she should get a good home – been a very good one you are you've been a very very good money okay this is PIP if I got lots of warns all bloated up aren't you maybe okay yeah now it's okay go to a nice safe place this is snowball it's okay whisper you two are ridiculously cute are you three [Applause] we are not good at animal rescue we get too attached

12 thoughts on “RESCUING PUPPIES – We Found Lost Puppies in the Woods! ?

  1. Thank you for helping this little mommy and pups!
    More people need to be like you guys! I thought my hubby and I were the only ones… ( we have 7 rescues)lol
    Please keep us posted on their progress:)
    God Bless and Safe travels:)

  2. Good Afternoon to my favorite family! Thank you for caring about the mamma & puppies. They would never have survived without you the other campers. The names were so appropriate for them. I cried but happy & caring tears. I always knew that your a loving & caring family to others, but with this rescue has deepened my appreciation of you even more! Love ya, Donna

  3. Those puppies were so adorable, it's a shame you couldn't keep at least one. But the motor home isn't that big and you already have two great dogs. Tell Alex I am going to be pulling for Josef in Texas. Love ya and God Bless??❤

  4. God Bless you for being so caring. Thank you for caring for them and making sure they made it to a safe place.

  5. This just breaks my heart! Thank God you guys found them!! The look of relief on mama's face at the end is just priceless! Good job!!!! ❤❤❤❤?

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